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What Red Eye Tree Frogs Eat — Interesting Menu!

What Red Eye Tree Frogs Eat — Interesting Menu!

The red-eyed tree frog enjoys a variety of insects and other small food sources.

You can purchase the food in any pet store or pet food supplier if you don’t want to go out and capture their meals yourself.


What Red-Eyed Tree Frogs Eat

Red-eye tree frogs are insectivores and carnivores. They eat a variety of soft invertebrates with crickets being a favorite meal. They also eat grasshoppers, worms, moths, flies, and an assortment of other insects and soft-bodied invertebrates.


Red-Eyed Tree Frogs Foods



Crickets are the most common and easiest food source for red-eyed tree frogs. They are suitable for tree frogs at all phases of their development.

The nutrition will be delivered to the frogs via gut-loaded or powdered crickets. Cricket may be difficult to come by throughout the winter months.


Gut-loading Crickets

Gut-loading is the technique of giving nutritious items to your crickets before they are consumed by your frogs.

It is advised that you feed the crickets a combination of fresh green salad, diced carrots, and an assortment of vegetables, and a calcium supplement or a Vitamin D3 supplement.

Because red-eyed tree frogs don’t consume greens on their own, giving the crickets green vegetables before your frog eats them is a great method to get nutrients into your frog’s diet.


Breed Crickets

I recommend that you breed your own crickets to provide a constant supply of different sizes of cricket throughout the year.

Normally, the crickets I breed are clean and are bacteria-free. This ensures you have a healthy tree frogs food supply all the time.


Other Insects

Red-eyed tree frogs eat almost any living insect they’ll find.

Crickets can be supplemented by silkworms, mealworms, and wax worms.

To avoid digging into the substrate, place these worms in a feeding dish.

Curly flies, fruit flies, spiders, house flies, moths, hornworms, and grasshoppers are all eaten by red-eyed tree frogs and are high in protein and a good source of food.


Reptile Supplements For The Frogs’ Food

For healthy pets, your frogs require high-quality reptile vitamin supplements and mineral pills as food supplements.

I always encourage foods like crickets as well as other insects to be loaded with vitamin D3 or calcium on a regular basis before feeding, particularly for juveniles.

Once or twice a week, reptile multivitamin pills and calcium powders should be sprinkled on the insects that will be fed to the frogs.


Diet Supplementation

Adding multivitamins, calcium, and Vitamin D3 to your red-eyed tree frog’s food is a terrific way to help keep your pet frogs healthy.

Dusting your frog’s insects is one method to add vitamins into its diet.

Provide your crickets with a gentle spritz (mist) using a spray gun before feeding time.

Place the crickets or insects in a small bag and cover it with calcium powder. Shake the bag (gently) until the insects appear to be evenly coated.

Gut-loading crickets with calcium/multivitamin powder is another approach to get calcium into your frog’s diet.

Just scatter some powder on whatever you’re feeding your crickets (vegetables, salad, etc.) before giving them to your frog.


Water Source for Red Eyed Tree Frog

Red-eyed tree frogs require water to survive. A small dish of fresh filtered or spring water should always be available. Make absolutely sure there is no chlorine in the water.

Red-eyed tree frogs usually may not drink the water directly, preferring instead to bathe in clean water to rehydrate.

To minimize ammonia and bacteria buildup in the water, it should be changed every day. Set up a misting system, if possible, to keep the habitat and frogs at the proper humidity level.

Frogs will also consume the water that has gathered on the plants as a consequence of the misting.


Sample Feeding Schedule

  • Once a week, Herptivite is applied to crickets.
  • Crickets that have had a D3/ calcium/D3 dusting once a week.
  • Crickets that have not been dusted once a week.
  • I recommend dusting their insects at every feeding for juvenile tree frogs – they need lots of nutrients in their diets.


How Often to Feed My Red-Eyed Tree Frogs

Every 2 – 3 days, feed your adult tree frog roughly 5 to 6 foods.

Because juvenile frogs have a bigger appetite, they need to be fed every day.


Frequently Asked Questions about What Red Eye Tree Frogs Eat


How long do red-eyed tree frogs go without food?

You can go without feeding your frogs for up to five days if they have had a hearty meal prior to the prolonged “fast” – when you do feed them again, they will require 5 to 6 gut-loaded dusted crickets.


Can red-eye tree frogs drink tap water?

Tap water has chloramines and/or chlorine. Both are harmful to all amphibians-including your red-eyed tree frog and sometimes it can be fatal. You should always use filtered or spring water.


Do my red-eyed tree frogs need anything special in their habitat?

They don’t need anything special in their living space. However, if you use a lighting system with UVB bulbs, it will give your frogs all the vitamin D they need, allowing you to skip the supplement. You can always add trees and vines to make their home more realistic and allow them privacy when needed to help keep them healthy and happy.



Red-eye tree frogs are inexpensive and easy to care for.

They make great pets and can live up to 12 years when they are properly taken care of.