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Can You Use Liquid Bandage On Dogs? The Answer

Can You Use Liquid Bandage On Dogs? The Answer

Dogs that like to run around and play outside are more likely to get scratched up.

When something like that happens, you need to come up with some way to prevent their wounds from possibly getting infected.

Regular bandages can do the trick, but dogs aren’t always very fond of them. If your dog is like that, a liquid bandage may be your next resort.

See what liquid bandages are all about and if you can use them on your pet by continuing with this article.


Can You Use Liquid Bandage on Dogs?

Using liquid bandages on dogs is permissible only when they have minor cuts and scrapes. But as they carry some risks, pet owners should use liquid bandages specially formulated for dogs. Dog-formulated liquid bandages contain less alcohol and rely on fewer chemicals that can be hazardous to them.

Can You Use Liquid Bandage On Dogs?
Can You Use Liquid Bandage On Dogs?


Liquid Bandages and Their Safety on Dogs

A liquid bandage is a type of topical treatment used to seal wounds completely.

The polymer layer that forms after the liquid bandage is used binds with the skin to prevent any foreign bodies from causing a potential infection.

According to MedlinePlus, a liquid bandage can close a wound and also help stop bleeding.

Liquid bandages have been around for a while and people have grown accustomed to using them. Given how well they’ve worked on your wounds, you may be wondering if you can use them on your pet dog.

Using a liquid bandage made for humans on your dog is an option. However, it is also one that presents certain risks.

First off, the alcohol content of a typical liquid bandage could be problematic for your dog. Exposing a wound to alcohol hurts and your dog may not like that feeling.

Liquid bandages contain alcohol and can hurt your dog more if you use it on their wounds
Liquid bandages contain alcohol and can hurt your dog more if you use it on their wounds

Your pet may attempt to remove the liquid bandage not long after you applied it due to the pain it’s causing.

Furthermore, you have to acknowledge the possibility that your dog may consume parts of the liquid bandage while trying to remove it. Your dog may get sick after eating parts of the liquid bandage.

Dogs may lick and accidentally consume some parts of the liquid bandage, which can make them sick later on
Dogs may lick and accidentally consume some parts of the liquid bandage, which can make them sick later on

All of a sudden, your dog’s health problems have now gone way beyond minor cuts. Taking them to the veterinarian may now be necessary.

If you want to avoid placing your dog in that situation, you should use liquid bandages that are specifically made for pets.


What Liquid Bandages are for Pets

In recent years, we’ve seen more companies come out with liquid bandages that are specially formulated to be used on pets.

What makes these liquid bandages different from the items meant to be used on people? The biggest difference is found in their chemical composition.

The liquid bandages made for pets utilize gentler chemicals. You must still stop your pet from licking or chewing on the liquid bandage after it forms, but those occurrences will be less troubling.

After chewing or licking the liquid bandage, your pet may experience some mild discomfort but that may be the extent of it.

Manufacturers also use less alcohol while creating liquid bandages for pets.

That’s a crucial difference that affects the experience your dog may have while using the liquid bandage. Liquid bandages for pets are less likely to cause pain because of their reduced alcohol content.

You may even find some liquid bandages for pets that are alcohol-free. Seek those products out if you want the liquid bandage to be as comfortable as possible for your dog.


How to Use a Liquid Bandage on Your Dog

The manufacturer of your chosen pet liquid bandage will detail how the product should be used. That said, follow some general steps while applying the liquid bandage.

Start by cleaning the area close to the wound. You don’t want to touch the wound itself but you do want to clear any bits of debris close to it.

Those bits of debris can stop the liquid bandage from adhering properly so they must be removed.

After cleaning the area near the wound, you can now spray on the liquid bandage. Cover up the wound properly on your dog.

Next, you must allow the liquid bandage to dry properly.

Drying times vary from one product to the next. Some products will dry after just a few seconds while others need a few minutes.

The length of effectiveness may also differ among the liquid bandage options that are available.

Although the length of effectiveness may not be the same for all liquid bandages, they should all still peel off on their own.


What Wounds to Treat Using a Liquid Bandage on Dogs

Liquid bandages are great for sealing wounds and letting them heal naturally. They work best on certain types of wounds.

These liquid bandages are most effective on small, straight cuts. It’s easier to cover those types of wounds with liquid bandages so their effectiveness can be optimized.

Even wounds that are bleeding a bit can be sealed with a liquid bandage.

You can only use liquid bandages on minor cuts and scratches,  not on big or deep cuts
You can only use liquid bandages on minor cuts and scratches, not on big or deep cuts

There are also times when using a liquid bandage on your dog is a big no-no.

Liquid bandages should not be used on big and/or deep cuts. There may be soft tissue damage beyond the wound and the liquid bandage cannot do anything about that.

Infected and/or irritated wounds should also be treated by a veterinarian.


Frequently Asked Questions about Can You Use a Liquid Bandage on Your Dog


What Can You Put on a Dog’s Open Wound?

Aside from a liquid bandage, you can also use antibacterial medication to treat a dog’s open wound. Just remember to clear the item in question with your vet before using it.


How to Make Your Dog Stop Licking Off the Liquid Bandage?

Stop your pet from licking the liquid bandage using an Elizabethan collar. Keep the collar on until the liquid bandage comes off to prevent your dog from ingesting it.


Conclusion On Can You Use Liquid Bandage On Dogs

Pet owners can use liquid bandages specifically made for dogs to treat minor cuts and scrapes. Bandages contain less alcohol and chemicals that can be bad for dogs so they are safer and more comfortable. If your dog has a larger or more irritated wound, you should take them to a veterinarian for treatment.