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What Does A 3-Month Old Rottweiler Look Like? So Cute!

What Does A 3-Month Old Rottweiler Look Like? So Cute!

What Does A 3-Month Old Rottweiler Look Like?

The Rottweiler has long been a working dog breed. They found work early on as guard dogs for livestock before becoming guide dogs and police dogs.

It’s easy to see why Rottweilers have been used in those roles given their size and muscular build. Of course, they don’t start that way.

Learn more about what Rottweilers look like when they’re young and how they grow by continuing with the rest of this article.


What Does a 3-Months-Old Rottweiler Look Like?

Rottweilers are far from reaching their full-grown size just 3 months removed from birth. Male Rottweilers may grow up to 19 inches tall and tip the scales at 45 pounds by the end of their first 3 months. Meanwhile, female Rottweilers can weigh close to 35 pounds and grow up to 19 inches tall.


What Does A 3-Month-Old Rottweiler Look Like

What Does A 3-Month-Old Rottweiler Look Like


What Is the Weight Range for 3-Month-Old Rottweilers?

The Rottweiler breed is famous for its size. That much is clear even if you’ve only encountered a Rottweiler puppy.

So, how much does a 3-month-old Rottweiler typically weigh?

Male Rottweilers can get pretty heavy even as puppies. The weight range for them usually goes from 37 to 45 pounds.

To put that into context, many large dog breeds only reach that weight when they are six months of age. Male Rottweiler pups can become big boys rather quickly.

Rottweiler puppies should be large dog breed food according to VCA Animal Hospitals.

Female Rottweiler pups aren’t that far off in terms of weight.

On the low end, 3-month-old female Rottweiler puppies may settle at around 27 pounds. If you have a big girl, she may already weigh close to 35 pounds even at that young age.

By their seventh month, Rottweilers usually grow to double their size from when they were 3-months-old. You need to get ready to accommodate your large Rottweiler pup.

Weight Range

Weight Range


What Is the Height Range for 3-Month Old Rottweilers?

An average Rottweiler puppy is not going to wow you with its height at 3 months of age. That said, they can still get quite big at that point.

The average height range for 3-month-old Rottweiler puppies goes from 18 to 19 inches. That is big compared to most dogs, but it’s relatively average for larger breeds.

Don’t be surprised that Rottweilers can pack that much weight into a relatively average frame. The muscular nature of a Rottweiler’s frame contributes significantly to its weight.

Another thing worth noting here is that there is no difference between male and female Rottweiler puppies when it comes to height.

They will mostly grow at the same rate and their maximum height is also similar.

Height Range

Height Range


What Should I Do If My Rottweiler Puppy Is Growing at a Different Rate?

Now that you know just how big Rottweiler puppies are supposed to be at three months of age, you may be compelled to take a closer look at your pet.

Upon doing so, you may discover that your Rottweiler pup is not growing at that rate.

Should that be a cause for concern on your part? In all likelihood, you shouldn’t be that worried.

Rottweiler puppies are still individuals so you cannot expect all of them to grow at the same pace. Some litters may have fast growers and others may have late bloomers.

If the discrepancy in growth that you’ve noticed amounts to a few pounds or a few inches, then your puppy is probably fine.

A discrepancy in growth that is greater than that does warrant more concern. It is especially troubling if your Rottweiler pup is a lot smaller compared to its counterparts.

There’s a chance that there may be something off when it comes to your puppy’s diet or they may have an illness of some kind.

In that scenario, you should take your puppy to the veterinarian to check if there is something seriously wrong.

Take Your Puppy To the Veterinarian To Check

Take Your Puppy To the Veterinarian To Check


Should I Feed My Rottweiler Puppy More Food if It Is Growing Slowly?

After confirming that your Rottweiler is indeed growing slower than expected, you may be tempted to change their feeding plan.

You may be planning to feed your Rottweiler pup way more food to help it catch up.

We understand why you may be tempted to take that approach, but you should know that it will likely turn out badly for your pet.

Rottweiler puppies may not be able to handle the added weight on their frame.

Overfeeding your three-month-old Rottweiler puppy can lead to it eventually developing joint issues and other injuries.

As your pet grows older, it may also become predisposed to developing weight problems.

Avoid those potential issues by simply feeding your Rottweiler puppy the appropriate amount of food.

Feeding Rottweiler Puppy Appropriate Amount Of Food

Feeding Rottweiler Puppy Appropriate Amount Of Food


How Should You Groom a 3-Month-Old Rottweiler Puppy?

Rottweilers are known for having black coats of fur, with patches of brown near their mouth, chest, and legs.

The hairs that make up a Rottweiler’s coat are typical of medium length and they also feature a coarse texture, according to the American Kennel Club.

You will find that three-month-old Rottweiler pups already feature that kind of coat. Taking good care of it will be crucial.

Develop a routine that will allow you to take good care of your Rottweiler pup’s coat.

Bathing your puppy frequently will be key to maintaining the color, texture, and overall health of its coat.

On the days when you aren’t bathing your puppy, you should take some time to brush its coat.

Keep that routine up so your pet’s coat will remain in good condition.

Bathing Your Rottweiler Puppy Frequently

Bathing Your Rottweiler Puppy Frequently


Frequently Asked Questions about What Does a 3-Month-Old Rottweiler Look Like?


When Will a Rottweiler Reach Its Full Size?

Rottweilers usually reach their peak height not long after they turn one year old. When it comes to weight, Rottweilers may continue to pack on the pounds until they hit the three-year mark.


Are 3-Month-Old Rottweilers Energetic?

A three-month-old Rottweiler may already be quite energetic, but it may still be wary of its surroundings. You’ll have to be there to show your pup that he or she shouldn’t be afraid of anything.


Conclusion About What Does A 3-Month Old Rottweiler Look Like

Rottweiler puppies are among the biggest you’ll see. That’s the case even when they are as young as three-months-old.

Take the steps necessary so you can properly care for your large Rottweiler pup.