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How Smart Are Rabbits? Hmmm…

How Smart Are Rabbits? Hmmm…

Not only are rabbits cute and quick on their feet, but they are also highly intelligent animals.

They are just as smart, if not smarter, than a dog or cat.

As an animal lover, I have owned a few rabbits and other domestic pets and personally found their level of intelligence to be astounding.

For the rest of this blog post, we will examine just how smart rabbits really are prepared to be amazed.


How Smart are Rabbits?

All rabbits can address a problematic situation and develop a solution. They can see cues and react appropriately. Rabbits can even memorize certain things. Domesticated rabbits can adapt to their owner’s schedule and be trained to follow commands. Wild rabbits have a strong survival intelligence, making them just as smart as domesticated rabbits.


Rabbit Breeds and Intelligence

I was curious, so I started searching to see if specific breeds were more intelligent than others. And, I think I’ve got the smartest rabbit in the entire world.

What I found was that all rabbits are created equally. Some are quicker at picking up on things than others, but they all have the ability to learn and even obey.

So not only are rabbits adorable, cuddly, and loveable, they are super smart.

However, just because a rabbit is smart, it doesn’t mean they will bring you your slippers when you get home from work.

Unless, of course, you train them!


A Domesticated Rabbit’s Level Of Intelligence

Domesticated rabbits have a good life. Their food, shelter, water, and entertainment are provided for them.

I didn’t realize how smart my rabbit was until I started taking night shifts. I would notice when I woke up my rabbit would be in her bed next to mine.

Usually, she would be playing and wreaking havoc throughout the house.

At first, I think too much about it. Then I noticed that her toys were spread all over the floor one morning as if she had been playing all night.

So I headed to bed, and she followed! After that, I realized she had indeed adjusted her schedule to mine!


Wild Rabbit’s Intelligence

Wild rabbits are just as smart as domesticated rabbits but in a vastly different way. They must find food, water, shelter, etc.

They also must be able to escape predators and use their critical thinking skills to perform all these tasks, making them just as smart.


Training a Rabbit

I did train my rabbit and what I found was they have amazing was she could recognize a problem and come up with a solution.

Training her was a little challenging at times. She already had a well-developed personality. She was three years old at the time.

Therefore, she already had her way of doing things and her own habits. Some of which were easy to change and break, others were not.

Had I started training as a baby, it would have been a lot easier.


Litter Box Training

Training my rabbit to use a little box was easier than I had thought it would be.

First, I got a litter box put in a semi-enclosed area, but the litter in the box then put hay on top.

Then I put my rabbit in the box. She isn’t Einstein, so it took her a little time to figure out what she was supposed to do in the box.

It took about six to seven days of sitting her in the box, and she finally understood.

It’s now breezier to clean up after her now. A simple scoop, just like with a cat, and you’re done.

Then, when she needs to go, she just goes.

I have been told that some rabbits take a few weeks to litter box train and others flat out refuse to use the box.

It’s not about intelligence anymore. It now bordering on the stubbornness line.


Basic Training

You can teach a rabbit its name and approach you when called. They can also be taught other voice commands like hop or come – much like teaching a dog to sit.

In order to be successful in training your rabbit, it should be done in a quiet place with just the two of you.

However, if your bunny trusts you and you speak to her kindly and treat her gently, the training will go smoothly.

Not every rabbit will be able to learn everything they are capable of, so you must have a lot of patience and treats!


Tools to Train Rabbits

There are several toys on the market that can be used to train a rabbit.

These training toys are geared more towards voice commands and analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

If you want to teach your bunny to fetch, there is a carrot toy made out of wood that rabbits love to nibble on, and it has a bell inside to help stimulate them and allow them to use their critical thinking skills to find the bell.

A snack tray is another great toy for a rabbit. It has between four and eight holes that have easy slip-off lids covering them.

Put a treat under one or two lids and let the rabbit find the treat, then put the treat back under the same lid and see if they remember where it is great for their memory.

You will easily find several training toys for your domesticated rabbit at any store that sells pet products, and they are definitely worth the price to keep your rabbit’s mind churning and keep them from getting bored.

Using toys that allow the rabbit to chew is also beneficial to their wellbeing. Rabbit’s teeth grow long, and they need to keep them trimmed.

Toys that allow them to chew helps keep the teeth trimmed. Plus, it is much better than having them trim their teeth on your wooden baseboards or furniture.


Rabbit Or Dog: Who Is Easier To Train

While rabbits are smart and trainable, dogs are smarter and easier to train.

However, experts are not sure why it is easier to train a dog than a rabbit, perhaps because dogs are smarter than rabbits even though they have the same ability to learn.


Frequently Asked Questions About How Smart Rabbits Are


How do I keep my rabbit from chewing on the wood in my house?

Provide your bunny with plenty of chew tools. This will help them keep their teeth from overgrowing, causing them problems and preventing them from chewing your wooden furniture.


How much exercise does my rabbit need?

A rabbit needs as much exercise as it can get each day. So you can purchase an enclosure and put your bunny in it and let them run around and play both inside and outside. They will enjoy the nice fresh air from being outside.



Rabbits are highly intelligent pets and can be trained to do several things. All it takes is a little patience, time, and, of course, some treats!