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When Do Husky Puppies Lose Their Teeth? — The Answer

When do husky puppies lose their teeth? 

Around 3-7 months old, husky puppies generally start to lose their baby teeth. At 3 months, they primarily drop their incisors but this will shortly be renewed with a permanent set of teeth. You may expect to see their adult teeth at around 30-40 days. 


All about Husky Teeth

Huskies will grow about 42 adult teeth before their first birthday. 

So, prepare your puppy in advance for healthy teething by focusing on their daily diet. 


Husky teething stage

Huskies start to have their teeth as early as 2 weeks old which they use to chew their food. 

At this time as well, you’ll also notice that they get irritable. 

After a few more weeks, they will notably begin to have 28 teeth, which we call ”baby teeth”. 

They will then initially drop their incisors, premolar, to canines at around 3 to 7 months of age. 

Just like human toddlers, weeks-old husky puppies can have an uncomfortable teething stage, too. 

They may endure this for a few months, however, the disturbing sensation can go on and off. 

Note that the experience may vary in Huskies.


Teething Clues in Huskies

Your husky puppy will probably start being obsessed with biting and chewing things around them. 

It is their way of easing their discomfort. 

Since they lose their temporary teeth between 3-7 months, you can anticipate them growing their adult teeth during that same period too. 

Their molars will eventually erupt at about 6-7 months old. 

The good news is that they will end the teething stage at approximately eight months old. 

And when they turn ten months, they must have already dropped all their baby teeth and gained most of their adult teeth. 


Practical Remedies for Teething Husky Puppies

Although teething only happens for a few months, it could be much tiresome for the caretaker and the puppy. 

To help your husky, you can follow these tips below:

  • Offer your husky puppy teething toys and treats. It won’t simply reduce their pain but will also promote healthy teeth during the process of teething. 
  • Teething Huskies love indulging in crushed ice and biting on a sturdy washcloth. When you’re always having a hard time with them, there’s nothing to worry about regularly giving them cold treats like popsicles.
  • Be firm in practicing providing them a chew toy when they attempt to bite anyone. By this, they can divert their attention to toys instead of hurting others for teething relief.


What you need to look out for during teething 

Observe if your husky puppy is losing or growing its teeth at the right phase. 

In case your puppy doesn’t drop its teeth at 3 months, don’t forcibly pull its teeth since it might cause infections and unwanted complications.

You can take your dog to the veterinarian to know if he grows or loses teeth at a normal rate. 

You can also ask the veterinarian whether some pain relievers like natural herbs such as chamomile, aloe vera, or lavender would work for your teething puppy.


Easy ways to take care of a Husky’s teeth 

Practicing care of the teeth is one of the essential responsibilities of the owner when raising a husky

Neglecting this can lead to serious problems later on.  

Right after eating, let your husky sit tight while brushing their teeth and gums. 

And since they are active breeds of canine, you might need to give them a treat during this process of training them to be still. 

It is best if your puppy develops brushing teeth as a habit. 

You can also invest in dental chews to remove the tartar and plaque in their teeth. Huskies usually love these. Simply make sure they don’t have dangerous chemicals in them.

Plan their daily food wisely making sure it’s filled with nutrients that support healthy growth. 

Also, check they don’t stick food in their teeth after munching their food. 


Why an older husky puppy still loses teeth

If a more adult husky loses teeth, it’s usually because of one to two specific reasons. 

The first cause is that they may have encountered dental trauma due to some accident. 

Second, they may have developed periodontal disease

It is an infection and swelling of the periodontium or the flesh surrounding the teeth caused by plaque build-up.

Both of these two conditions are serious and should not be taken lightly.

Make sure to contact your



Siberian Huskies are considered a loving canine breed. They interact well with humans, particularly with young children. 

At the same time, Huskies can socialize with people and adapt admirably to homes with many dogs. 

Its owners might not need to worry about the amount of feeding them since they are grown to demand pretty little food to sustain themselves. 

The most challenging part in fostering Huskies is when they start to lose their teeth to the teething stage.

Our husky pets go through the horrible stage of teething at a certain point in their lives. 

Just like humans, this period can specifically be miserable and painful for them.

Their experience during teething doesn’t differ much from ours. They likewise undergo similar sensations until they are 8 months. 

Since our pets are our responsibility, we need to ensure that they are comfortable with the ways and techniques above. 

Most of all, not all of the suggestions suit every puppy considering that every puppy is different in needs. 

It is always best to observe your puppy and do what works for both the owner and the husky pet.  

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