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Why Siamese Cats Talk So Much – Aha!

Why Siamese Cats Talk So Much – Aha!

Siamese cats have a bit of a reputation. These bat-eared beauties are known for being needy, highly-strung, energetic, and most of all, vocal.

And while much of this is part and parcel of who they are as a breed, general chattiness can also indicate that your cat is trying to tell you something. Literally.

This question has long piqued my curiosity, so I’ve done some research into why Siamese cats love to talk.

Why do Siamese cats talk so much?

Siamese cats vocalize to communicate with their owners. They may be meowing or crying for attention or they require some form of human interaction. They might make a noise to show they’re hungry or let you know they want to play. They also yowl when they’re lonely or bored, or worst, emphasizing distress as a result of illness.

Siamese Cats Need Lots of Attention

As a Siamese cat owner myself, I have firsthand experience with how much this breed loves attention.

Unlike most cats, they are not aloof and dismissive. Instead, they demand to be the center of their owner’s focus and will make their intentions known by emitting a low, whiny yowl.

This particular sound, comparable to a baby’s cry, has earned Siamese cats the nickname “meezer.”

While representations in the media have led many to believe otherwise, Siamese cats are actually among the most sociable kitty breeds in the world.

They get on well with other animals (provided they are properly introduced) and generally form very strong attachments to their owners.

The issue that may arise in this regard, however, is that the moment a Siamese cat feels neglected, they’re inclined to start complaining about it.

If you have a particularly noisy Siamese fur-baby, consider if your cat’s needs are being met in terms of attention and affection.

They may simply be craving interaction with their owner, whether in the form of quality time or playtime.

Siamese Cat is just Hungry

Siamese cats are extremely intelligent and will undoubtedly learn how to wrap their owners around their paws in no time. Through trial and experimentation, they figure out how to express what they want and how to wear their owners down until they get it.

(In my case, my Siamese cat likes to loudly announce when he’s used his sandbox so that it can be cleaned to his liking as a matter of urgency.)

If your Siamese starts to perform close to mealtimes, there is a good chance that it’s just reminding you that it wants to be fed.

It may also yowl for an extra treat or a refreshed water glass. Each cat is unique, and you may need to spend some time observing your feline friend to discover what it is asking for.

Siamese Cat is Lonely or Bored

Loneliness and boredom are often the reasons why Siamese cats complain. If you and your cat have a close bond, and you’re suddenly not able to spend as much time with it as is normal, it will definitely have something to say about it.

Our cats rely on us to meet their needs, and these friendly kitties can fall apart if they start to feel neglected.

If you’re considering getting a Siamese cat and you’re not able to spend a lot of time with it, then a companion pet is the way to go.

Without a friend or an attentive owner, a Siamese cat can succumb to loneliness which can develop into emotional and psychological problems over time.

Siamese Cat is Anxious or Ill

General vocalizations aside, Siamese cats are also likely to meow if they’re feeling sick or anxious. Yet, because they’re so talkative as a norm, it can be difficult to distinguish what is anxiety and what is their usual behavior.

In this regard, and especially if the yowling is a new thing, look out for other symptoms that your cat may not be doing so well.

If they’re suddenly reserved or experiencing any other symptoms of ill health, or even if the tone of your meow is not quite what you’re used to, opt to take them for a check-up.

There’s no harm in being cautious, and it’s better to know than not know, especially if, as I said, the yowling behavior is not standard for your cat.

Frequently Asked Questions about Why Siamese Cats Talk So Much

How do I stop my Siamese from meowing so much?

The best way to stop felines from yowling is to determine what they’re trying to communicate. If your cat is hungry, feed it. If it wants attention, spend time with it. If you suspect your kitty isn’t feeling well, take it to the vet. Having a companion or an array of toys can help alleviate boredom.

Do Siamese cats develop cognitive issues as they get older?

Sadly, as our felines grow older, they may, in some cases, start to suffer from cognitive issues. This can cause Siamese cats to start meowing for no reason other than being confused or a bit disorientated. Consult your vet if this is the case for a treatment plan.

Should I respond when my Siamese cat cries?

On the one hand, Siamese cats meow to try to communicate a need to their owners. They also learn very quickly that crying is a way to get what they want. That being said, a well-looked after, satisfied cat should not meow for reasons other than to express its affection for its owner or to greet them.


They’re among the first cat breeds to have been domesticated, and Siamese cats aren’t going to let us forget this anytime soon.

This beautiful breed has spent hundreds of years learning how to manipulate humans into giving them all the love they know they deserve.

If you’re the proud parent of a Siamese cat, you’ll know there’s no animal quite like them. If you have the time to spend with them, you won’t regret letting one of these lovelies into your home.