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Miniature Rottweiler Breed – All You Need To Know

Miniature Rottweiler Breed – All You Need To Know

Rottweilers are a very popular breed, but they are too large for some people. This has many people asking “Is there something like a miniature Rottweiler breed?”

In fact, miniature Rottweilers do exist. There are actually two very different types of miniature Rottweilers.


Is There Something Like A Miniature Rottweiler Breed?

There are indeed two types of Miniature Rottweilers. The only true Miniature Rottweilers are those born with dwarfism. However, these are very rare. Most “Miniature Rottweilers” are actually cross-breeds between a Rottweiler and a Pug or a Miniature Pinscher.


How Miniature Rottweilers Are Created

Rottweilers with dwarfism happen through genetic mutations and are not created on purpose. Some breeders have bred two Rottweilers with dwarfism to try and create pure-bred Miniature Rottweilers.

However, this has not been successful because the dwarfism gene is not necessarily passed down. Also, Rottweilers with dwarfism have so many health problems that many people feel it is unethical to try to intentionally create puppies with dwarfism.

The second and much more common way of creating Miniature Rottweilers is through cross-breeding. Obviously, cross-breeding means that the resulting puppies will not be pure Rottweiler.

However, skilled breeders can create Miniature Rottweilers that look very much like small versions of the full-size breed. The breeder must first locate a suitable Rottweiler.

Breeders who are looking to create Miniature Rottweilers often pick an especially small Rottweiler, as this will often result in smaller offspring. Next, the breeder finds either a pug or a Miniature Pinscher to breed the Rottweiler with.

Miniature Pinschers are often preferred because they have similar coloration to Rottweilers. This often results in Miniature Rottweilers that have similar coloration to the full-size dogs.

When breeders seek to create Miniature Rottweiler puppies by cross-breeding a full-size Rottweiler and a Pug, the offspring often looks more like an oversized, dark Pug than a small Rottweiler.


What Miniature Rottweilers Look Like

As previously mentioned, the size and coloration of Miniature Rottweilers can vary greatly. The dogs can range in size from 15 to 30 pounds.

Miniature Rottweilers created by cross-breeding full-size Rottweilers with Pugs are usually around 15 pounds when they are fully grown. Cross-breeds with Miniature Pinschers are usually around 30 pounds.

Miniature Rottweilers with dwarfism are often around 30 pounds.

Rottweiler-Pug puppies are stocky like full-size Rottweilers. They have short, floppy ears, which they also have in common with full-size Rottweilers.

Miniature Rottweilers created by breeding a dark-colored Pug with a full-size Rottweiler may have markings similar to the black and brown markings found in the full-size breed.

Rottweiler-Miniature Daschund puppies usually have markings that are very similar to the markings of full-size Rottweilers. However, they often have a long and lanky body rather than the stocky body seen in the full-size breed.

Miniature Rottweilers with dwarfism have the same markings as full-size Rottweilers. However, the proportions of their body and limbs look very different.

This is because Rottweilers with dwarfism have a normal-sized body on small legs. These dogs essentially look like Corgis with the markings of a Rottweiler.


The Temperament of Miniature Rottweilers

The temperament of Miniature Rottweilers varies based on their genes. Miniature Rottweilers with dwarfism have similar temperaments as their full-sized brethren.

This means that they will be good guard dogs who can be aggressive to strangers or to other dogs. However, they are very loving towards their families.

Also, they will have lots of energy. This means you need to have these miniature rottweilers exercise regularly.

Miniature Rottweilers made from breeding full-size dogs and Pugs will have somewhat less energy. They will not need to be exercised as much.

Also, they will be better around other dogs. They will also not be as aggressive toward strangers.

Miniature Rottweilers bred from full-size dogs and Miniature Pinschers will be very aggressive. It’s just a few of the many drawbacks this mix has.

They will still be loving toward their families, even toward children. However, they will often respond aggressively to strangers and other dogs.

They will have lots of energy and need lots of exercise.


Health Problems Commonly Found in Rottweilers With Dwarfism

Dogs with dwarfism, including Miniature Rottweilers, often have numerous serious health problems.

These health problems are often related to their bones because their bones do not develop properly if they have dwarfism.

Rottweilers are stocky dogs with heavy bodies, and the under-developed leg bones found in dogs with dwarfism struggle to support their bodies. This often leads to weakened leg bones that break easily.


Frequently Asked Questions about Miniature Rottweiler Breed


Do I have to buy a Miniature Rottweiler from a breeder?

If you want a Miniature Rottweiler, you’ll likely need to visit a breeder. These dogs are rare, so it’s unlikely that you will find one at the local shelter.


Are Miniature Rottweilers good with other dogs?

Miniature Rottweilers with dwarfism are often aggressive toward strange dogs. However, Miniature Rottweilers can live harmoniously with other dogs if socialized as puppies. Pug-Rottweiler cross-breeds are good with other dogs, while Rottweiler-Miniature Daschund cross-breeds are not.


Are Miniature Rottweilers good with kids?

Miniature Rottweilers of all types are good with kids. They will be very loving with kids if they socialize with them when they are puppies. Miniature Rottweilers are often even more protective of kids than they are of their adult owners.


Is Getting a Miniature Rottweiler a Good Idea

Getting a Miniature Rottweiler with dwarfism is not a good idea due to the many health problems the dog may have.

Miniature Rottweilers created by crossing full-size dogs and Miniature Daschunds are often too aggressive to make good pets.

Miniature Rottweilers created by crossing full-size dogs and Pugs may be your best bet, though they may not look much like full-size Rottweilers