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Best Treats for German Shepherds – Yummy!

Best Treats for German Shepherds – Yummy!

German Shepherds are a beautiful and popular breed of dog famous worldwide for their intelligence, work ethic, and courage.

They are sought after both as loyal family pets and dedicated service dogs, especially in the lines of police work, military work, search and rescue service, and disability assistance.

Regardless of whether a German Shepherd is a working pup or a family companion, it must have a balanced meal plan.

Treats form part of a healthy diet and should be as nutritious as they are delicious.


Best treats for German Shepherds

German Shepherds are active dogs that love to run around, and therefore should be given high-protein, low-fat treats that buffer their energy without causing weight gain. In addition to this, the German Shepherd breed tends towards osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia, making treats containing calcium and glucosamine good options for wellness.


The Best Treats For German Shepherds

Although not all German Shepherd dogs will enjoy the same treats, I have a few guidelines and suggestions for purchasing goodies for your canine companion.

The best treats for German Shepherds are free from artificial colorants and preservatives, are not too high in fat or calories and don’t contain too much sugar or too much salt.

German Shepherds are athletically built, so it’s best to choose treats that benefit their overall health.

Meaty treats that are soft and made of natural substances are a good option for both puppies and older dogs.

Brands that are low in calories and contain real meat as the key ingredient are preferable. These snacks are available in various flavors, including chicken, rabbit, pork, duck, and salmon.

If your dog prefers crunchy treats, it’s best to look for air-dried snacks made of natural products like real meat and vegetable ingredients.

Wheat, grain, and gluten-free options exist for dogs with allergies or queasy tummies.

The best jerky treats for German Shepherd dogs are those that are naturally smoked and made of high-quality meat.

For dental health, look for vet-approved products containing lots of minerals and nutrients that promote oral wellness and prevent tartar buildup. These are great for keeping doggy breath fresh.

Many dogs enjoy peanut butter or peanut butter flavored treats too. This should, however, be given in moderation.

Although a great source of healthy fat, vitamins, and protein, when giving a German Shepherd peanut butter, make sure it is salt- and sugar-free and that the dog does not have a nut allergy.

Always check the ingredient lists of treats before purchasing them.

For instance, a substance like xylitol, often found in peanut butter, is dangerous for German Shepherds and can result in poisoning and liver failure. If untreated, this can be fatal.


Treats That Are Good For German Shepherds’ Hips And Joints

When purchasing supplement treats geared at protecting a German Shepherd’s hips and joints, always make sure that the products you select are vet-approved and manufactured according to all relevant federal healthcare regulations.

Products that are rich in calcium and glucosamine can help support joint and hip health.

Supplements containing omega oils promote healthy skin and coats.

Additional benefits of supplement treats include immune-system care and improved flexibility.


Animal Bones And Chews Suitable For German Shepherds

Some German Shepherds are avid chewers, in which case you may want to consider giving them bones or chew treats.

Raw meaty bones are fine to give to them, but one must be careful of bacteria.

Pig ears and cowhides are also good options and can keep pups entertained for hours on end. These can be purchased from vet stores.


Why German Shepherds Should Get Treats

German Shepherds are known for their trainability, and giving them treats along with positive reinforcement is an excellent way to keep their attention and focus.

Other reasons for giving a dog treats include showing them love and affection, giving them something to chew on as a dental benefit, or as nutritional, vitamin-rich supplements to their existing diet.

There are many benefits to giving a dog treats, but an owner’s priority should always be ensuring that they add to a dog’s overall health rather than harm it.


Frequently Asked Questions About Best Treats For German Shepherds


Can German Shepherds eat human food?

German Shepherds can eat human food, but it is generally not encouraged unless you are sure that it is safe for them. Some healthier options include meats such as beef, pork, chicken, or fish. They can also eat particular fruit and vegetables, such as apples, bananas, peas, carrots, and pumpkin. Two reasons to avoid giving them human food are first, not knowing whether it is healthy or safe for them to eat, and secondly, discouraging them from wanting human food when it’s around.


Should German Shepherds be supervised when eating treats?

When selecting treats for your German Shepherd, make sure they are suitable in size, especially for puppies or dogs with smaller mouths. Dogs should generally be supervised when eating treats or chewing bones to ensure that they don’t choke or hurt themselves.


Are homemade treats suitable for German Shepherds?

Homemade foods that are fresh and free from allergens can be beneficial for these dogs. German Shepherds are prone to allergies, so if your canine is a picky eater, making its food at home is a great starting point for a healthy and suitable diet. However, you need to have sound knowledge about which foods are suitable for them to eat, so it’s advisable to consult your vet before hitting the kitchen.



No two German Shepherds are created equal, so although I can provide some guidelines for selecting the best treats for them, the true answer lies in knowing what they enjoy eating.

Needless to say, these brilliant, intelligent dogs are great communicators and will, without a doubt, indicate what they like and don’t like.

When buying treats, make sure you look for quality products. Natural, nutritious ingredients of high quality are always your best bet.