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Tell by the Teeth How Your Kitten Is – That’s How it Works!

Tell by the Teeth How Your Kitten Is – That’s How it Works!

If you’ll be asked about that one thing that the world isn’t short of, it’s kittens.

The cat population is notoriously out of control, and as rescues show up in shelters and boxes of kittens are posted for free all over social media, it can be tough to tell the age of your new kitten!

Most rescues of those giving away or selling kittens will give you a vague idea of how old they are if they don’t know for sure.

Your veterinarian will be able to provide you with a more accurate guess, but you might be wondering how to tell your kitten’s maturity and if looking at its teeth can indicate age.


How old is my kitten? Tell by teeth?

Baby teeth will begin to come in by the time your kitten is three weeks old, so if your new fuzzy friend has teeth, then it’s definitely older than three weeks! Permanent teeth come at between three to four months old, so those baby teeth, weight, and size are a good indicator of your kitten’s age.


The Age of Your Kitten

Most people don’t purchase kittens from a breeder, though some take that route. For the most part, kittens are adopted from shelters or picked up from an ad on Craig’s List or social media.

You can ask how old your kitten might be, and most of the time, you’ll get an accurate response.

However, if you have no idea how old your kitten might be, you can tell by the teeth that have come in.

If your kitten doesn’t have any teeth, you’ll want to see a veterinarian right away, as it should still be with its mama and may need special care and milk supplements.

Baby teeth will ensure that your kitten is on the older side of the newborn phase, but you’ll still want to see your vet, as even the presence of baby teeth means you’re working with a pretty broad age range.

For example, your new kitten could be three weeks old and have baby teeth, or he could be ten weeks old. There’s a considerable difference in these ages regarding diet and development.

So, while you can tell age by teeth, it’s best to seek your vet’s opinion in this situation.


Kitten Age Determination

If you can’t get a vet visit right away, other indications besides teeth will help you distinguish your kitten’s age. Weight and behavior are massive signs of age and may give you a better idea than considering only the teeth.

Kittens gain weight quickly in the first months of life, and as they develop, they play more often, and their balance improves. Kittens develop more skills over time, such as jumping.

So, over time, it’s easier to guess their age based on activity level and size.

Don’t get me wrong here; teeth are a factor in telling the age of a kitten, but there are other ways to establish age when you don’t have a trained eye.


Why Age Matters

It’s not essential to know your kitten’s age down to the day, but you should have a general idea of how old your kitten is to take care of it properly.

Many kittens are taken away from their mother too early, resulting in both long and short-term development and nutrition problems.

So, if you’re in the dark regarding how old your kitten might be, you should consult your veterinarian, which you can do at the first visit.

Yes, you can give yourself a rough idea regarding your kitten’s age by checking out its teeth, but without expert input, you could be guessing wrong.

We all want what’s best for our pets, and knowing how old they are when they come into our care, primarily when they’re babies, is crucial to giving them what they need to thrive. When it comes to kittens, age does matter.


Frequently Asked Questions about How Old My Kitten is by its Teeth


Can I tell how old my kitten is by looking at its teeth?

You can tell the age of your kitten by looking at its teeth, but you’ll be dealing with a wide age range. Instead of teeth alone, it’s best to pair the development stage of the teeth with physical activity, size, and weight.


Can my vet give me an exact age for my kitten?

While the age might not be exactly down to the date of birth, for the most part, your vet will be able to give you a fantastic idea regarding the age of your kitten. You can stay at home and make guesses, but your best bet to settle your curiosity is to ask your vet or vet technician.


Identifying Age by Teeth

While it’s possible, it can be super challenging to use teeth only to tell the age of a kitten.

Kittens grow quickly, but their teeth stay in the same stage of development for more extended periods than their body does.

If you are unsure about the age of your new feline friend, it’s better to study their size and how they’re developing physically. These aspects will give you a better idea than their teeth alone, allowing you to adjust their care to their age.