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Why Does My Cat Like to Attack Me and Only Me?

Why Does My Cat Like to Attack Me and Only Me?

Why Does My Cat Like to Attack Me and Only Me?

There are many probable reasons why your cat attacks only you. This may be because you are the one it spends a lot of time with; therefore it has more chances of attacking you. Another reason is your cat might not like your scent or maybe your cat is trying to get your attention. Whatever the reason is, you should try to understand where its fear or anxiety is coming from so you can do something about it.


You’re the Closest to your Cat

If you are the main caretaker of your cat, then the most obvious reason why your cat attacks only you and no one else is because you are the closest to it. 

Since you spend more time with your cat, then there is a huge chance that it may attack you as compared to other people that you live with.

To reduce or eliminate your cat’s attack, manage your interactions with it more carefully.


Your Cat is an Attention Seeker

Your cat may get lonely when you’re too busy to interact with it. The feeling of being ignored or left out may cause it to attack you to gain your attention.

This does not work out but your cat won’t understand that.


Something Smells Off About You

If your work involves interacting with other animals (especially cats or dogs), your cat will be able to smell their scent on you. This can trigger fear in your cat.

Cats are territorial and the whiff of a threatening dog or an unknown cat can cause anxiety to them. It will then be directed to you because you are the source of the scent.

If your work involves other strong scents like cologne, foodstuffs, paint, and other building materials, this may also trigger anxiety in your cat. 

Therefore, it would be wise to change your clothes and take a bath before interacting with your cat.


Your Treatment is Different

Your cat may have noticed that your treatment of it is different from other people’s treatment.

Even if you are not treating your cat badly, some cats are sensitive to how they are treated by people, and it may be a reason for them to attack you.


Your Cat Doesn’t Want to Be Cuddled

Some cats do not like to be carried or cuddled by their owners. 

Picking up those types of cats can cause them stress and aggression. This can then cause your cat to attack you.


You’re Touching it the Wrong Way

When you’re petting a cat and it attacks you, this is probably because you touched it in a place it didn’t want to be touched (such as its belly) or you’ve touched it in the same place too many times.

Giving your cat the same sensation at the same spot too many times can annoy your cat. If your cat doesn’t want to be tickled or played with anymore, it may also attack you.

 To remedy those situations, you should touch it in a different part of its body or start a new activity (e.g., give it a toy to play with).


Your Cat Doesn’t Like Loud Noises

Loud sounds such as crying baby, howling, and high-frequency sounds may cause aggression to your cat. 

This is because predatory behavior is manifested through sounds with high-frequency. The noises may also surprise your cat, thus causing it to attack you.


How to Prevent Your Cat from Attacking You

Identify why your cat is anxious or stressed and try to solve it. Maybe another cat or another pet is bullying it, and it may attack you due to its anxiety.

Make sure that your cat feels safe and comfortable inside your home. 

Give your cat a catnip herb about once to twice a day. This will calm your cat and reduce its aggression.


Stimulate Your Cat to Prevent Attacks

Install habitats and perches where your cat can hide and peek out. Make sure that your cat can climb around and wander. 

Provide a scratching post that it can use to exercise its tendons and muscles. This will also maintain your cat’s claws in great condition.

Ensure that your cat is stimulated through active play. Keep it happy by providing toys that will stimulate its mind.


Best Way to Interact with Your Cat

When you want to bond with your cat, be quiet and calm. It is also important that you respect its personal space.

 Do not produce loud noises or run to it. Move slowly and gently, and watch its body language.


What Are Signs That My Cat Might Attack Me?

Notice if your cat stares at you directly and steps forward. Watch if its tail is straight down and not curved.

Your cat’s stance will also appear confronting rather than slinking. Another sign is when your cat is hissing or growling. 

Look out if your cat’s ears are pointing upward with the back slightly forward. 

The last sign is when your cat’s fur is standing up and the hairs in its body are raised. This is also known as piloerection.


Frequently Asked Questions on Why You’re Cat Attacks You and No One Else


Should I Punish My Cat for Attacking Me?

This will only worsen the situation. Your cat will not understand that it did something wrong, and it will only confuse your cat on why you’re hurting it. Your pet will only see you as dangerous and frightening, thus it may attack you in the future.


Why Did My Cat Attack Me When it Seems Weak?

Your pet may become aggressive because it’s not feeling well. Pain and discomfort will cause your cat to be irritable and it may attack you.


Cats can attack you for many reasons, which may have caused stress, fear, or aggression to it. Watch out for signs of cat attack and do not punish your pet because of it. 

It is important to remove stressors and make your cat feel safe and secure.