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How Much To Feed A Miniature Schnauzer? The Answer!

How Much To Feed A Miniature Schnauzer? The Answer!

Miniature Schnauzers are very small dogs, so they do not need much to eat. They weigh about 15 pounds on average.

They are high-energy dogs though, and left to their own devices would eat a lot more than they should.

Schnauzers often have stomach issues as well, and what you feed them is just as important.


How much to feed a miniature schnauzer

Dog health experts say adult miniature schnauzers should eat half of a cup of dry dog food twice each day. Puppies should eat even less but should eat 3-4 times daily. Health experts say it is not a good idea to leave the food out for them to eat all day long.


Why Feed your Miniature Schnauzer so Little Food

A cup of food does not seem like a lot of food, but remember the dog is small.

If you leave food out they will overeat, and will often eat as long as there is food, and they will get overweight.

Schnauzers are high-energy dogs, and they don’t do things halfway. They like to eat and will get fat if you do not control their food intake.

Dogs should be given their food and a reasonable amount of time to eat. The dish should then be taken up.

Leaving food out is not good for the dog, and can attract pests like roaches and ants.

Eating at a specific time each day can also help them avoid accidents in the house.

A couple of treats a day are generally good as rewards for good behavior, or for training. These treats can be just pieces of dry dog food or special treats you can get at a store.

Schnauzers also like carrots, apples, green beans, and other fruits and vegetables. Mixing a little of this with the regular food is healthy and your dog will like it.

These pieces of fruits and vegetables can also be given as treats.

Some say puppies should eat three or four times per day, but they should probably be switched to twice a day as soon as is reasonable.

A part of potty training is when the dog eats.


Stomach Issues with Schnauzers

Schnauzers also have trouble digesting or processing fatty foods. Fatty foods can also lead to stomach problems, as well as other problems over a long period of time.

Dog food should have 10-15 percent fat content. High-fat content can give you Schnauzer an upset stomach, which could lead to diarrhea, and throwing up.

Because of this, you should also not feed your schnauzer table scraps or leftover human food.

A little bread now and then is fine, but high-fat foods can cause serious health issues.

Even though fatty foods can be a problem for a schnauzer, they still need some.

Health officials say about five percent of their diet can be fatty materials, and that is not much considering they should be eating only a cup of food each day.

Too much fat can lead to pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas, which is a genetic predisposition this breed has.

A lot of fat at one time can bring on this problem, so it is important to stick to the diet your schnauzer has.

Your veterinarian can tell you what the ideal weight is for your dog.

But, one easy way to tell is if you still can feel their rib cage easily.

When dogs get overweight problems like diabetes and heart disease can result. Being overweight is also hard on their legs over time.


How to Tell if Your Schnauzer is Getting Fat

You should be able to easily feel the ribs on the side of your Schnauzer. If you cannot easily feel them, they are getting fat, and you should cut back on their food a little.

If you can see their ribs, they are not getting enough food, and you can give them a little more.

To some extent, how much to feed a miniature schnauzer, depends on how active they are.

This is just as effective as weighing them and is an effective measure of how much you should be feeding your miniature schnauzer.

How active your schnauzer is will also be a consideration in how much to feed them.

These dogs like to be active and have a lot of energy. They need long walks, and to be allowed to run free to some extent.

If they are more active they will burn up calories and will need more food.

Pay attention to the simple rule of feeling or seeing their ribs and adjust how much food you give them based on what you see.


Don’t Let Your Schnauzer Con You

Schnauzers are friendly dogs with tons of personality. They will work on you to get some of your food if they see you eating.

It may be tempting to give them just a bite, but that is not healthy for the dog.

Overfeeding, and giving them foods not good for them, cause health problems that could have been prevented.

Veterinarians also say to not leave food out for them to eat as they please because they will eat it all and get sick.

Giving the dog a piece of bread or some small snack now and then is fine, just don’t do it regularly or get to where they are expecting it.

Very small snacks will not hurt the dog if given sparingly. Remember, you are not being good to your dog by overfeeding.

Feeding them too much is bad for their health in the long run.

Schnauzers may also develop food allergies.

Your veterinarian may have food that will help with specific issues like dry skin, or frequent upset stomach which are symptoms of food allergies.


Frequently Asked Questions about How Much to Feed a Miniature Schnauzer


Why is it bad to let your Schnauzer eat all he wants?

The simple answer is they will eat too much if they can. They will get overweight and have health problems. Being overweight is hard on their legs. It can also cause heart problems and diabetes. Overeating can also cause diarrhea.


What foods are toxic to Schnauzers?

Chocolate is toxic to all dogs. Caffeine, alcohol, and similar products should also be avoided. Some nuts can cause health issues, and Schnauzers do not tolerate raisins or grapes well.


How many treats should you give your Schnauzer?

Treats are great not only for training but also when you’re rewarding them for good behavior. They should be limited, however. If treats become too common, or too easy to get, they will stop being special to the dog. If the dog knows he will get one, or has come to expect them, they won’t feel the need to obey you to get one.



Miniature Schnauzers are great companion dogs, but you need to take charge of their eating and be consistent.

They like to eat and will overeat if given the chance. Certain foods are harmful to them, and being overweight is not healthy for any dog.

Remember, you are not being good to your dog when you’re feeding them too much or you dole out food that is bad for them.