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How to Stop a Schnauzer from Barking — It Works!

Schnauzer is a breed of German dogs with a square-built body, wiry coat, heavy eyebrows, and beard. 

This breed is classified into three varieties. These are the Giant Schnauzer, Standard Schnauzer, and a Miniature Schnauzer.

The standard and giant schnauzers belong to the group of working dogs and the miniature to the terrier.

Even though they are of different varieties, they are all intelligent, highly-spirited, and friendly. 

And, since they’re highly intelligent, it’s not unusual for them to bark a lot to let their thoughts known to their fur parents.

But, if their barking’s quite irritating already, here’s how you can make them stop.


How To Get a Schnauzer to Stop Barking

To make your Schnauzer stop barking, you ignore it first. You can also remove the stimulus that prompts it to bark. Also, training it to respond to commands helps a lot. If the barking happens at night, bring the Schnauzer inside. If nothing’s working, ask help from an expert canine trainer.


Ways to Stop a Schnauzer from Barking

The simplest way that you can do is to ignore your schnauzer from barking. Sometimes Schnauzers bark only to attract your attention.

Eventually, it will stop barking when it sees you showing no interest.

Most likely, something is motivating your schnauzer from barking. Find out what motivates your pet from barking and get rid of it.

Sometimes it could be an animal entering its territory, or a man that it is not comfortable with. 

With this, it’s best to remove the said stimulus from your schnauzer’s line of sight. 

Or, you can try distracting the doggo with mentally stimulating activities just to keep its attention from what’s prompting it to bark.

Aside from those two, you have to couple them with training your schnauzer.

If a schnauzer is well trained, you can control it with just a few words. If your pet is a compulsive barker, an expert canine trainer could do a lot of help for it.

And that is when the magic begins. When your pet starts to bark, just say the magic words “Stop”, or “Quiet”.

When it stops, give it a treat and generous praises. In that way, your schnauzer will associate not barking with the treat or a positive experience.

However, if you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work, the best solution to stop your schnauzer from barking is to contact an expert canine trainer. 


Stop Your Schnauzer From Barking at Night 

Nighttime is an unpleasant hour for dogs to bark. Of course, the entire household and neighborhood could be disturbed. 

And, as everyone knows, Schnauzers make good guard dogs. That is why they are mostly left outside at night to guard. 

But sometimes they are having uncomfortable hours staying outside, prompting them to bark loudly. 

The best way to stop it from barking is to bring it inside the house. 

Because ignoring your schnauzer at this moment might cause trouble in the neighborhood since other dogs will respond to its barks as well.


Reasons Why a Schnauzer Keeps on Barking

Schnauzers don’t bark without any reason. There’s always a reason for their action. 

And to help you solve your pet’s barking habit, I have listed the most probable reasons why your schnauzer keeps barking.


Being protective of their territory

One of the most common reasons for Schnauzers to bark is when someone or another animal enters their area. 
Seeing someone entering his place will push him to excessively bark until the intruder goes away.

To cite a good example is when a schnauzer sees a cat passing through its territory. It will continue barking on that cat until it leaves its claimed territory.


Form of greeting

It is usual for schnauzers to bark whenever they meet people or other pets.

We usually see dogs who bark while jumping and tail wagging. And, schnauzers are no different from displaying those behaviors when they want some fun time with you.

So when the schnauzer barks at you without any signs or attempts to hurt you, it simply means that it wants to greet you in its special way.


Attention seeking

Like most dogs, schnauzers bark because they want to say, “Hey, I want something”, “come, play with me”, or “I’m hungry”.

Their simple barks can mean a lot. We only need to do our very best to understand what they are trying to imply.

Schnauzers are playful and friendly, especially to children. 

So when they are up for some playtime, they will go to the person they want to play with and bark at them.

It barks just as if it is telling words that hoomans understand.

Their every bark indicates something. So you need to be alert because a low bark or growl could indicate a warning. 



When your schnauzer is afraid of something or someone, they will bark in an instant.

Schnauzers bark at anything they’re fearful or don’t trust. It may be a sound, an object, or a person.

They are also scared of loud sounds such as fireworks and thunder. And that might push them to bark and hide.

Also, they bark at a person that they scared of.

This could mean either that person does not treat it well or it feels something strange about that person.

So, better stay attentive if that’s the case because it can save you and your schnauzer from imminent danger.


Feeling lonely

Tiredness and loneliness cause schnauzers to bark too. You will be surprised that after a moment of silence, your schnauzer will start to bark.

That bark means that they are tired. And an unhappy tone in their bark means that they are lonely. 


Separation anxiety

Schnauzers don’t want to be left alone at home and that causes them extreme separation anxiety. 

It mostly happens when schnauzers are hyper-attached to their fur parents. 

So when they get separated even for just an hour, they will bark at an extreme rate. 

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