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What Salt Does to Snakes — Whoah! I Never Knew That!

What Salt Does to Snakes — Whoah! I Never Knew That!

There is an old tale that claims salt will repel snakes. It’s not true.

There aren’t any natural snake repellents. The myth may have come from the fact that salt kills snails and slugs.

However, salt does not have the same effect on snakes.

Not all snakes are harmful, and many people keep them as pets. If you are a snake hobbyist, you will see salt used for lower vertebrates as a therapeutic.

However, other people are terrified of snakes and do everything they can to ward them off. Not many snakes are poisonous, and some are beneficial and chase harmful snakes away.

However, you can take steps to keep snakes from your yard, and you need to know what to do when you see one, besides scream and run. Read on and see what salt does to snakes.


What Salt does to Snakes

Salt does absolutely nothing to snakes. The old tale that a salt ring around your home or campsite will repel snakes is just that, an old tale. Salt has been used as a therapeutic for lower vertebrates. However, salt has never been used on snakes despite their similar physiologies.


Does Salt Repel Snakes — The Answer

No, it does not. There are ways to repel snakes, and some homesteaders claim that guinea hens will keep snakes at bay.

A yard void of trees for birds and snake food, which is mice and other small creatures, gives snakes nothing to attract them. However, if you are camping and want to deter snakes, well, you’re on your own.

Or you will need to take a large quantity of snake repellent with you, which is not practical. But, dealing with snakes in the wild is part and parcel of the excitement when camping out in the wild.


What to Do if I See a Snake

If you see a snake in your yard or on the trail, stand still for a minute, and it will likely go the other way. Snakes do not like us much more than some of us like them and are not aggressive, except for rattlers.

Snakes, even ones that are not poisonous, will coil up before they strike. Rattlers are not required.

Suppose you see a snake, whether you can identify it or not, slowly back away and go the other way. When on the trail, keep an eye on where you step and where you sit.

It would help if you also kept an eye overhead on the trees because snakes live there, too.

Snakes in the wild will sun on rocks and near streams. However, they live in trees and the ground, so you need to be aware of your surroundings when outside.

If a snake happens to get into your house and is not supposed to be there, trap it in a room. Put a towel under the door so the snake cannot wriggle out, and call a pest remover.


What Items Repel Snakes

There are commercial snake repellents that are chemical and electronic. Chemical repellents are applied to surround your home’s perimeter and keep snakes at bay.

Electronic repellents are stuck in the ground and emit a high-pitched sound to deter snakes. These repellents are effective for moles and other ground dwellers and can be effective as snake repellents.


Can Salt Help a Sick Snake

Salt is used as a therapeutic for lower vertebrates, of which snakes are members. The salt bath is used on these animals to remove fungus and parasites from their skin.

This method hasn’t been used on snakes. However, the thought is that it may work as a therapeutic for snakes, as long as it is not over-applied.

If you keep snakes as pets, there are medicines for fungi and parasites, and using the above method may not work for your snakes. However, salt baths may work for your fish if you have them.


Can I Take a Sick Snake to a Veterinarian

Of course, you can because snakes get sick, too. Many people keep snakes as pets, which is an excellent reason to know what to do when a pet snake is not where it should be.

Snakes are prone to parasites, and they can cause fungal infections. Therefore, home remedies may not be the best course to take if you have a sick snake.

Although saltwater baths are used on fish to rid them of parasites and kill fungi, treating your snake with saltwater could make it ill.

This is because snakes can absorb salt through their skin, and overexposing it to salt could cause them to become dehydrated.


Frequently Asked Questions about What Salt Does to Snakes


Will salt kill a snake?

Salt doesn’t kill a snake. It will kill snails and slugs, but salt does not have the same effect on the snake even though the snake slithers as they do.


Can I buy snake repellents?

There are commercial repellents that will repel snakes from your yard.


Salt is Not Snake Repellent

Snakes don’t recognize lot lines, cracks under the door, or wide-open spaces as a bearer to their passing.

They go where they want when they want, and unless we catch every single one, they are out there lurking in the bushes, in the grass, and slithering about in your gardens.

There are ways to keep snakes away. Keeping food from them, so they are not tempted to visit, works best.

However, if you choose to deal with snakes, rest assured salt does nothing to them.