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A Fight Between A Siberian Tiger And A Hippo – Who Wins?

A Fight Between A Siberian Tiger And A Hippo – Who Wins?

Pitting a Siberian Tiger against a Hippo is challenging to say which of these remarkable animals would win the fight. One must consider each animal’s assets.

One must also think that there are many more factors that come into play for each animal to come out a winner in this fight.

One must consider a tiger’s intelligence to outsmart a hippo with its dumb and unpredictable fierceness. One must also consider the forceful hippo’s dangerous weight and ability to fight in the water or on land.

The environment could be a deciding factor in which animal wins in this fight.


Which Animal Would Win In A Fight, A Siberian Tiger Or A Hippo?

The size difference between the hippo and the Siberian Tiger is significant. The hippo’s powerful strength behind its ton and a half-weight wins. Can the tiger be a match for the enormous hippo? The powerful bite of the Siberian Tiger is no match for the hippo’s tough steel-like skin and brute weight.

Which Animal Would Win In A Fight, A Siberian Tiger Or A Hippo

Which Animal Would Win In A Fight, A Siberian Tiger Or A Hippo


The Relevance Between the Siberian Tiger and a Hippo

One must compare the differences between the fierce Siberian Tiger and the enormous hippo. You can understand why and how the hippo would win a fight with a Siberian Tiger.

The fierceness of these two animals pitted against each other depends on many factors. These factors must be considered before one can say either animal will win a fight.

Measuring the strength of the tiger’s bite to the hippo’s bite assures its overall strength against an enemy. The hippo would win.

Hippopotamus Bite

Hippopotamus Bite

The tiger could outsmart the hippo by biting into two vital body areas. The tiger would become the winner.

Researchers can measure and calculate the power force per square inch of each animal. Calculations show that the winner is the hippo.

The skin of a hippo is as strong as steel. It would be a challenge for the tiger to bite into the skin of a hippo.

The hippo has only two possible bite areas on its body that could render it looser in its fight with a tiger should the tiger bite these areas.

The Siberian Tiger is highly intelligent and can outsmart the dumb hippo. The Siberian Tiger is faster and can outmaneuver the vast and cumbersome hippo.

While the hippo can fight on land or in the water. The tiger loses the battle if the fight ends up in the water. The tiger is smart enough not to let this happen.

Siberian Tigers Bite

Siberian Tigers Bite


Siberian Tiger Facts

It takes more than the acute intelligence of the Siberian tiger to win a battle with a hippo. This tiger can also sucker punch an enemy into oblivion.

The tiger’s legs and paws are as dangerous and powerful as its fatal bite. It is doubtful if the tiger could sucker punch a hippo enough to do any harm to the hippo due to its weight. 

The tiger may cause harm to itself should it try to sucker beat a hippo. A Siberian Tiger never forgets hippo encounters if it is fortunate to escape from a fight.

That tiger is smart enough to keep its distance and not engage a hippo.

Researchers found that the Siberian Tiger is a skillful hunter. This tiger’s strategy is to get its prey away from the group before attacking that prey. 

The tiger would lose the fight despite its well-planned strategy. The following are the assets of the Siberian Tiger.

  • Skilled hunter
  • Skilled strategist
  • Keen memory
  • Powerful bite
  • Powerful hitting legs and paws
  • Can apply brute force scratching
  • Can cripple its enemy
  • Three times faster than a hippo
Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger


Hippopotamus Facts

A hippo is a bit dumb. A hippo is slow to think and fast to react. This enormous animal cannot outsmart a Siberian Tiger. The hippo has other factors working to defeat this enemy.

A hippopotamus has a powerful force per square inch of biting power to equal over 2,000 PSI. A hippo puts its weight behind its bite and can pulverize a Siberian Tiger and battle it out in the water or on land.

An animal that is not the most intelligent has an increased risk of becoming savagely vicious towards the tiger. A hippo’s dumbness causes its incalculable and unpredictable behavior.

Its overall makeup remains a mystery despite many behavioral studies. Researchers wonder if the hippo even knows its next move and blindly reacts.

The unpredictability of the hippo species means that the hippo quickly becomes aggressive when another animal ventures into their territory.

The intrusion of a Siberian Tiger into a hippo’s territory or domain is enough to provoke this enormous animal to attack the tiger. The following are a hippo’s assets.

  • Weight
  • Powerful and crushing bite
  • Unpredictable behaviors
  • Aggressive
  • Can Crush its prey
  • Territorial
  • Steel like skin



Frequently Asked Questions about the Siberian Tiger and the Hippo


1. What makes the hippo so aggressive?

The lack of intelligence of the hippo makes this animal dangerously aggressive. Researchers find that the hippo acts before thinking.

The hippo is likely to rush into a fight with a Siberian Tiger. The hippo uses its powerful bite and weight to crush the tiger to death.


2. Is a Siberian Tiger likely to start a fight with a hippo?

No. The tiger uses its intelligence to weigh the possibility of a losing fight with a hippo. The tiger remembers how unpredictable the hippo species is and will avoid this animal.

The tiger knows that the odds of winning a fight with a hippo are slim. The tiger can dodge attacks and gain the upper hand in a fight by attacking the eyes of the hippo. 

The tiger can avoid attacks from a hippo due to its fastness. The tiger knows that it is nearly impossible to bite into the hippo’s steel-like skin.


3. What are the deciding factors for a winning fight between a Siberian Tiger and a Hippo?

The deciding factor of who wins in this fight involves the type of environment. Is the battle in the water or on land? Is the battle in a wide-open space or the jungle?

Factors are brute force and size for the hippo. Factors for the Siberian Tiger are skills and intelligence. If a fight between a Siberian Tiger and a hippo should ensue, it is a sure bet that neither animal will give up quickly.

This fight would last a good long time. Both animals would be hurt in the process. Many factors relate to the environment as to who wins this battle. Each animal must use its skills and available weapons to win this fight.


In the End Who Wins?

Research finds that the hippo becomes the winner in most cases due to its powerful weight and force. The flip side is that the tiger can win this fight if it utilizes all of its skills and outsmarts the hippo.

  • Both can win.
  • Both can lose.
  • A Siberian Tiger can win this fight and kill the hippo.
  • A hippo can win this fight and kill the Siberian Tiger.

The outcome depends on the environment and its many factors.