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7 Tips To Get Your Dog Off The Couch — For Good!

7 Tips To Get Your Dog Off The Couch — For Good!

If allowed, dogs love to lounge on the couch because it is more comfortable than their crates or any other place.

Whether you’re sitting on the couch or not, your dog will prefer to spend some time on it. The problem here is your dog’s hair.

Vacuuming dog hair off the sofa isn’t an easy task. Besides, the hair might also have a smell you’re not comfortable with. So, you need to get your furry friend off the couch.

But, how will you proceed with that step? Find out here.


How to get dogs off the couch?

To get your dog off your couch, you need to provide his personal couch, discourage him from staying on the couch as early as possible, make your couch inaccessible, crate-train him, and rewarding him for staying off your couch. You can also use the tips to keep him off your bed as well.


Tips on getting your dog off the couch


1. Create a couch specially made for the pup

The first step is to create his own couch and place it in the sitting room. Let him know that his couch is the best place for him.

When he immediately leaves the couch and jumps on yours, tell him to go back. Combine this command while pointing to his sofa. Once he leaves your couch for his, reward him with a treat.

When he understands that there’s a reward for staying away from your couch, he’ll make a habit of it.

In winter, the best place for him is the couch because it soft and warm. On the other hand, the floor is likely to be hard and colder.

So, to keep your dog off your couch, make it soft and warm. In fact, you could make it more enticing and comfortable than your own sofa.


2. Start early

Just like in humans, it is easier to stop a new habit.

To start with, put your food on the ground the first time your dog jumps on the couch.

It’s tempting to allow puppies to sit with you on the couch as they’re cuddly creatures. Furthermore, their rate of shedding is low.

But, this becomes a problem when they grow bigger and begins to shed more hair. Don’t wait until then to act. It will be more difficult to get them off the couch.


3. Put barriers on the couch

Some dogs can be stubborn. In spite of your efforts to deter him, he’ll only stay away from your sofa when you’re at home.

Once you leave home, he becomes the boss. Some even cleverly jump off the couch when you get back. Your dog can smell you from several meters away.

So, if you begin to see his hair on the couch, or come across signs that he still spends some time on the couch, start putting stuff on the sofa when you’re leaving home. You can spread a piece of cloth on the chair to capture dog hair.

Alternatively, you could place items like an upside-down stool on the couch. This will make the sofa uncomfortable for any dog.

However, your dog may find a way to kick the stools off the couch to enjoy himself.


4. Make that area inaccessible

If your living room has a door, you can start locking it when you’re going out. If your dog cannot access the living room, he won’t be able to reach your sofa.

When he gets used to this idea, you may no longer need to lock the living room to keep him off.


5. Be consistent

If you’re not the only one living in your apartment, it is necessary to involve the others too.

Tell them to take the pup off the couch if they see him on it. If you’re the only one keeping him off, he’ll get scared of you.

It means the others are nice. You’re the only strict one.


6 .Consider crate-training

Some people train their dog to stay in his crate instead of jumping on the couch. You can try this method too.

If your dog happens to love his crate, your job of getting him off the couch will be easier.


7. Learn to reward your dog for lying on the floor

Has it ever occurred to you that you’ve never rewarded your dog for deciding to lay on the floor even when the couch is available?

This is part of the problem.

It’s never too late to start. Each time you find your dog lying on the floor, just praise and reward him with a piece of favorite snack. He’ll remember the reward then and prefer to stay on the floor instead.


Why should you also keep your canine pals off your bed?

It is not only enough to keep your dog off your couch, but it is also important to keep him off your bed. But, don’t suddenly become defensive here.

We understand that some people prefer to have their cute dogs sleep beside them. Of course, we respect your choice.

However, there are few things we need you to consider.

There are several diseases that can be transmitted from animal to human. You don’t know where your pooch has been.

Having him sleep beside you will increase your chances of contracting any disease he may be carrying.

Another point to consider is his sharp nails. They could pierce through your bedding or duvet.

Sharing your bed with your puppy or dog may reduce the quality of your sleep. For instance, dogs sometimes yap in their sleep.

This is normal for them, but it could interrupt your sleep.

For these couple of reasons, it might be better for you and your dog to sleep separately. You could make a small bed for him in the same room.

In that way, he’ll always be in your view while sleeping.



There’s nothing mean about not wanting your canine friend on your couch. You may find his hair annoying on your couch.

Besides, some people are allergic to dog hair.

On the other hand, it’s okay if you don’t mind that your dog keeps you company on the couch. It’s a personal choice.

But if you have to keep him off, create his own special nook, start early, and be firm about it.