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How to Cut Schnauzer Eyebrows The Pro Way

Schnauzers are incredible dogs. They’re intelligent, funny, loyal, and they come absolutely loaded with personality.

If you’re a longtime schnauzer owner, or you plan on showing your schnauzer, then you’ve probably wondered, at some point, how to cut schnauzer eyebrows!

While snipping the brows of your schnauzer isn’t a difficult task, it’s essential to do it correctly so your pup doesn’t end up looking silly.

Also, take care with each movement, as you use sharp objects near the eyes.


How to Cut Schnauzer Eyebrows?

The only tool you need to cut the eyebrows of your schnauzer is a pair of sharp and precise scissors! Pull your dog’s eyebrow hair down toward his nose, holding it tight between two fingers. Then, use your sharp scissors to cut at an angle from the inside of the eye to the outside, starting on the long side because you can always keep going if they’re still too long.


Correctly Trimming Your Schnauzers Eyebrows

If you trim your Schnauzer’s eyebrows incorrectly, he will look pretty silly for quite a while until they grow out.

If you don’t have any sharp scissors handy, you’ll want to ensure that you get the correct type of scissors for the job.

Dull scissors will undoubtedly ruin the show-level haircut you’re trying to give your pup. Crooked haircuts are often the result of scissors that aren’t sharp enough.

You can find professional grooming and stylist scissors at your local beauty supply, pet shop, or drugstore.



Clippers are an electronic dog grooming tool that is typically used to trim full coats for super fluffy dogs like Poodles and, you guessed it, Schnauzers.

Clippers are easy to use, and they get the grooming job done quickly.

If you’re wondering if you can use clippers to trim your Schnauzer’s eyebrows, you can, but you’ve got to be careful.

It’s easy to trim off way too much when using clippers, and it can also be more challenging to get the hair to fall in a straight line.

Also, remember that clippers offer less control over the cut than traditional scissors, so you’ll want to keep your hand as steady as possible.

If you use clippers to cut Schnauzer eyebrows, it doesn’t hurt to have someone help you keep your pup still.


Safety Precautions

As I’ve mentioned, if you have a helper to keep your pup in place, have them front and center for your grooming process.

Always take caution when trimming your Schnauzer’s eyebrows, as you’re cutting incredibly close to their eyes and nose.

If your dog makes a quick movement, you could easily cut its nose or eyes by accident. Always try to groom your dog when he feels calm, perhaps after a long walk or romp in the park.

An exercised dog is a happy, relaxed dog. When you’ve taken steps to give your dog a workout before grooming time, this way, you can ensure their safety as well as your own!


Hair Placement

When trimming your Schnauzer eyebrows, you’ll want to keep a close eye on hair placement. It’s best to cut their eyebrows after they’ve been bathed and dried.

Some groomers trim schnauzer eyebrows when the hair is wet, which is fine if you’re skilled in the technique. However, it’s easier to see where it’s falling as your trimming when the hair is dry.

So, if this is your first time trimming schnauzer eyebrows, you’ll want to have the fur dry so you can see what you’re doing.


The Process

Overall, the process of trimming your schnauzer’s eyebrows is quite simple. Bathe and allow your dog to dry completely.

Next, you’ll want to pull the hair long between your fingers, as long as it will stretch, and establish where you’d like to begin cutting.

When you’ve figured out the correct length, you’ll begin trimming from the inside of the eye to the outside, following the direction of the hair at a diagonal.

You should be able to see what part’s crooked or needs to be evened out.

If you’ve got some leveling to do, you’ll once again pull the eyebrow hair taut between your fingers so you can see where it’s uneven.

Then point your scissors up and gently snip at the rough spots while your shears remain pointed up. This technique will allow the hair to fall into place without looking like a very blunt cut.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Cut Schnauzer Eyebrows


Can I cut my schnauzer’s eyebrows myself?

You can cut your schnauzer’s eyebrows yourself! Just make sure that you’ve had plenty of practice or that you’ve got someone there to help you.


Does it matter what type of scissors I use to cut my schnauzer’s eyebrows?

You’ll want to use stylist scissors. They don’t have to be a professional brand, but they should be scissors meant explicitly for cutting hair. Local pet stores should keep this in stock as well.


Do I have to hire a groomer to cut my schnauzer’s eyebrows?

You don’t have to hire a groomer, but if you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s best to have your schnauzer groomed professionally. It will be costlier to fix a mistake than to use a professional from the get-go.


Successfully Trimming Your Schnauzer’s Eyebrows

It might seem like a big job, but you can do it if you make sure your pup is exercised and that you’ve got plenty of time.

Rushing the grooming process will result in a terrible look, and if you’re unsure, consult an expert!