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Why Snakes Make Good Pets? Really?

Why Snakes Make Good Pets? Really?

Snakes are truly fascinating creatures that could make the perfect pet for the right human being.

With the proper kind of handling, snakes make great companions and can become tame as pets.

Of course, snakes aren’t a one-size-fits-all pet for everyone. They have specific needs that you should meet when keeping them as pets.

If you’re on the fence regarding owning a snake and wondering why snakes make good pets, then you’re in the right place.


Why Snakes Make Good Pets?

Every snake species has different care requirements, and it’s crucial to understand them before jumping into ownership. They have a relatively easy clean-up, and they don’t require romps in the park, but they’re not a breeze to care for. However, snakes can relieve stress and provide companionship just like any other pet with the right human for the job.


Understanding Why Snakes Make Good Pets

Reptile lovers will gladly shout from the rooftops why they think snakes make the perfect pet.

These days, there are a fair number of safe breeds to choose from, as well as correct information circulating regarding their care, making snake ownership easier than it has ever been.

The media tends to fuel horror stories when it comes to snakes, but luckily, many people understand that snakes aren’t bad at all.

If you’re interested in owning a snake as a companion pet, you’ll be happy to read the following reasons regarding why snakes make good pets.

Remember, not all snakes make great pets, so you’ll want to know the ones that do!


Many Snakes are Small

When choosing the snake breed you’d like to keep as a pet, remember that the smaller, the better. Smaller snakes don’t take up a ton of room, and they’re happier to live in captivity than their larger counterparts.

Corn snakes, Ball Pythons, and King Snakes make wonderful pet snakes due to their sizes, and many others just like them will work as well.

If you’re unsure, contact a veterinarian familiar with snakes, as you’ll need their services shortly anyhow, and speak with them regarding which snake is suitable for you.

More boas and giant pythons don’t make good pets. They get too big, and not only do they not thrive in captivity, but the situation can become dangerous in the wrong hands.


Snakes Live in Aquariums and Terrariums

Unlike dogs and cats, which typically run the house, snakes are confined to their aquarium or terrarium.

They live in one spot, making them an ideal pet for those that prefer a stationary companion. Or one that doesn’t shed fur!

Not only do snakes stay in one location, but they’re relatively easy to clean up after.

The amount of excretion depends on the eating schedule and breed, but snakes don’t poop all that much in simple terms. With careful observation by an adult, small snakes make fantastic first pets for kids!


Snakes Encourage Responsibility

Speaking of kids, snakes are great teachers of responsibility. They require specific habitats to survive, and learning what their particular snake needs is really good for kids!

Not only are they gaining knowledge regarding their pet, but they are cultivating the skills needed to care for another living being.


Snakes Require Dedication

Snakes are excellent because they require real dedication from their owners. A pet snake helps to build character and a sense of purpose.

While snakes might seem like a quiet background pet, and for the most part, they are, their care can get pretty intense depending on breed.

Snakes are good companions for many other reptiles as well.

Just be sure to do your research concerning the topic before you put your snake with another animal, and have them thoroughly vetted as well.


Snakes are Inexpensive to Feed

Remember, snakes feed on other animals, so if this concept makes you queasy, you might want to consider a fish! However, if you’re okay with watching your snake chow down on a dead mouse or large cricket, then a snake is the right pet for you.

Snakes don’t eat as often as more common household pets, and they don’t eat as much. At your local pet store, you’ll find that snake food is relatively inexpensive in comparison.

In this respect, they don’t need a ton of maintenance, as long as you have the proper feeding schedule and amount established for your particular breed of snake.


Frequently Asked Questions about Why Snakes Make Good Pets


Is it better to own a small snake?

In general, yes, it’s better to own a snake that’s on the smaller side. Not only do they take up less room, but they’re likely to be happier in captivity based on size and feeding schedule.


Do all snakes require the same primary care?

Each snake species has different needs based on their natural habitats, species preferences, diet, and eating habits, so it’s a no. It’s imperative to thoroughly investigate the needs of your snake before you purchase one.


Are snakes friendly?

Many snakes have a mild temperament that makes them easy keepers as pets. Remember, disposition doesn’t always depend on the size of the snake. Small snakes can be aggressive, too, so do your research and enlist a professional to help you choose.


Snakes are Good Pets Overall

I can conclude here that for the right person, snakes make a super pet! They are a bit high-maintenance, but not in all care aspects.

If you’re ready to learn everything you need to know about your snake breed of choice, you and your new scaly companion will likely be very happy together.