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Is an Overhead Cable Running Leash Suitable for All Dogs?

Is an Overhead Cable Running Leash Suitable for All Dogs?

An overhead cable running leash seems like a viable option for exercising pets and providing some level of freedom, without allowing them to roam free. Are these leashes safe?

Depending on the type of leash, size of the dog, and other factors, this may not be the best or safest approach.

Does your dog use an overhead run regularly? Keep reading for more information.


Is an overhead cable running leash suitable for all dogs?

If the leash and cable are adjusted and modified for the size of the dog, this type of run should be suitable for most dogs. However, this may not be the best route for dogs that are diligent diggers or that can be escape artists — unless you plan to supervise them closely.


Overhead Cable Runs and Your Dog

When dog owners are trying to facilitate exercise and outdoor time for their pets, a cable run can be a great idea. These provide far more room to roam and area than being leashed to a porch, a stake, or even a tree.

The wide berth can make your dog feel free and independent while being safe and secure in your yard.

Owners do need to observe their pet carefully to make sure they are a good candidate for an overhead run. See if your dog is frequently tangled, wrapped up, or trying to break free.

Supervise them in short phases until you are more comfortable with the dog being alone for short periods on the overhead run.


Constructing a Run

There are numerous online tutorials and videos regarding how to best construct an overhead dog run. You choose the style and instruction that suits you best and that will make the most sensible run for your distinct dog.

Most materials can be garnered from any big-box hardware store, either online or at a brick-and-mortar retailer.

The following list is an example of the basic items needed to construct one of these runs, but heed the recommendations and materials listed from the project instructions that you choose to follow.

  • Galvanized steel cable
  • Chain rope clips
  • Large eye bolt screws
  • Swivel pulley
  • Vinyl coated tie-out cable found at a pet store
  • A compatible collar
  • Tools to construct the run include a hammer, screwdriver, and ladder


Tips for Overhead Runs

Some dogs may acclimate well to an overhead cable run leash, but others may face difficulties. For one thing, many dogs feel abandoned when confined somewhere without their humans.

Since dogs are social, a run without others around may seem futile and they may cry to come indoors.

Other dogs may simply resist being tied up at all. For this reason, you may need to introduce dogs gently and gradually to the run.

Tie them for a few minutes and engage them with play, but then untie them from the run. Over time, the dog may become more self-involved, and you can assess whether it appears secure and safe on the run.

Always supervise them to ensure they do not break free and potentially become lost or injured.

Reward and praise your dog after its time using the run to make it an overall enjoyable experience for your pet that they will likely remember.


Frequently Asked Questions about Overhead Cable Running Leash being Suitable to All Dogs


Are overhead runs safe for dogs?

If the overhead run is installed properly and is customized to fit the dog using it, it should be safe for dogs to use. If the dog has a propensity to escape, dig, or roam, make sure you supervise dogs when using overhead runs and leashes.


How to best attach a chain rope to a dog’s leash for a run?

Chain rope clips work well with steel cable in a secure and sturdy overhead run. Find these and all the materials needed for your run at your local hardware store.


What dog leash is best for running?

Running leashes are designed to be secure, strong, and comfortable. These special types of leashes are also found with collar attachments to keep things safe and secure. Some offer shock absorption, which helps make the leash more comfortable when it pulls on its neck.


Are dog runs a good thing?

Dog runs offer a way for your dog to get plenty of exercise and fresh air, so they are a good thing! These are typically safe, but some dogs may be escape artists who can break free without close supervision. You know your dog best to determine if a dog run is a viable option.


Should dogs run in hot weather?

Dogs are very susceptible to heatstroke in hot temperatures, so don’t let them work out too rigorously in these conditions. Strenuous activity can impact your dog fast. Provide plenty of cool water and shade, and if possible, let your dogs stay indoors during extreme temperatures.



Overhead runs can be a great way to let your dog have a bit of freedom and some exercise at home.

Make sure to supervise pets to ensure they don’t get into trouble when restrained, and to see if they try to escape!

Runs should be suited and fitted to accommodate the dog using it, as smaller dogs may struggle with the extra weight of a cable, while larger pets may be able to break free.