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Why Do Cats Lay on Your Clothes? 3 Fun Reasons

Why Do Cats Lay on Your Clothes? 3 Fun Reasons

You’ve probably found that your cats enjoy laundry day a whole lot more than you do.

Or that their favorite place to sleep is the discarded pile of clothes that hasn’t quite made it to the hamper yet or a cupboard that was forgotten open.

What cat owner doesn’t know the feeling of leaving home covered in cat hair?

Aside from the fact that clothing makes a soft and comfortable cat bed, there are some natural and charming reasons why cats lay on our clothes.


Why do cats lay on your clothes?

One reason why cats lay on their owner’s clothes is that they retain their owner’s scent. This provides a cat with comfort while it rests. The scents humans pick up on their clothes also offer clues about where they have been, which may interest a kitty companion. Cats sometimes do this out of territoriality, marking said garments as their property.


Why Cats Like Lying On My Clothes

One of the main reasons cats like to lie on their owner’s clothes is the scent that humans leave behind.

In comparison to people, cats have an incredible sense of smell, and just like they recognize their owners by the sound and tone of their voices, they also identify them by scent.

The clothes humans wear pick up these scents and retain them, especially in the case of garments that belong in the wash.

There is little anyone can do to hide their smell from a cat, especially one that shares a close bond with their human.

Indeed, as much as cats may be full of nonsense, lying on our clothing is a way of showing us that they miss or care for us.

It is said that when a cat lays on its owner’s clothes, it feels secure and safe. This feeling of calm allows a feline to relax and rest peacefully, safely snuggled in the clothing of someone it loves.

In addition to this, clothing and worn laundry give cats information about where their owner has been, and as we all know, felines are innately curious.

Scents from work, shops, or cars may adhere to clothing and interest a cat. The smell of other animals, too, may let a cat know what its owner has been up to.

Any new scent will catch the attention of a cat. Clothing just happens to be one of the most significant carriers of smell.

Artificial smells, like perfume or laundry detergent, may confuse a cat, but they will still be able to make out their owner’s scent.

The more time one spends wearing specific clothing items, the more likely identifying smells are to stick to them.


Cat Laying On My Clothes And Marking Its Territory

Cats are notorious for their desire to claim ownership over things, whether a sunny spot in the window, a specific chair in the living room, or a pile of dirty laundry.

The reason comes from the fact that cats are territorial.

Felines give off their own scents, too, so they mark their owner’s clothes as their own by laying on them.

Mixing their scents with the scents of their owner is also a way for cats to show closeness to their human and bond with them, as strange as that may seem.


Other Reasons Cats Lay On Clothes

The most apparent reasons cats like to lie on piles of clothes are because they are warm and comfortable, especially if they are fresh out of the dryer.

Garments are easy to move and rearrange, so cats can make sleeping nests out of them.

If a kitty starts needing clothes, it’s a sign that they feel secure and safe. This is a habit cats learn at a young age while still drinking from their mothers.

Repeating this action in maturity is a testament to feeling content and shows that a cat trusts its owner.


Why Cats Start Peeing On My Laundry

When cats start urinating in unusual places, the first step to take is to rule out a medical problem with a trip to the vet.

Kidney stones, diabetes, bladder infections, and inflammation may cause painful urination in a cat.

Peeing on clothing indicates that it is looking for a more comfortable spot to go to the bathroom.

Behavioral issues could be another reason for urinating on clothing. Some cats spray to mark their territory.

This is especially prevalent in unneutered male cats. They may also choose to pee on clothing because something in the environment around their litter box is scaring or intimidating them.

Then again, it can be as simple as a cat not liking their litter.

Felines are texture- and scent-orientated, so try swapping out litter for other brands or consistencies.


Frequently Asked Questions About Why Cats Lay on Your Clothes


Why does my cat like to sleep in my cupboard?

In addition to loving you and, by default, your clothes, cats may choose to sleep in cupboards because they have safe, sturdy walls, they are dark, and they block out sound. For example, my cat sleeps in my whenever thunderstorms come.


What should I do to remove cat hair from my clothes?

Your first choice here would be a lint roller, but in the absence of one, you can use a damp, well-wrung cloth (like a dishcloth) and rub it over your clothes in one direction. Adding half a cup of white vinegar to your wash cycle will also aid in removing unwanted pet hair from your clothing.


How can I persuade my kitty pal to use its litterbox?

Ensure a cat’s litterbox is always clean and situated in a quiet but accessible area. Find a litter that your cat likes and make sure that older kitties can climb into the box comfortably. If your feline’s urinating in areas other than its litterbox, visit the vet to rule out medical conditions.



Some may argue that cats are not good at communicating their feelings, but I beg to differ.

They may have mysterious ways of showing it, but felines are actually incredibly good at telling us how they are and what they are feeling.

Sleeping on our clothes is just another positive way of our cats showing us that they love us too.