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Where to Buy Isopods? Here!

Where to Buy Isopods? Here!

Isopods are creatures that are closely related to crustaceans. There are around 10,000 different types of isopods that can be found on both land and in aquatic environments.

As they are not aggressive and are an interesting type of species, they have become popular pets. Isopods, both terrestrial and aquatic, are easy to care for.


Where to Buy Isopods?

You can purchase isopods online at Amazon and Ward’s Scienc or in pet stores such as Petco. You can buy both terrestrial and aquatic isopods online. Before purchasing, be sure to do your research, as some online sites do not offer guarantees that the isopods will arrive alive.


Where to Purchase Terrestrial Isopods

Terrestrial isopods can be purchased either online or at pet stores that sell reptiles and amphibians.

When ordering them online, be sure to pick a reputable retailer, read reviews and from past purchasers. Ask if the seller has a guarantee in place if your isopods arrive dead.

Depending on what online retailer you purchase terrestrial isopods from and what species you select, you can expect to receive anywhere from five to one hundred isopods in one order.

Terrestrial isopods are social creatures. To have thriving isopods, having several will promote their well-being.

When purchasing isopods in pet stores, you will likely have less variety to select from. They typically come in groups of ten.


Where to Purchase Aquatic Isopods

One of the best methods of purchasing aquatic isopods is from online retailers. While aquatic isopods are rising in popularity as an addition to any aquarium, they can still be hard to find at your local pet or aquarium store.

Purchasing aquatic isopods online also provides you with a greater variety when it comes to species.

One thing to keep in mind when you are purchasing any species that is alive is the reputation of the company. Do not just randomly pick the first company that you come across.

Taking time to research reviews and any policies regarding replacement shipments is important. Many companies will provide you with new isopods in the unfortunate event that yours arrive dead.


Online Isopod Retailers

When it comes to buying isopods online, there is a range of options.

Large online retailers, such as Amazon, have a large selection of terrestrial isopods to select from. These isopods come in batches between ten and a hundred.

Predominantly aimed at those who are looking to pick up isopods to add to bioactive terrariums.

Amazon has a selection of live roly-polies. These come in a range of calories that include black, blue, white, and zebra-striped roly-polies.

You can purchase Porcellio Puinosus, or powder blue, isopods. These isopods reproduce quickly, making them ideal to jump-start a strong isopod community.

If you’re raring for larger isopod species, Amazon sells Dairy Cow isopod in both orange and white.

Dairy Cow isopods are the more aggressive species of terrestrial isopods. While they can live with other species, it is best to have the Dairy Cow isopod be the only variety in your terrarium.

You can take a look at other isopod varieties that are best to place inside your vivarium if you want plenty of options.

Amazon also sells live aquatic freshwater isopods. They come in batches of ten.

Another popular website for purchasing aquatic isopods is Carolina. They sell mixed freshwater isopods.

You can select how many aquatic isopods that you would like to purchase.

Ward’s Science has both aquatic and terrestrial isopods. You can order a mixed terrestrial pack that includes both pill bugs and sow isopods.

They also offer sow isopods separately. When it comes to their aquatic isopods, they offer freshwater isopods.


Purchasing Isopods In-Store

You can find isopods for purchase in retail pet store chains across the nation. 

Petco sells isopod cultures The benefit of purchasing through Petco is that they can be purchased in-store, or shipped to certain locations.

While they do not have as large of a selection as Amazon, they do offer isopod cultures that include the species Porcellionides Pruinosus or powder orange, Spring Tail & Isopod, Trichorhina Tomentosa, and Spring Tail and isopod cultures.

If you do not want to go to a larger retailer, it depends on your location.

Many local home and garden stores or aquarium sand reptile outlets offer isopods. These can come in both terrestrial and aquatic species of isopods.


Frequently Asked Questions About Where To Buy Isopods


Is it better to buy isopods online or in-store?

I find that purchasing isopods online gives you greater flexibility when it comes to selecting the species of isopod that you would like. Especially with aquatic isopods, pet stores often do not have a large variety of these. Going through an online retailer gives you greater flexibility.


Are isopods expensive to purchase?

The cost of isopods varies depending on the species that you are looking to purchase. Isopods that come with a sort of camouflage coloring are more expensive. This is because they are far rarer. Aquatic isopods can also be expensive due to them being less common than terrestrial isopods as pets.


Why do isopods come in large quantities?

Isopods are social creatures and thrive on being in a larger community. They can also create a more established community that can effectively keep terrariums clean.


In Conclusion

Isopods make for interesting pets that are very simple to care for.

They can also be beneficial when placed with other species, such as in an aquatic environment, because they eat decomposing organic material, thus helping keep your tank clean.

Isopods can be purchased at pet stores and through online retailers.

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