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Why Are Huskies Stubborn? Find Out Here!

Why Are Huskies Stubborn? Find Out Here!

Siberian huskies have gotten the reputation of being stubborn, making them especially difficult to train.

Huskies are not deliberately trying to be stubborn.

They just do not need to please people in the way that some other dog breeds like Labrador retrievers do.



Why Are Huskies Stubborn?

Though huskies are self-reliant by nature, they can become stubborn if they’re not trained to listen to commands. It’s possible they’re bored from not receiving any physical activities for the day. Otherwise, Huskies might be not feeling well enough to obey what you’re asking them to do.


It Is Possible to Train a Stubborn Husky

Even Siberian husky rescue organizations like the Husky Education and Rescue Team admit that huskies can be stubborn because they have been bred to be self-reliant and not depend entirely on humans for everything.

They are opportunistic and easily bored. Here are some tips on training Siberian huskies:

  • Consider neutering your husky.
  • Use plenty of rewards to positively reinforce what you want your husky to do
  • Huskies need plenty of exercise to keep them out of mischief. Remember, tired huskies are good huskies.
  • Consider clicker training
  • Keep training sessions short.
  • Always keep your husky’s training a positive experience.
  • If a husky suddenly starts disobeying more than usual or having potty accidents in the house after previously not having accidents, they could be sick or injured. Take the pup to a veterinarian for a consult.


What Clicker Training Is

In clicker training, you pair a sound with a treat. It’s important to give a treat as soon as the dog does something you want him or her to do so the dog can pair the action with the click.

Check out a book on clicker training to get the idea before you start.

Click and then give a treat. Do this several times so the husky knows that when there is a click, a treat appears.

Then you can start asking the husky to do something else, like sit, in order to get that click.

Think about what your Husky needs to perform to do a certain task or trick.

For example, if you want the dog to high-five you, place a treat in your hand and touch the dog’s paw.

Click and treat. Lift your hand a little higher off of the paw next time.

Each husky and husky owner learns at their own pace.

It will take time for you to learn just how best to communicate to your husky just what you want him or her to do. Be patient with your husky and yourself.

Although it may seem as if your husky is reading your mind at times, this is not true.

Huskies can understand some words if repeated often enough. Training a husky is similar to someone trying to teach you a task, but talks in another language.


About Using Treats in Training Huskies

Treats need to be small, about the size of a piece of your husky’s kibble. You don’t want to overfeed your husky in the end, right?

Getting many small rewards rather than one big reward keeps a husky more interested in the training session.

Good treats for everyday training include commercial dog training treats, some of the dog’s usual kibble, baby carrots, and tiny pieces of freeze-dried liver.

For a really special reward, use cubed cheese or small pieces of cooked meat. Only feed those occasionally, since they are messy and are full of calories.

Huskies might lose their appetites during a training session.

Use playtime with a favorite toy as a reward to keep the husky interested in the session. Praise with your voice and pet for rewards, too.


Training Sessions for Huskies

Sessions of about ten minutes are good enough to start with because you can get the husky interested in what you want them to do, but not long enough to bore them.

Clicker training helps quicken the training process.

Always end a training session by asking the husky to do something you know the dog knows how to do. This not only gives the dog positive reinforcement but also gives yourself one.

You want to make both yourself and your beloved husky feel excited about the upcoming training sesh.


Why Huskies Need Neutering

The mating instinct is so strong in dogs that they will pay far more attention to finding a mate than in any training session.

Neutering makes dogs more interested in what you are doing. They also become more puppy-like in that they look to others (namely, you) for leadership.

Neutering helps keep your husky healthy. Huskies will fight other dogs over mates.

They also can get hit by cars while looking for mates. Neutering greatly reduces their urge to escape and get into serious trouble.


Frequently Asked Questions about Huskies


Why Are Walks So Important for Huskies?

Huskies are bred to run for miles each day while yanking sleds. They need to move so they can burn off their energies. Young huskies should be walked at least twice a day or they will have too much energy to be able to concentrate on any training session.


What if My Husky Suddenly Starts Having Accidents in the House?

The husky is not being stubborn. Sudden potty accidents usually mean there is a medical condition making it too painful to go outside or making the dog incontinent. Take the husky for a vet check.


What if My Obedient Husky Suddenly Stops Obeying?

This also could be a medical problem needing a vet’s intervention. Arthritis or itchy skin from allergies can make it too painful to move about or pay much attention to anything other than how bad he or she feels.



Why are huskies stubborn?

It’s because they don’t feel obliged to please people to the degree to which other dog breeds do.

It’s your job to make it worth your husky’s while to please you by using positive reinforcement and plenty of patience.