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5 Reasons Why My Dog Like to Stand on Me

5 Reasons Why My Dog Like to Stand on Me

Do you have a dog who enjoys climbing all over you?

When you have a tiny dog, it’s incredibly cute and adorable, but when your dog is large enough to knock you down, it’s a little more troublesome.

The canines’ behavior might often be hard to explain, yet the ways our loving pets are working are based on logic.

So, why is my dog standing so close to me?

Indeed, your dog can do it for a lot of reasons and a variety of causes. Nevertheless, when trying to figure out the specific explanation there are some factors you can examine.

Thus, is there something about dogs that makes them desire to stand over their hoomans? 


Why Does My Dog Like To Stand On Me

It is possible that your dog is attempting to persuade you to do something, that it’s being protective, that it is seeking attention, or that you have unintentionally reinforced the behavior. It can also be their way of asserting dominance or having e a sense of security when they feel unsafe.


Why dogs stand over you

Each of the several reasons why your dog stands over you will most likely be accompanied by a number of indicators.

A variety of plausible causes are listed below, along with what might make them more prevalent.


It’s being dominant

Most people assume that their dogs do it in order to assert dominance.

However, research revealing that wolves take turns taking the lead have debunked the alpha-beta dynamic.

That being said, it could be doing it as a result of bullying behavior, which is more likely if it displays aggression or tries to force you to move.

In this scenario, dog training programs can help you avoid giving it reasons to feel frightened and teach it to behave the way you want it to.


It’s looking for attention

It’s possible that it’s asking for additional attention. 

This is more likely if it occurs more frequently while you are not paying attention to it or if you prefer to pay more attention to it when it occurs.

Instead of showering it with attention every time the pup does this move, it’s better to be attentive to its needs throughout the day by interacting with it through play and exercise.


It wants something from you

It could be that it wants an object (or even food!) that you’re currently holding. 

This is particularly likely if it occurs more frequently around the time you would regularly feed or exercise it. 

If it tries to do it when you’re eating, it’ll be even more likely.


It’s being protective

It could be because it is trying to protect you. This is more probable if it does it more frequently in circumstances where another person is present. 

It’s also more likely if it gets extremely protective while you’re in the presence of other animals or people.


It provides a sense of security

It could be because it gives it a sense of security. 

This would be more likely if they did if they felt unsafe like if there were outdoor fireworks or construction activity.


Tips to address dog standing over you


Let your pet dog undergo training

Training your dog can help it behave appropriately and regard you as the boss.

If you haven’t given your dog any training, you should start with the basics and work your way up from there. 


Recognize the triggers to that behavior

It’s also a good idea to identify when your dog is likely to try to climb over you and redirect it to another location. 

To achieve this, you would use positive reinforcement training to teach it to lie down in a certain area when you issue a command, and then instruct it to lie down there anytime it tries to stand over you.


Seek assistance from a professional

If you can’t understand the reason why your pet does such behavior, or you can’t make it stop standing on you, consulting a professional dog behaviorist is the best alternative. 

In that way, the dog behaviorist can show you how to train your beloved furry pal in a safe manner.


Your Dog Stands on You: Implications

If you own a huge dog, this can be difficult to deal with, and it can also be frustrating for you as the owner.

You want to be able to see what your dog wants, but you can’t figure it out very easily.

Some dogs, in a gesture of dominance, may stand over their hoomans. It’s the canine’s way of asserting its dominance over you. 

Your dog thinks they are the boss, therefore they are demonstrating that they are in charge rather than you.

Canines, on the other hand, are not always eager to show you their authority. In reality, it’s possible that your dog is simply doing some attention-seeking.

Perhaps he feels like you haven’t played enough with him. Or perhaps at that moment he genuinely simply wants pets.

Whatever the case, your animal is looking for your attention the best manner he knows, holding you basically in one spot and ensuring you are aware he is there.

Another possibility is that your dog is guarding you against harm. Your dog may feel like you’re in some sort of danger.

By standing over you your dog will make sure you are protected by any surrounding hazards.

Dogs are very devoted and seek to ensure that their favorite hoomans are protected.



There are numerous reasons why your dog may like to stand over you, which might be perplexing to those who do not completely understand dog language.

Nonetheless, there are other behaviors we may observe to better comprehend our dog’s intents.

And, thankfully, a little amount of training can help you teach your dog to stop standing on you if it’s a behavior you don’t like.