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3 Methods How To Potty Train A Miniature Schnauzer

3 Methods How To Potty Train A Miniature Schnauzer

Having your Miniature Schnauzer potty trained can make your life easier. You not only avoid a huge mess, but you’ll help him to be more responsible.

If you’re having trouble with teaching your pup how to properly relieve himself, you’re not alone.


How to Potty Train a Miniature Schnauzer

To potty train a Miniature Schnauzer, be consistent in following any of these 3 methods. The Crate method involves using a crate or cage. The Spot method is about choosing a designated spot for your dog to use in the house. The Pee Pad method is where you use highly absorbent pads to pee on.


Different Methods to Potty Train a Miniature Schnauzer


1. Crate Training

It may sound scary for you to put your furry friend in a crate. A lot of Miniature Schnauzer owners struggle with the guilt of doing this.

The thing is not many people are like you. They don’t do enough research about what’s right or wrong.

For instance, the American Kennel Club and vets recommend this method. It offers your pup many benefits.

Especially if you start training them early on. You would be surprised to find that putting your dog in a crate provides them with a safe space to relax.

Studies also suggest that your Schnauzer will instinctively look for small spaces in your home.

The thing is, he is conditioned to protect himself. This is why research shows that crate training is a useful method for your puppy.

The good news is that he’ll grow to love it as he gets older. A crate will not only become a safe haven for him.

But he can also use it if there’s an emergency at home.

Now that you have an idea of the benefits of this method, you should understand how it works.

If you follow these 5 simple steps, you should start crate training today.

  1. You should find a comfortable, durable, and flexible crate. Consider a more enclosed one like a kennel crate.
  2. Think about your dog. Will he be comfortable?
  3. Keep his favorite treats with you. This should serve as a great distraction.
  4. Don’t keep him in there for too long. Give him time outside to play or take a walk.
  5. Don’t rush the process. Make him comfortable enough to take the next step.


2. Specific Spot Method

If you’re looking for an easy way to train your Miniature Schnauzer, then this is it. It just requires you to be more observant.

In fact, it needs you to be familiar with his needs. Once this is achieved, you can show him how to release himself on command.

If your Miniature Schnauzer isn’t used to outdoor time, now’s the time to change that. To succeed with this method, you need to assess how he behaves when he’s outside.

For instance, what is his routine when he prepares himself? Most importantly, how many times does he need to relieve himself in a day?

This is why you should note the number of times he needs to poop. In addition, pay close to what he does before this happens.

Generally, he will show you signs like sniffing or abnormal pacing. These 5 nifty tips below will help you become successful with using this potty training method.

  1. Create a regular potty schedule, ensuring that you’ll stick to it.
  2. Find a command that you’ll stick to and that he will understand easily.
  3. It’s important to reward his good behavior.
  4. Make sure that you’re consistent.
  5. Prevent any problems.

It’s important for you to always remember that he should be comfortable. Taking him to his spot shouldn’t feel like punishment.

In fact, use positive training to persuade him to go on his own. It may take a while, but keeping some rewards there can also help.


3. The Pee Pad Method

Let’s say your Miniature Schnauzer doesn’t like the outdoors much. Or you’re just tired of the frequent trips outside.

You can use pee or potty pads to train him.

These square pads of highly absorbent material can save both of you. They’re ideal for soaking up his mess.

Additionally, they can minimize your frustrations. Pee pads come in various kinds. It depends on your needs.

For example, you can use one that reduces the urine smell in your home.

But how can you train your canine companion to use a pee pad? It’s pretty easy.

You should make sure that you keep him on a leash. This way, you’ll know when he starts behaving like he needs to use the potty.

Just like any other method, using a simple command should help. Then you can take him where you let him get his deed done.

If you want concrete results, you should stick to a schedule.

Most importantly, reward him for a job well done when he follows commands.

On the other hand, be patient with him if he misses it. Your dog also has feelings that you as a fur parent should consider.

Yelling or being frustrated with him won’t help. Instead, it will frustrate or stress him.

You won’t get anywhere when he’s like that. However, if you still need further convincing, check out these benefits of using pee pads.

  • You won’t deal with the same mess of using a litter or puppy box.
  • They’ll reduce the stench of his urine.
  • They’re highly absorbent and recyclable.
  • They’re super affordable and can last you for a while.


Frequently Asked Questions About How To Potty Train A Miniature Schnauzer


How long does it take to potty train your Miniature Schnauzer?

Training your Miniature Schnauzer in the potty department depends on a lot of factors. On average, it can take you 2 weeks. There are factors such as your experience that could lengthen or shorten the time.


Are Miniature Schnauzers easy to potty train?

As they’re highly intelligent canines, Miniature Schnauzers are easy to potty train. They’re considered among the easiest small dogs that you can house train. In addition, they make obedience training very easy.


What are Miniature Schnauzer training secrets?

You should train your puppy at the soonest time possible. Reward-based training and calming your tone should help you to see results sooner.



In summary, if you’re having trouble with potty training your furry friend, you should try these different methods.

It’s always vital to ensure that the method you’ll use makes your Miniature Schnauzer comfortable.

When your Miniature Schnauzer is frustrated, his anxiety can make potty training difficult.