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How To Befriend A Crow? Oh! So Exciting!

How To Befriend A Crow? Oh! So Exciting!

Crows are endlessly fascinating and are highly intelligent birds in this world.

They have been known to mimic human speech, have excellent memories, and have even been seen using natural objects as make-shift tools.

These mischievous animals are often found in suburban areas and are a common sight in urban neighborhoods.

Given their interesting characteristics, it’s no wonder that many people worldwide enjoy befriending crows.


How to befriend a crow?

The first step to befriending crows is to create a comfortable environment for them. Discover what they like and dislike so that you can offer them their favorites. Establishing a feeding routine and installing a water bath will entice them to visit regularly. They will then return to a specific spot once you gain their trust.


How to Befriend Crows

Once crows have become comfortable in a yard or garden, a homeowner can begin the process of befriending them.

There are numerous benefits to having crows around, aside from the fact that they are very endearing.

For example, crows are significant assets for pest control, as they like to feed on insects and grubs.

To start, figure out what crows eat. They can be remarkably fussy, so one may need to try several different treats to discover their preferences.

Dog and cat kibbles, nuts, seeds, fruit, eggs, and proteins like chicken or other meat, are good points of departure.

Keep to a regular feeding schedule so they’ll know when to expect those goods.

Next, consider installing a birdbath for them. Crows will be grateful for a spot where they can drink, bathe, and cool off.

Considering their stature, it’s best to select a water bath that is deeper and slightly bigger than one would typically choose for garden birds.

Patience and consistency are essential when embarking upon befriending crows.

They may take a bit of time to warm up to humans, and in turn, it may take a few months for humans to discover what crows enjoy.


How to Attract Crows to My Garden or Yard

Crows are inherently curious and like to explore a variety of environments and habitats. They will, however, tend to return to spaces where it is easy for them to roost.

If a homeowner wishes to entice crows to their yard, the first step is to provide them with a comfortable place to rest.

These raucous creatures are by no means small birds, so a step in the right direction is a roosting spot with sturdy, horizontal branches on which they can settle.

Many homeowners have trees in their yards that meet these requirements. If one doesn’t already have natural structures in place, installing poles with crossbars is an excellent secondary option.

Quiet areas are more likely to attract crows, as they are not partial to sudden noise and spook easily.

Wind chimes and creaking gates, for example, are likely to steer them away, so it’s best to remove these.


How to Get Crows to Keep Returning to My Yard

Providing crows with a comfortable environment and offering them regular food and water source should in itself be sufficient to keep them coming back for more.

In general, they respond well to routine, and once they know what to expect, one should have no issues keeping them around.

However, all relationships between animals and humans are built on trust. Crows are still wild birds, and their confidence can just as easily be lost as it is gained.

To keep them visiting, ensure that they are not spooked by drastic changes in human behavior or by other animals, like domestic pets.

Indeed, if the treats they are receiving are not to their liking, crows are also likely to move on to proverbial greener pastures.

The best way to gain and maintain a crow’s trust is to be patient and consistent and remain at a healthy distance.

They’re wild animals, not pets, and you should treat them with utmost respect.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Befriend a Crow


Can I keep a crow as a pet?

For starters, it is illegal to possess them in most places. Aside from the fact that they need plenty of stimulation and entertainment, they are not domesticated and need to stay in their natural environments. It is in a crow’s best interest to remain in the wild.


Can I call crows to my garden?

The cawing sound we associate with crows is their primary way of communicating. They use their familiar call to summon other crows or to warn them of danger. Devices that emulate crow sounds are available to purchase. They may not be fooled into thinking you’re a crow, but these gadgets can entice their curiosity enough to investigate.


Do crows really like shiny objects?

Although there is no scientific evidence to support the notion that crows are attracted to shiny objects, plenty of people will say this argument has merit. Leaving shiny objects around for crows to investigate does seem to attract them, although perhaps the reason for this is embedded in their inherently curious natures.



Crows have a bit of a reputation for being strange and macabre, but the truth is that they are actually lovely birds to have around.

They are mindful and inquisitive and make beautiful visitors to yards and gardens all over the world. If anything, they are perhaps just a little bit misunderstood.