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How High Can Huskies Jump? You’ll Never Believe This!

How High Can Huskies Jump? You’ll Never Believe This!

Huskies are famously intelligent dogs with friendly and inquisitive natures and buckets of energy.

As any owner knows, they require extra care especially in the exercise department, to keep them from engaging in any sticky situation.

If not, their athleticism and enthusiasm can overwhelm them.

Since Siberian Huskies were originally bred to become working dogs, they haven’t forgotten their working dog instincts! Their instinct to run, jump, and chase things, is a huge part of their make-up.

Like me, you’ve probably had moments where you’ve been reminded anew of just how high a husky can jump. So how high is that exactly?


How high can huskies jump?

A husky can jump from 4 to 4.5 feet (1.2 to 1.35m) high. With enough momentum combined with climbing, they may even be able to jump as high as 6 feet (1.8m). Some owners claim to have seen their dogs scale 8-foot (2.4m) walls, although this more than likely associated with speed and build-up. 


Why huskies jump so high

There are a few reasons why these beautiful dogs jump as high as they do.

For one, they are naturally athletic.

Huskies were initially bred in Siberia as sled-pullers and are genetically inclined to be fit and strong. Together with this, their inherent breeding traits make them able to withstand harsh environments and circumstances.

As a result of their innate resilience, they’re able to build up the necessary speed and momentum to jump great heights if need be.

This trait will, of course, be exasperated if a husky is bored or frustrated.

As I’ve said before, huskies have enormous energy reserves and might start jumping purely to entertain themselves.

Together with this, they are very curious and adventurous. Combine inquisitiveness with boredom and soon it may be difficult to keep your husky’s paws on the ground.

These contributing factors to a husky’s desire to jump, whether in play or otherwise, can lead them to escape over barriers or boundary walls.

Should something pique its interest, it’s not unheard of for a husky to set off like a rocket in pursuit of its target, scaling whatever obstacle might be in its way.

This instinct is predatory, and although it is perfectly normal, it can become problematic if a dog is not appropriately trained or contained in a secure environment.


Is my husky’s jumping a bad thing: The answer

This really depends on the owner and the dog’s environment.

A well-trained dog who enjoys jumping for play (like fetching or frisbee) can be a great companion. However, if my dogs are suddenly scaling walls, or chasing other pets and people, I consider it a concern.

First and foremost, discouraging jumping and scaling can be tantamount to keeping our pets safe.

If a husky is jumping to escape its garden or enclosure, then the chances of it getting lost or hurt become infinitely higher.

A husky’s instinct to chase can also endanger the neighborhood’s cats, critters, and kids – not to mention making one a very unpopular pet owner.

When it comes to escaping huskies, I always consider whether they are bored and misbehaving to expend energy, or whether they require suitable, consistent training to alleviate the problem.


How to stop my husky from jumping

Bearing in mind that jumping is simply a natural trait that huskies possess, there are a few measures one can put in place to alleviate the risk of these dogs escaping or causing damage to others.

Firstly, when training huskies from a young age, one should discourage jumping and reward good behavior when they listen.

They’re less likely to try and leap over fences if they know they will be reprimanded.

Secondly, as with any new dog, I like to make sure that my enclosure is suitable. If I know that a husky can jump 6 feet, I also know that a 4-foot fence won’t cut it.

Thirdly, I try to evaluate what is causing my dog’s desire to hop over walls.

If they’re bored, then I know that I need to incorporate more exercise into their regimes to keep them happy and safe.


Frequently Asked Questions About How High Huskies Can Jump


Are huskies aggressive and a danger to others?

I wouldn’t say that they are excessively aggressive. They are working dogs, not hunters, or even particularly good guard dogs. They are nonetheless very loyal and might be spurred to aggression if they think they or their owner are in danger. As with all dogs, aggression can be avoided by training and socializing huskies.


How can I stop my husky from getting bored?

Huskies can be very naughty if they are left alone and become bored or agitated. Plenty of stimulation and exercise should be enough to keep your husky entertained. Try to expend their energy enough to tide them over when you’re not around. In addition to this, if a husky lives alone, consider whether to get them a companion.


How can I stop my husky from jumping on me?

Unsurprisingly, the answer here is also to make sure that a puppy is well-trained at a young age. Jumping can be discouraged by letting a pup know that it’s not good behavior. If a young dog is constantly jumping up against you, his antics should be ignored. Reward them only for keeping all of their paws on the ground.



As powerful and athletic as huskies are, at the heart of it, they are still friendly, lovable, mischievous pets that are a pleasure to have around.

If you’re concerned about your husky’s great leaps and bounds, remember that they can be trained and socialized effectively.

Measures can be taken by owners, too, such as appropriate fencing and sufficient exercise, to provide them with a safe and healthy environment.