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Why do Huskies Howl When Babies Cry? Why Indeed?

Why do Huskies Howl When Babies Cry? Why Indeed?

Dogs are loyal, friendly, hysterical creatures. They often exhibit behavior that we can’t quite understand but enjoy all the same.

But, among all dog breeds in this world, Huskies are a notoriously vocal breed.

They love to sing, howl, and yelp whenever they want to.

Huskies are always looking for a chance to sing, and many Husky owners wonder why do Huskies howl when babies cry.


Why do Huskies Howl When Babies Cry?

Huskies that howl when babies cry are likely to alert their owners to a loud noise that needs attention. If your Husky howls when your little one is wailing, it may also be a form of mimicking or an attempt at communication.


Establishing Why Huskies Howl When Babies Cry

Huskies are not the only dogs that howl when their household human baby bursts into tears.

Dogs of all breeds and sizes have been documented howling their hearts out when the baby of the house cries, leaving humans wondering what the deal is.

Experts have failed to agree on one specific reason why your Husky is howling when the baby cries, but they have settled on a few likely scenarios.


Understanding the Context

Without knowing precisely what is going on within each situation, it becomes difficult for dog behaviorists to assess the cause of the howling in videos like the ones we see on social media.

However, context is essential and gives insight into whether your Husky is trying to alert you to a loud noise by being more audible or “talking” back to your baby.


The Baby is “Howling”

Obviously, we know that this isn’t true. However, your dog thinks it’s a pretty good explanation for all the noise.

Your baby is a member of your pack, and so is your dog!

If your Husky always seems to want to join in when the baby starts crying, he might be expressing some pack loyalty.

The baby is “howling,” so the dog must howl as well!


Quieting the Baby

Dogs, especially Huskies, are highly receptive and intelligent. It doesn’t take long for Huskies to understand that one action leads to another.

Your Husky may be howling when the baby cries because he has learned that his howling quiets the baby or alerts you to the fact that the baby is crying.

Now, it’s likely that you heard your baby crying before your dog joined in the chorus.

However, your Husky doesn’t know that! He has correctly realized that his howling helps quiet the baby, either on his own or with your help!


Crying is Painful

Dogs, Huskies included, have sensitive ears. Their ears can pick up nearly twice as many frequencies as humans, and without a doubt, baby screams can be startling and unpleasant.

If your Husky pup bursts into song at the mere hint of a cry, he could hate the sound.

Howling will help him drown out the sound he hates and alert the humans around him so they can help stop the crying.

If this is the case, then make sure your Husky has a quiet place to call his own somewhere within your home.

Setting up a private place, especially when bringing home a new baby, will help your furbaby adjust.

This space will serve to extinguish any animosity and undesired behavior on behalf of your pup.


Getting Your Attention

Your Husky pup might be feeling a little slighted since your brought your newest pack member home.

When the baby is sleeping, spend quality time with your Husky pal. Go on walks, play a game of fetch, or do a bit of basic training.

Lack of attention could be why Huskies howl when babies cry, so be sure that your dog gets one-on-one time with you.

Remember, a bored dog is a poorly-behaved dog, so make sure he receives the mental and physical exercise he needs!


Frequently Asked Questions About Why Huskies Howl When Babies Cry 


Is it wrong for my Husky to howl when my baby cries?

It isn’t a bad thing for your Husky to howl when your baby cries, as in many cases, he’s probably acting as a four-legged alert system. However, if the howling gets excessive, you can train your dog to stop with the help of a professional or give him his own space away from the baby to decompress.


Why does my baby quiet down when my Husky howls?

If your baby quiets down when the dog howls, it could be because he’s startled, genuinely soothed by the noise, or likes the sound.


Is howling a sign of aggression?

Though howling creates a lot of noise, it is not a sign of aggression, but it can be a sign of distress. For this reason, it’s essential to know your dog’s body language and to have the ability to tell when he’s upset.


Understanding Canine Behavior

When you have a good grasp on canine behavior, you’ll likely be able to determine which of these reasons (or maybe one you’ve come up with on your own) accounts for why your Husky is howling when the baby cries.

Don’t let the howling alarm you, and by all means, post a cute video for the world to see.

In the meantime, take care to ensure that your dog is not uncomfortable, and enjoy the relationship that unfolds between your dog and baby!