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Do Ravens Make Good Pets? Yes, No, Maybe?

Do Ravens Make Good Pets? Yes, No, Maybe?

Ravens and crows are beautiful birds, despite the reputation they’ve built for erring on the side of depressing and macabre. They’re delightful to look at, as they’re graceful, curious, and intelligent by nature.

In fact, ravens and crows are the most intelligent animals on Earth, right next to dolphins and chimps.

The way they act and respond to humans makes them excellent companions to keep, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should do so.

If you’re wondering whether ravens make good pets, you must know that owning a raven or crow as a pet is not legal unless you’ve got special licensing.


Do Ravens Make Good Pets?

If you’re not legally permitted to own one, they definitely don’t make good pets! The bottom line is that ravens are intelligent, and boredom doesn’t take long to get the best of them in captivity, making for a depressed raven. 


Exploring the Reasons that Ravens Don’t Make Good Pets

It is illegal to own ravens if you are not a wildlife facilitator in the US

It is illegal to own ravens if you are not a wildlife facilitator in the US


In 1916, the Migratory Bird Act was passed, stating that it is illegal to own ravens and crows at a federal level.

In the United States, if you are not a wildlife facilitator, you cannot legally own a raven, so you can see that they do not make a good pet from a law enforcement standpoint.

Even if you find an injured raven and you make an attempt to rescue it, you must turn it over to the proper wildlife professionals right away or risk facing a fine.

While you might be trying to help, this act is still illegal in the eyes of the law.

Technically, it’s possible for you to buy a raven that doesn’t belong to the United States. However, customs will keep you from legally shipping it here.

In every instance, I must insist that you follow the law and retain the best interest of these beautiful birds in mind.

They were not meant to be captive. Ravens require an experienced (and legal) hand.


Do Ravens Make Good Pets

Do Ravens Make Good Pets


How to Interact with Ravens Without Owning One

Just because we can’t own ravens as pets doesn’t mean we can’t interact with them regularly.

Chances are, if you’ve got a garden or a bird feeder, you’ve got ravens around.

Please take this opportunity to gain their trust, building a relationship that will allow you to feel the connection of having a raven as a pet while maintaining their freedom and way of life.


Feed them Everyday

Feeding the ravens in your yard every single day at the same time will help you to connect with them.

Ravens like to eat early in the morning and in the evening, so this is the perfect time to offer them food.

You can use leftovers to feed ravens, as they’ll greatly appreciate the handout, but remember, you might attract raccoons and foxes as well, and both are natural raven predators.


Give Them a Safe Space

To keep ravens hanging around, you’ll want to make sure that the wildlife, as well as domestic dogs and cats, stay away from them during feeding.

Like most animals, ravens aren’t interested in spending their time somewhere that poses a danger. Turn off the garden sprinklers while they’re feeding as well!


Involve Trees

Ravens feel safe in trees

Ravens feel safe in trees

Ravens feel safe when they’re sitting up in trees. You’ve likely seen them calling from above, carefully watching the world around them.

When choosing a place to feed them regularly, make sure that location involves plenty of trees. You’ll see they like to sit up in the trees and then fly down to pick up the food you’ve left outside.


Fake Ravens

Use fake ravens to attract real ravens

Use fake ravens to attract real ravens

Utilizing a fake raven is a wonderful way to attract others to your garden. Ravens like to keep other ravens as company, and they tend to hang out in pairs.

Placing a few fake ravens in your garden will encourage real ones to drop in for a visit and (hopefully) keep returning!


Place Shiny Objects in Your Garden

Ravens are attracted by shiny objects

Ravens are attracted by shiny objects

Ravens are drawn to shiny objects that attract their attention on the ground below.

You could place coins or another polished garden decor that will reflect the sun, thereby capturing the attention of ravens flying overhead.


Frequently Asked Questions about Ravens Making Good Pets


Can ravens live in a cage?

Absolutely not. Ravens need loads of freedom to explore the outdoors, and keeping one in a cage is a recipe for disaster.


How much does a raven cost?

If you get the proper approval to own a raven, you’ll likely end up purchasing one from a reputable, legal breeder. Ravens can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000.


Are ravens dangerous?

When owned from birth, no ravens are not typically dangerous. However, taking an adult raven out of its natural habitat to turn it into a pet may cause it to become violent.


Pet Raven Wrap Up

In conclusion, there isn’t a reason to own a raven as a pet when you can safely interact and gain the trust of those in the wild.

The latter option is a great way to spend time with them without keeping them in captivity. After all, they don’t make a good pet.

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