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How to Groom a Giant Schnauzer — Things To Remember

There are three breeds of Schnauzer, and among the three, the Giant Schnauzer is the largest variety. 

They are called Giant Schnauzers because they are the larger and more powerful version of the Standard Schnauzer. 

Their activeness and highly-spirited traits make them one of the most useful breeds.

These furry-coated mammals are extremely intelligent, energetic, and loving.

They can be distinguished easily because of their trademark beard and eyebrows. 

A majestic dog like the Giant Schnauzer obviously needs some grooming from time to time.

But how do you go about that? Not sure?

Well, don’t worry, let us walk you through the grooming process!


How Do You Groom a Giant Schnauzer?

To groom giant schnauzers, brush their fur first before bathing them with shampoos specific to dogs. Dry their fur completely with two towels before clipping their fur using clippers and clipper blades. Start trimming their body fur first before taking care of their eyebrows and facial hair.


Step-By-Step Giant Schnauzer Grooming 

In grooming a giant schnauzer, there are ways to achieve astonishing beauty for your pet. 



A thorough brushing for your giant schnauzer’s hair must be done before you even bathe it. 

This is to remove the tangles and debris from their coat.



Before beginning to bathe your giant schnauzer, make sure that all the tools and products are prepared. 

To wash your dog, you will need a shower, shampoo, and conditioner. 

Make sure that the water has a temperature that is suitable for your giant schnauzer’s body. 

Some pet owners use human shampoo and human conditioner for dogs which is not ideal. Human shampoos are known to disrupt the acid mantle of dog fur have, so it’s best to steer clear of them for bathing your giant schnauzer. 

Doing so can make them vulnerable to bacterias, parasites, and viruses. 

It will also leave their skin dried and flaky, the reason why they keep on scratching their body.

Dog products are formulated by what the dog needs. Their shampoo and conditioner are made to maintain their lustrous and healthy-looking coat.

Hence, it’s best to look for a dog shampoo that’s specific for giant schnauzers. If you’re having doubts, better seek your friendly vet’s advice.



After rinsing the giant schnauzer with lukewarm water, drying it with a towel is next. Prepare at least two towels beside you. 

Because a giant schnauzer is coated with a lot of furs, the use of only one towel is not enough. 

The first towel is for removing the excess water from its body and the other one is used to dry it even more. 

Make sure to rub your pet with the towel gently. This is to avoid creating tangles on their fur and to not hurt them. 

Then, it’s time to completely dry their hair using a hairdryer. 

Also, prepare an oval pin brush that is specifically made for dog furs that you will need to use with the hairdryer. 

With the help of a hairdryer and brush, tangles are loosened and the fur’s radiance is showing off. 

You can stop drying as the radiance and straightness of the hair appears completely. 

This can be a daunting task because we’re not talking only about the fur on the head but the whole body. 

Anyway, after the hard work seeing your fur baby with its lustrous coat gives a deep smile to our faces.


Cutting and Clipping

Grooming isn’t complete without hairdressing your fur baby. In grooming your giant schnauzer, you will need clippers and clipper blades.

The blades that you will need are numbers 40 or 30 to clip hair at the pads on the feet.

Number 10, for shaving the hair in the private area.

Numbers 7f or 5f clipper blades are for creating patterns. 

You will also need curved scissors, straight and thinning shears. These are used on the part where clippers are not necessary to use. 

Thinning sheers are mostly used only for trimmings. So this is for the part where you don’t need to shave all the fur.

You will use the straight shears on trimming the chin of your giant schnauzer. 

While curved scissors are mostly used on top knots and on areas where you want to leave a circular finish. It is mostly used on legs.

If you are an expert in hair cutting, you may disregard the use of curved scissors and thinning shears. Because straight shears can do a job-well-done. 

And both fine-tooth comb and slicker brush are needed to complete the task. 

Fine tooth comb is to remove tangles and slicker brush is to expose the hidden furs.

In shaving, always start from the ears, passing through the body, down to the legs, and back to the face. 

Shave all the excess hair that you want to remove from your furbaby. 

But if you want your pet to have patterns, make sure to leave the fur on the pattern areas unshaved.

These patterns will show off the well-built body of your pet. 


How to Trim the Giant Schnauzer’s Eyebrows

For trimming the Giant Schnauzer’s eyebrows, you will need just scissors and a comb. 

First, you have to comb the giant schnauzer’s eyebrows. It’s quite a sensitive area, so be careful when trimming this part of your pup’s face.

Using your hand, pull out the eyebrows towards you and keep your hand still. In that position, you can begin trimming your pet’s eyebrows with scissors. 

You can choose any length you want, just make sure that it is of the same length as the other eyebrows. This is to maintain a style and comfort for your pet. 

If you want to cut your dog’s eyebrows short and circular, you may use curved scissors to create a round shape.

Make sure that you are holding the scissors where the tip is pointing away from its face and eyes.

Read everything about how to cut a Schnauzer’s eyebrows.


How Do You Trim a Giant Schnauzer’s Facial Hair

Comb out the hair of your giant schnauzer with the use of a brush or a comb. It will also remove the tangle from their fur. 

The best part of the face to start trimming is on its chin. 

Pull the chin’s hair down gently and begin trimming with the use of straight shears. 

Make sure that you are holding the scissors where the tip is pointing away from its face and eyes.


Additional Grooming Tips For Giant Schnauzers

Some giant schnauzers, no matter how well-trained they are, are not cooperative or afraid of grooming. 

Giving them treats will make them calmer. With this trick, you can proceed with grooming your giant schnauzer without inducing trauma to it.

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