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How The Mixing of a Beagle and a Husky Looks Like – The Beaski!

For a loyal and good-natured dog, consider a crossbreed between a beagle and a husky.

While not a seemingly likely pairing, these two breeds make for an amazingly affectionate yet protective canine companion.

Talk to reputable breeders in your area to learn more about this delightful dog.

Thinking about mixing a beagle and a husky dog? Here is what you need to know!


How would the mixing of a beagle and a husky result look like?

Husky-Beagle mixes weigh between 40-60 pounds, standing around 20-24 inches tall. Some pups will have a thick, fluffy coat and many will have erect ears, like the Husky or the Beagle’s floppy ears. The breed’s eyes are usually blue or brown, though you could have a dog with one brown and one blue eye!


The Beaski Appearance

So, what does a Beagle Husky mix look like? Typically, these dogs weigh around 50 pounds and stand around 20-plus inches tall.

Their coats are usually shades of black, brown, tan, and cream- and they shed quite a lot.

The Beaski may have the large soulful eyes of a beagle, brown or amber, or they may have the blue or hazel eyes of the Husky.

You may even have a Beaski puppy that has one blue and one brown eye! This isn’t an uncommon trait for the Husky.

The Beaski may inherit the floppy Beagle ears, or they may have the erect ears better known to the Husky.

These specifics depend on lineage and puppies from the same litter may have dramatically different characteristics. These dogs are strong, with a long torso and thick legs typically.



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The Beaski Temperament

Want a loyal and affectionate canine? Consider the often overlooked Beagle Husky mix. This loving and playful cross breed combines the best of both dogs the Beagle and the Siberian Husky.

These dogs particularly love to be companion animals and bond with their humans.

The Beagle aspects of your Beaski are friendly and easy-going this may be why Beagles are one of if not — the most popular dog breeds in this country.

Huskies are playful and intelligent, though often get a bad rap due to their size and protective nature.

When you combine these two breeds, the result is a fiercely loyal dog who will love nothing more than playing with its humans!

Since these are two very intelligent breeds, training a Beaski is a pleasure. They respond well to obedience training and commands.

Plus, they have fun doing it! These dogs make wonderful watchdogs with the right training, as they are alert and observant canines.

Since these dogs are energetic, it makes the most sense to supervise them around young children.

While Beagles are known for being excellent pets for children, the size and strength of the Husky merit a watchful eye as the dog acclimates to its family and surroundings.


Frequently Asked Questions about The Mixing of a Beagle and a Husky


Are beagles noisy?

Beagles are noisy and will bark at anything and everything! They will calm down in a home situation with training and patience.


Do Beagles make good pets?

Beagles are excellent pets and popular family dogs. Make sure that your beagle gets plenty of exercise and outdoor time to spend energy. These dogs are typically active and energetic.


Why are beagles such a popular breed?

Beagles are popular due to their friendly temperament and smaller size. These dogs are loyal and exceptionally good with children.


Can Huskies be inside dogs?

Huskies can be good inside dogs after they have calmed down and matured, at around two to three years of age.


Are Huskies aggressive?

Huskies are not an aggressive breed by nature, but all dogs are a reflection of how they are raised, treated, and trained. Siberian Huskies account for only around 3% of serious dog bite incidents in the US.


Are Huskies a loyal dog breed?

Huskies are very loyal and loving toward their humans. They are very friendly with other people and playful with other dogs, too.


What is a Beagle Husky mix like?

The Beagle Husky Mix, or ‘Beaski’, is a crossbreed of the Siberian Husky and the Beagle. Generally, these mixed breeds are medium-sized with a thick coat, weighing around 50 pounds, on average. These dogs are loving and affectionate, though protective, and smart, too.


Should you brush a Beagle Husky mix?

The Beagle Husky mix is a shedder with a double-layered coat, so brushing is integral. Get rid of the loose hair and keep their nails trimmed, as well- this is part of routine grooming for this breed. Some Beagle Husky mixes have hypoallergenic fur, others do not.


Should you leash a Beagle Husky mix?

The Beagle Husky should definitely be restrained, particularly when training. These dogs can catch a scent and run often becoming lost or disoriented. Socialize your Beagle Husky as early as possible and teach obedience. 



Want a loyal and loving dog with a lifespan of over ten years? Talk to reputable breeders in your area about a ‘Beaski’, or a Beagle and Siberian Husky mix.

These two breeds have distinct features and traits that make them the perfect companions pairing them results in an affectionate yet protective family pet!

How The Mixing of a Beagle and a Husky Looks Like - David Bar

Sunday 10th of October 2021

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