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9 Examples Why Snakes Are So Cute

9 Examples Why Snakes Are So Cute

My son decided that he wanted a snake. Now I had never been into the slithery type, and snakes had always been something to fear to me.

Yet, as I walked into the exotic pet store with my son, I became absolutely fascinated by the array of colorful snakes that were curled up behind their glass-walled terrariums.

There is just something about their beady eyes and slithering tongues that flit in the air as these strange creatures watch their human watchers through the glass.

Snakes have a magical quality to them, which is perhaps why some cultures have worshiped them through the ages.

I wondered as I stared at a particularly beautiful corn snake, just what was it about snakes that made them so darn cute? This is what I decided:


Why Snakes Are So Cute

Snakes have an incredibly exotic appearance. Some snakes have horny protrusions, while others have beautiful metallic scale colors. Some have unique patterns, while others act in strange and adorable ways. They can dance, make music, and be affectionate too by curling up next to their human on a cold day.

There are a number of really adorable snakes, so I put together a list of the 9 cutest snakes.


9 Cutest Snakes and Why They Are Adorable


1. Eyelash Viper

Eyelash Viper

Okay, so this snake is not really pet snake material as it’s quite poisonous and less than friendly, but I loved seeing these at the exotic snake park.

The intoxicating yellow color is quite fascinating, and it almost seems as if these snakes wink at you with their scaly eyebrows and lashes.

This makes them quite cute in my books, even when I wonder if they should rather feature in The Devil Wears Prada than a terrarium.


2. Jaguar Carpet Pythons

Jaguar Carpet Pythons

Staying with the bright yellow theme, the Jaguar carpet python is an uber-cute pet. The vivid patterns, strong personality, and cute face is a winner for pet snake keepers.

The bright almost gray-blue eyes are also stunning to see, and this is a real “not-so-little” character as these snakes can reach a length of 5-9 feet.


3. California Kingsnake

California Kingsnake

I like the name, and the idea of owning royalty makes this snake really cutesy. The bright banded body reminds me of my first scarf, and I love the kind nature of this docile snake.

California kingsnakes love being held and they even cuddle up to their owners.


4. Rosy Boa

Rosy Boa

This adorable snake is friendly, docile, and great for beginners like my son. They have a rosy color, a pale head, and dark eyes, which makes me think of a blushing bride.

They have cream and rosy stripes running the length of their bodies, and these snakes only reach about 4 feet in length, which makes them easy to care for and house in a terrarium.


5. Rough Green Snakes

Rough Green Snakes

What Happy Feet did for penguins, this permanently smiling snake does for snakes. The curved jaws give this bright green snake a lovely smile, and the blush of yellow coloring on the cheeks accentuates this friendly appearance.

Their personality matches their smile, and you will often find this snake flashing smiles at you.

At only 2.75 feet when fully grown, this is a happy and cheerful snake to keep as a pet. They are jovial, and they make great snake pets for beginners.


6. Ringneck Snakes

Ringneck Snakes

Ever heard of a ringneck bird? Well, a ringneck snake is just as friendly and cute.

This snake is so docile that if you approach them, they will flip over and show you their belly in submission. The ring around their necks is a yellow to orange color, and this extends to their sides and underbelly.

If you are a quiet snake keeper, this is an ideal pet for you. They prefer to snooze on a hot rock while keeping you company, but fast movement and sudden noises can startle them.

So, if ringneck snake’s your best bet as a pet, then better start researching what ringneck snakes like to eat.


7. Garter Snake

Garter Snake

I nicknamed this snake the lispy snake since it’s constantly slipping its bright black and red tongue out to test the air. Garter snakes are great pets, and they can reach 4 feet as adults.

They are happy to be handled, and they are harmless for children to play with too. This ranked the garter snake at the top of my potential list for my son’s new pet.

If cared for correctly, a garter snake can live up to 10 years in captivity. They are calm and love to wiggle through your hands.

If you have a small water feature in your yard, they will happily spend hours there exploring the reeds and watery ponds.


8. Ball Pythons

Ball Pythons

My son’s main obsession is to have a snake that wants to curl up in a ball in his hand. This leaves only one option — a ball python. Named for the behavior of curling up into a ball, this snake is a top choice for a pet.

The large dark eyes are attractive, and the mottled pattern of their scales makes for a great camouflage snake that can hide out in your terrarium during the day.

At 5 feet in length, these aren’t tiny snakes, and I realized that my son would have to enjoy the ball python curling up in his little hand for as long as he could as the snake would soon outgrow his hand.


9. Hognose Snakes

Hognose Snakes

This is by far one of the cutest snakes you will ever find. They have a short and almost fat body that reaches a maximum length of 3 feet.

Their heads are their winning attribute, with large eyes that protrude slightly from the sides.

If you’ve been following snake trends on Instagram and Twitter, then you’ve seen the slew of cute photos of hognose snakes with tiny hats on their heads.

It’s almost like they’ve got their ver own personalities and smile widely while flaunting their human headgear.


Frequently Asked Questions about Why Snakes Are So Cute


What is the cutest snake ever?

This answer will depend on what you find cute. Ball pythons, hognose snakes, and ringnecks are all cute in their own way. The best way to decide this is to go see as many snakes as you can at the snake park and decide for yourself.


Are any snakes cuddly?

Snakes don’t cuddle like humans understand it. Some snakes are happy to share body heat and snuggle up to your body. Ball pythons, hognose snakes, and garter snakes are popular choices for being snuggly.


The Cutest of All

Which snake did I choose for my son? Well, since he’s quite small, I opted for the small garter snake we saw.

It’s friendly and harmless. For myself … Yes, you read that right.

I was convinced to buy my own cute snake, and I took home a cute hognose snake named Ed, who came with a little red bow-tie and bowler hat too.