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How Big Hognose Snakes Get – That Big?!?

How Big Hognose Snakes Get – That Big?!?

Snakes are incredible animals. The way they move is fascinating, but the fact that so many species differing in size exist on this planet is nothing short of incredible.

From giant anacondas to the tiny Barbados thread snake, the size difference in snakes is astonishing.

Those that don’t know much about snakes may not be familiar with how large certain species of snakes can get, simply because they aren’t familiar with breeds.

If you’re just starting to get familiar with snakes, and you’re wondering how big do hognose snakes get, you’re not alone!

Unless you plan on keeping many snakes in your home, you likely don’t have to know much about snakes in general.

On the other hand, if you’re curious about snakes in general, having a grasp on how large certain snakes are, like the popular hognose, is fantastic knowledge!


How Big do Hognose Snakes Get?

Hognose snakes grow as large as 3 feet, but it’s not typical for them to get that large. The most common size for Western hognose snakes is 2 feet in length. They may get larger in the wild than in captivity, and you can always discuss the potential size of your hognose with your veterinarian or a snake professional.


The Size of a Hognose Snake

Hognose snakes get pretty large at almost three feet. In fact, they usually top out at around two feet, but even this size is quite intimidating.

The good news is, hognose snakes in both the wild and captivity are quite docile. They’re friendly as far as snakes go.

If you come across a hognose snake in the wild, leave it be, but if you care for one in captivity, chances are, you’ll be able to hold it quite often.

Hognose snakes are actually venomous, but they very rarely, if ever, strike humans. Even if they do, the effects are typically mild.

Every now and then, a hognose snake will latch on and bite. An event such as this is proof that snakes should only be kept by people that know how to handle them.

If you’re new to snakes, yet you want to own one, then it’s crucial to find a way to spend some time learning how to be around them before you bring your new friend home.

Hognose snakes are on the smaller side as far as snakes go, and they’re considered to be mild captives, which means they don’t mind hanging out with humans.

Hognose snakes don’t mind enclosures either, but you’ll want to make sure you’re keeping them somewhere large enough for their complete comfort.


Hognose Snakes as a Pet

Hognose snakes make a pretty friendly and relatively easy-to-care-for pet as long as you’ve got reptile experience. Because they range between two to three feet, it’s important to make sure that you have the room to keep them comfortable.

Remember, your hognose snake will likely not grow more than two feet. Still, you should be prepared for your snake to grow to three feet long.

Hognose snakes make a good snake for those who have never owned a snake before, but they can be picky eaters when they’re young.

If you purchase your hognose snake from a breeder, you’ll want to make sure to ask if they’ve gotten the snake on a proper feeding schedule, which typically takes a period of acclimation.

Multiple hognose snakes can be kept together depending on terrarium size, but you’ll have to separate them when they eat so they don’t fight over food.

Your breeder will likely tell you that your hognose snake is fine to handle once they’ve established a regular eating schedule. To help your hognose snake get used to human interaction, try to handle it twice a week, but no more than once a day.

While the exercise that comes from handling is good for them, you also want to avoid stressing them out.

Younger snakes are easier to stress out than snakes that are more mature, so when it comes to handling, keep age in mind as well. For any queries, just consult a professional breeder or your veterinarian.


Before you bring a hognose snake into your home, you’ll want to have an idea of how big it will get.

Not only will it help you know how much room you need, but you can determine if you have the space for more than one!


Frequently Asked Questions about How Big Hognose Snakes Get


How big do hognose snakes get?

In general, hognose snakes grow larger when living in the wild than in captivity. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that hognoses’ in captivity don’t thrive. You can expect your hognose to reach two feet, but it is possible that it could get to be three feet long.


Are hognose snakes friendly?

Luckily, size has nothing to do with how friendly hognose snakes are. Even the big ones are docile and kind to humans as long as they’re handled with care and respect. Keep in mind, they absolutely can and will bite if threatened.


The General Size of Hognose Snakes

Hognose snakes tend to keep their length around two feet in length. While they have the potential to get bigger, it’s typical for the species to be under three feet, with three feet being the maximum size.

Owning a hognose snake is a fantastic experience, and they make a wonderful pet for any snake lover!