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How to Save a Bunny from Dying? See These Steps!

How to Save a Bunny from Dying? See These Steps!

Whether domestic or wild, there are few things more distressing for humans than encountering a dying bunny.

Bunnies, like many animals, can die from illnesses, predator attacks, or lack of nourishment.

Therefore, understanding how to save a bunny from dying means knowing precisely what is wrong with it.

Diagnosis will depend heavily on if the bunny is wild or purchased from a pet store.

It’s best to seek advice from a reputable wildlife rehabilitator or a veterinarian as soon as you come across an ailing bunny.


How to Save a Bunny from Dying?

If your bunny is domesticated, make it as comfortable as possible and contact your veterinarian. In the case of wild bunnies, it’s often best to leave them until their mother comes back. When you can’t locate the mother, wildlife rehabilitation should step in.


Saving a Domestic Bunny from Dying

When your ordinarily happy bunny stops acting like himself, you might immediately assume the worst.

However, there are a few behavioral changes to look out for when it comes to knowing if your bunny is dying or not.

Typically, a dying domestic bunny will stop eating and drinking, remain limp without reactions to stimuli, and make groaning noises or tiny squeaks.

This downturn is incredibly distressing to watch, so don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian.

Uneducated interference could very likely add additional stress to your bunny’s situation, so make him as comfortable as possible until you can get him help.

Your vet will provide a proper diagnosis and give you the information you need to help your bunny recover.

In the meantime, offer comfort, but don’t force your bunny to get up, eat, or drink.

Only professionals will know how to save a bunny from dying, so take action in the form of garnering assistance.


Saving a Wild Bunny from Dying

How to save a bunny from dying in the wild is an entirely different situation from a domestic bunny.

When we come across bunnies in the wild, we mustn’t assume that the bunny or bunnies have been abandoned and left to fend for themselves.

Mama bunnies are typically never very far from their young.

They feed their babies a couple of times each day, but they rarely remain in the nest for very long to avoid attracting predators.

So often, well-meaning humans will take bunnies from their nests under the assumption that they need rescuing.

Mama is always keeping a watchful eye and doing what is best for them by staying away.

Of course, you sometimes come across a bunny that needs your help.

These instances can be challenging to recognize but typically involve the death of a mother rabbit (that you’ll need to confirm) and an orphaned bunny.

In this case, you’ll want to contact local wildlife professionals right away.

Depending on its age, an orphaned bunny won’t last long without a source of food and protection. Wildlife rehabilitators can step in and help.

If you’ve confirmed that the mother rabbit is no longer around and the time is outside of the hours where you can contact an expert, you may gently collect the bunny (or bunnies) and keep him warm in a blanket if the weather calls for it.

If it’s warm, leave him in his nest and feel free to keep a watchful eye. Wait for further instructions from wildlife control.

You can bring an ailing wild bunny into a 24-hour emergency vet clinic, but you’ll have to call them beforehand to let them know what to expect.

They may give you instructions regarding keeping the bunny alive and well through the night before handing him over to a rehab facility.


Always Consult a Professional

In all cases concerning saving a bunny from dying, it is crucial to contact a professional instead of the well-intentioned advice of the internet.

Bunnies will have a better chance of surviving in expert hands with access to the proper tools and knowledge to keep them alive, healthy, and eventually thriving.


Frequently Asked Questions About How to Save a Bunny from Dying


How do I save a wild bunny from dying?

Contact the proper authorities immediately. Moving an injured or sick bunny can do more damage than good. Watch over the bunny until help arrives, and if you must move him, do so gently and with care.


How can I tell if a bunny has been orphaned?

It’s difficult to tell if a bunny has been orphaned, as their mothers don’t spend much time in the nest. If you haven’t seen mama for a long while or can verify that she has been killed, the bunny is likely an orphan.


How can I save my pet bunny from dying?

Call your vet the moment you see behavioral changes in your bunny. Your vet will perform a complete physical check-up and guide you through the following steps.


Saving a Bunny from Dying

For your domestic bunny, top-notch care and preventative vet visits will guarantee him a long life, save for any illnesses that could pop up.

Wild bunnies are a bit more complex, so you must bring professionals onto the scene.

It is possible to save a bunny from dying in either situation as long as you act promptly and logically.