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Can Isopods Breathe Underwater?

Isopods are marine and terrestrial insects that include woodlice and their relative insects.  Currently, it is believed that they have more than 1000 known species that make them the most diverse insect globally.  In these 1000 species of isopods, around 4500 are found in marine and seawater, 500 are best raised in freshwater, while 5000 …

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Can Isopods Climb?

The word “Isopod” is derived from two Greek words, “Iso” meaning “similar or equal” while “pod” means “foot.”  Isopods are a vast and varied crustacean order. They are found all over the world in a variety of marine, terrestrial, and freshwater habitats.  According to scientists, more than 10,000 isopod species are marine. The species can …

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Can Isopods Crossbreed? Yes, No?

Isopods, also known as pillbugs or woodlice, are common insects with over 1000 known species globally.  Lately, they have been successful in making the breeding culture worldwide for various obvious reasons.  However, there are mainly two reasons why people are raising and breeding this insect in their home lawns and backyards. Find out about these …

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Can Isopods Eat Apples? Let’s See!

The isopods collectively belong to various feeding niches, including detritivores, browsers, carnivores, parasites, and filter feeders, including predators and scavengers.  But, are you curious as to what kinds of food these little creatures can eat? What more, can isopods eat apples as well? If you’re too curious to find out, then better continue reading below. …

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Can Isopods See Color?

The small bug-like creatures that are found in almost any moist or dry habitat belong to the groups of crustaceans called isopods.  These are the animals that have jointed appendages and hard exoskeletons.  A few examples are crabs, lobsters, insects, and spiders. Their exoskeleton is made up of overlapping plates. Isopods have a flattened ventral …

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