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Why Do Cats Bring You Toys? Oh, Now I See!

Why Do Cats Bring You Toys?  Oh, Now I See!

Although felines are known to be aloof, most owners know that they can be very affectionate and lively.

Play sessions with feline companions are a great way of spending time with them and expending their energy, so it’s always good to have a couple of toys for them.

Among the many strange behaviors of cats, one of my favorites is when they offer their owners toys as ‘gifts.’

Read on to find out the charming reasons why they do this.


Why do cats bring you toys?

The first reason why your cat brings you toys has to do with expressing their affection for you. The second reason could be that they want to play with you. The third reason is they want you to keep their toy ‘prey’ to keep safe, or alternately, they may be trying to teach you how to hunt yourself.


Sign of affection

It is customary for cats to purr or rub themselves against their owners as signs of affection.

Another interesting way a cat expresses its love and gratitude towards its human parent is by delivering a gift to them in the form of a toy.

This is quite an honor. Cats, as we all know, are somewhat territorial by nature.

Sharing something they value, like a toy, indicates that they trust and appreciate the person they are giving it to.

Together with this, cats also realize that humans are different from them.

By gifting them with a toy, they show their owners that they accept them enough to allow them to interact with and look after something they treasure.

Therefore, it is even more of a sign of a feline’s admiration.

If purrs and happy tail-swinging accompany the delivery of the toy, take it as an indication of feline adoration.


Cat wants to play with you

Although delivering toys to their owners is typically a behavior associated with dogs, cats are not above these kinds of antics either.

Cats can get bored quite quickly and require lots of physical and mental activity to keep them stimulated.

If a cat has been alone at home all day, it is not uncommon for them to select their favorite toy and drop it at their owner’s feet.

The meaning behind this is a literal one. The cat probably wants to play and is happy to see its owner after a long few hours away from them.

If this is the case, indulge them. Consistent play keeps kitties engaged and encouraged to move around.

It’s also a good way for owners to bond with their pets.

If one cannot play with them at a particular moment, automated toys are also a good option for providing a cat with entertainment.


Toys as hunting trophies

Cats are instinctive hunters, but often the only prey on hand is their toy collection.

Nevertheless, stalking, chasing, and pouncing on toys also provides felines with a sense of satisfaction.

By presenting their owners with their toys, they are showing off the spoils of their labor.

In which case, it’s best to shower them with praise.

Even though it has only annihilated a toy, your kitty is more than likely feeling quite smug, and bringing you a trophy shows that it is proud of its hunting prowess.


Cat teaches you how to hunt

Although there is speculation around this, many believe that cats bring their owners ‘prey’ (whether of the real or the toy variety) because they think their human parents are poor hunters.

Indeed, gifting toys to owners is a trait more prevalent in female cats, which makes sense, as female cats are responsible for teaching their young to hunt.

In the absence of live prey, a cat may have to resort to bringing its owner toys to practice on.

The best option is accepting the hunting lesson and reciprocate gratitude. This is a massive show of respect and a cat’s way of contributing to the owner-pet bond.


The Kinds Of Toys That Cats Enjoy

There are various toys available for cats, but some of my favorites include active toys, catnip toys, and soft toys.

Active toys are interactive and often include elements of sound or texture. Balls with bells, paper bags (without handles), and sisal toys are all excellent options.

Catnip toys, on the other hand, are enjoyed for the effect that the plant has on them.

They enjoy rubbing against them, biting down on them, licking them, and rolling around with them.

Soft toys, in turn, are the toys most closely aligned to natural prey. Felines generally enjoy soft toys big enough to ‘kill’ and carry around.

If all else fails, giving your cat a box is your best bet.


Frequently Asked Questions About Why Cats Bring You Toys


Can I prevent my cat from hunting wild prey outside?

There’s no easy answer for this, as hunting is part of a feline’s instinct. If your cat is killing the local wildlife, your best option is probably to keep your cat indoors. Alternatively, providing them with plenty of stimulation in the form of toys and play may help satisfy their urge to hunt as consistently.


Why does my kitty pal bring its toys around the house?

In the wild, a cat would carry its prey to a safe and secure spot to eat it or take it somewhere to hide it. If your cat is carrying its toys around the house, it is more than likely emulating this behavior and looking for a place to hide its treasures.



Cats are undoubtedly strange creatures, but they are also very endearing in communicating with their owners.

By bringing their owners gifts, cats are simply telling them, in their way, that they are appreciated and loved.