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Can You Ride A Cow? The Best Answer’s Here!

Can You Ride A Cow? The Best Answer’s Here!

Cows, cattle, or bos taurus consists of several hundred breeds according to the University of Winsconsin.

Cows have been a steady source of food for humans ever since. In some countries, people also rely on cows to complete work in the field.

But is it also possible to ride a cow? Can we ride them the same way we do with horses?


Can You Ride a Cow?

You can ride a cow. Riding a cow is possible, but only if the animal has been properly trained first. Otherwise, the experience of riding the cow could be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Certain breeds of cows can handle riding better compared to others. The Taurine and Zebu breeds are specific breeds that are suitable for riding.

Can You Ride A Cow?

Can You Ride A Cow?


Is Riding a Cow Safe?

Cow riding isn’t exactly a common hobby. Because of that, you may be unaware if that kind of hobby is considered safe.

Whether or not riding a cow is safe depends on certain factors.

First off, you must be certain that a cow has been properly trained before you attempt to ride one.

Cows are not used to carrying people so they may be startled if you try to hitch a ride.

In response, the cow may thrash around in an attempt to fling you off of its back. You could end up injured if that happens.

Riding a cow can also be dangerous if the animal in question has horns.

Those horns may accidentally scratch you as you try to position yourself on top of the cow.

Watch out for those horns if you do decide that you want to experience what riding a cow is like.

Watch Out For Cow`s Horns

Watch Out For Cow`s Horns

What Are the Pros of Riding Cows?

Are there reasons why you should prefer riding a cow over an animal such as a horse? There are indeed and we have listed them below.


Cows Provide More Riding Room

Compare the body of a cow to a horse and you’ll note that the former has a wider frame. That wider frame may help ride purposes.

Since a cow has a larger frame, you have more area to work with during your ride.

You don’t have to worry as much about falling off because you can easily stabilize yourself on top of the cow’s back.

Cow Has A Wider Frame Helpful For Riding Purposes

Cow Has A Wider Frame Helpful For Riding Purposes


Cows Are Hardy Animals

Cows are tough animals. Small scratches are not enough to keep them from moving.

If you are trying to cross rocky terrain, a cow may be better equipped to handle it compared to a horse.

Cow Is Equipped To Cross Rocky Terrain

Cow Is Equipped To Cross Rocky Terrain


Cows Are Not Prone to Panicking

One more reason why you may be interested in riding a cow is because of that animal’s general demeanor.

Cows are not easily rattled by environmental hazards that they may encounter along a path. They won’t run away and leave you behind.


What Are the Cons of Riding Cows?

Unsurprisingly, there are also downsides to riding cows. Let’s go through those disadvantages in the following section.


Cows May Get Tired Quickly if You Are Riding Them

As we mentioned earlier, giving rides is simply not something cows are used to. Because of that, they may get tired quickly if you ride them all the time.

If you don’t want your cow getting worn down, then you should probably avoid riding it.

Cow Getting Worn Down

Cow Getting Worn Down


Cows Do Not Handle Water Well

You should avoid any bodies of water while you’re riding a cow. Cows are simply not going to cross that body of water.

Unless you want to end up stranded with a cow that won’t move, you should map out a riding route ahead of time that features no bodies of water.

Cows Do Not Handle Water Well

Cows Do Not Handle Water Well


Cows Take a Long Time to Train for Riding

One more reason why you may want to reconsider the idea of riding a cow is due to the time commitment it requires.

Getting a cow used to ride takes a long time. You’ll have to train your cow consistently over several months just for basic riding.

Whether or not investing that much time in training is worth it is your call.


Are There Specific Breeds of Cows That Are More Suited for Riding?

Since training your cow for riding can take a long time, you may be wondering if certain breeds pick up on that faster.

There are indeed specific breeds of cows that are more used to giving rides. Those are the Taurine and Zebu breeds.

Both Taurine and Zebu cows are famous for being hardy. That makes them ideal for riding.

According to The Cattle Site, Zebu cows also handle warm temperatures very well. A Zebu cow may not mind having you on its back as much as other cows would.

All that said, you still cannot bypass training even if you are riding a Taurine or a Zebu cow.

Bypassing training increases the risk that something could go wrong if you try to ride that animal. Hence, reduce that risk by going through training first.

Zebu Cow

Zebu Cow


How Do You Train Cows for Riding?

Ideally, you want to start training a cow for riding while it is still a calf. That way, you can grow closer to it faster and it may be open to taking on different tasks.

As for the actual training, you need to get the calf used to human contact.

Pet it constantly. You can also try pushing on its back from time to time so it gets used to the force being exerted on that part of its body.

Heap praise on your cow whenever it responds well to human contact.

Continue nurturing your bond with the cow until it becomes comfortable with you. When that time comes, you can try climbing on its back.

Use a halter while riding the cow so you can direct its movement. From there, you just have to continue training the cow until it gets used to giving rides.

Go on rides consistently so the cow won’t mind them.

Start Training A Cow For Riding While It Is Still A Calf

Start Training A Cow For Riding While It Is Still A Calf


Frequently Asked Questions about Can You Ride a Cow?


1. Can You Ride a Dairy Cow?

No, riding a dairy cow is not recommended because it may lack the strength to support your weight. If you want to ride a cow, make sure you choose a hardy breed.


2. Can Cow Get Injured from Riding?

Yes, cows are susceptible to injuries from riding. Their hooves, in particular, can wear down faster due to frequent riding. Be mindful of that if you decide that you want to train your cow for that purpose.


Conclusion About Can You Ride A Cow

Riding a cow is possible, but it’s not necessarily practical. If you’re looking for an animal to ride on your farm, you will still be better off with a horse.