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Can You Pierce A Dog’s Ear? #1 Best Answer

Can You Pierce A Dog’s Ear? #1 Best Answer

Having a dog undeniably fills human lives with happiness, but to what extent should a dog be a means to our end?

I agree that using a dog as entertainment is not right. Nor is it kind to use dogs as personal accessories. For this reason, it seems unkind to pierce a dog’s ear.


Can you Pierce a Dog’s Ear?

Technically you can pierce a dog’s ear. However, it isn’t common and often regarded as abusive. While piercing a dog’s ear is not illegal in all but a few states, it may still be considered cruel. Piercing a dog’s ear means inflicting unnecessary pain and risking infection all in the name of a trend. A dog doesn’t comprehend the piercing as a fashion trend, only that it feels irritating, and they will more than likely end up pawing at it, making it worse.

Can you pierce a Dog's ear

Can You Pierce A Dog’s Ear?


Is Piercing a Dog’s Ears Legal?

Animal cruelty is a federal crime but it’s up to individual states and counties to create their lawful interpretations on the matter and enforce them appropriately.

Some states are more strict than others about animals and their well-being. In 2014, the Governor of New York signed in favor of banning all piercings of companion animals.

The only time it’s permissible and legal is when it’s done by a vet and when it’s used for purposes of identification.

The move made by New York to ban the practice of dog ear piercing is a step forward to further recognizing and minimizing unnecessary suffering to pets for personal amusement.

Unfortunately, other states have a long path to go as well. In 2017, South Carolina decided to vote against a bill banning dog ear piercings.

According to lawmakers, the law put forth seemed useless. They also emphasized that  Congress should devote its time to vital legislation.

Others who voted against the bill too felt the law was nitpicky and piling more onto the heap of laws that exist already.

Animal Cruelty Is A Federal Crime

Animal Cruelty Is A Federal Crime


Is it Safe to Pierce a Dog’s Ears?

There are too many unnecessary risks involved to consider piercing a dog’s ear a good idea. The way I see it, it’s best to avoid doing it at all.

Piercing a dog’s ear is problematic because:

  • There is a risk of irritation and swelling
  • Infection is possible
  • Unnecessary pain to dog’s ear
  • It’s because you like the aesthetic, not because they do
  • Dogs can scratch or paw at the ear and cause further injury

    Dog Ear Piercing The Cartilage Part Has Risks It Can Cause An Infection

    Dog Ear Piercing Has Too Many Unnecessary Risks It Can Cause An Infection

Moreover, piercing the cartilage part of the ear has risks when done on humans. It can cause an infection to spread faster and create permanent damage to the shape of the pierced area.

And considering that piercing a dog’s ear is similar to piercing a human’s ear, then I’ve given good reason to avoid doing it.

Piercing A Dog’s Ear Is Similar To Piercing A Human’s Ear

Piercing A Dog’s Ear Is Similar To Piercing A Human’s Ear


Pierce a Dog’s Ears: Is it Animal Abuse?

“The crime of inflicting pain, suffering, or death to an animal, usually a tame one, beyond the necessity for reasonable discipline,” according to the law.

Animal cruelty is defined as the indifference to suffering or otherwise getting enjoyment from inflicting pain.

But piercing a dog’s ear doesn’t quite seem to fall into either one of the above definitions.

Although I can’t agree that the practice of piercing dogs’ ears is okay or even justifiable, it also feels inaccurate to call every owner that has ever pierced their dog’s ears indifferent to suffering.


The owners seem to care about their pets.

Additionally, I don’t believe that owners who pierce their dog’s ears get any pleasure from inflicting pain.

Although the dog may experience some pain, and of course, it depends on the type of piercing and how many piercings the dog gets, its pain is not in any way sought out by the owner.

Naturally, there are exceptions. For example, the case of the woman who was selling “gothic kittens”.

The kittens were pierced along their spine, ears, and face and then sold online. This type of weird and careless situation makes you question the state of mind this woman was in at the time.

And in this case, you might find out that she is indeed indifferent to the suffering of the kittens and, therefore, her behavior is considered cruel.

But that’s 100% speculation on my part. I can’t know this information.

Ultimately, I’d say piercing a dog’s ear is inflicting pain beyond what’s necessary. Although to what extent, I don’t know.

However, it’s not quite the same as inflicting pain on someone with a temper who hits their dog a few shades too hard.

The latter would fall under the umbrella of abuse, whereas the former doesn’t seem to be the same.

I’m not so sure I agree that any amount of pain is necessary to inflict on pets. And the pain from piercing a dog’s ear for looks is not necessary.

Piercing a dog’s ear may be considered abusive when it’s done once or several times.

If infection happens for the first time, then there doesn’t need to be another attempt to get it right.

Dog Owners Seem To Care About Their Pets

Dog Owners Seem To Care About Their Pets


Frequently Asked Questions About Can You Pierce a Dog’s Ear?


What types of piercings are there for dogs?

Piercings in a dog’s ears are unnecessary when it’s done to alter appearance purely for looks.

However, identification tags are pierced through the dog’s ear and are sometimes used to mark and identify stray dogs or for owners to mark their pet dogs.


What type of law protects dogs in New York from ear piercing?

The law prohibits any unnecessary body modifications to animals, including tattoos and body piercings.

The only modifications allowed are those that serve a medical or identification need and are performed by a veterinarian.


Conclusion About Can You Pierce A Dog’s Ear

The safety risk dogs face getting their ears pierced is generally low and, from what I’ve seen, they don’t seem to be suffering, but I can’t know this for sure.

However, the bad thing is that we may be treating dogs like objects to accessorize in whatever way suits us, not them.

Unfortunately, the steps to poor treatment or abuse may not fall far behind this sentiment.