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How Do Huskies Play? — Wow!

How Do Huskies Play? — Wow!

Huskies are known to be a working dog breed that is highly energetic, athletic, and playful. 

And while these characteristics come in handy when they are used as sled dogs, sometimes the Huskies’ sudden bursts of energy can be a little too much to handle especially for new Husky owners

Huskies are bouncy, jumpy, and silly whenever they are inviting another dog to play with. 

However, other pet owners may misconceive Huskies as a large aggressive dog that is dangerously jumping, wrestling, and chasing their pet.

For this article, we will dive into the way Huskies play and learn how to tell if the dogs are fighting or playing.


How Do Huskies Play

Huskies inviting you or other dogs to play would often bow, tumble, tackle, chase, and bump you to grab your attention. Also, huskies love to run and play fight with other dogs.


How to know if Huskies are fighting or playing

Huskies are considered to be rough players that would tackle, bite, and jump on other dogs as their way of playing. 

And while experienced Husky owners would know this, other pet owners might be worried when they see their dog getting wrestled and carelessly tackled by a large Husky.

While this is a reasonable cause of concern, Husky owners need to explain and identify the indications when a Husky is playing around and when it is squaring up for a brawl.

Some of the signs that your Husky is playing and fooling around is that it has a perked-up tail, pinned ears, growling, and showing teeth. 

Huskies wanting to play will often be bouncy, vocal, as well as move exaggeratedly. 

They would also snarl, growl, bark, and show teeth but only in a playful manner.

Although this may be confused as signs of aggression, there are other signs that the dogs are fighting that you can keep an eye on. 

Generally, dogs who are stressed, scared, and tensed would typically have a tucked tail, a stiff body, and slow movements.

The dogs would also snarl and make deep gnarling sounds like a warning to each other.

The easiest way to spot whether the Huskies are fighting or playing with each other is to observe their interaction. 

Dogs that are playing and enjoying each other’s company would take turns play-fighting and would also voluntarily expose themselves in a vulnerable position as a sign of trust.

On the other hand, dogs who are not into playing would show visible signs of aggression. 

This includes raised hackles, tensed body, closed mouth, curled lip, slow and precise movements, and low snarls. 

The dog who is trying to get away from the other would often move carefully with a tucked tail behind its back.


Different Games to Play With Your Husky

While dogs would often want to play with other dogs as a form of social interaction, there are ways that you could play with your Husky too. 

As mentioned earlier, Huskies like to play rough and to run fast and far to stretch their sled dog legs. 

To make sure that your Husky is having fun while playing, here are some games that you can play with your dog:



Playing fetch is a relatively simple game that will allow your Husky to run to catch a ball, frisbee, or stick. 

Aside from that, playing fetch also stimulates their hunting instincts as they strive to chase and catch a fast-moving item.

To keep your Husky entertained while playing fetch, try to mix it up by commanding your dog to sit and stay as you move to throw the ball farther. 

This will allow the Husky to run farther as well as search to find the ball to bring back to you.


Hide and Seek

Playing hide and seek with your dog can be a mentally and physically stimulating activity for your Husky.  

For this activity, you would have to command your dog to stay as you find yourself a good place to hide in.

Once in place, simply call out to your Husky to let them know that they can start looking for you. 

You can start by hiding in a location that is easy to locate and gradually increase the difficulty as you go on to keep your Husky interested. 

You can also use a treat or a toy as an alternative for a hiding and seeking activity that you can do comfortably in your house.


Frequently Asked Questions About How Huskies Play


Do Huskies play rough?

Huskies are known to be energetic and active dog breeds. This translates into playtime where Huskies are considered rough players who would bump, tackle, chase, bow, and jump on other dogs as an invitation to play. However, it is still important to take careful consideration when letting your Husky play with other dogs and smaller dog breeds to make sure that there wouldn’t be any tension or harm caused while rough playing.


Do Huskies bite?

Dogs, especially pups, are likely to bite during playtime as their hunting instincts are triggered. Huskies ages 3 to 6 months are likely to gnaw, chew, and bite as they are losing deciduous teeth and growing adult teeth. However, you can train your Husky pups not to bite so that they will learn to stop biting or simply gnaw or chew on a toy or bone instead.



Huskies can be a little too excited when they are playing. 

Not only that, but some people may also deem that Huskies look too aggressive for other dogs to play and be with. 

While Huskies would jump, bounce, and chase other dogs, this is only a sign that they are happy and are looking for someone to play with. 

Husky owners need to know how Huskies play exactly and differentiate when playing comes a little too close to be fighting so that the dogs can be looked after as needed.