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How to Train a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy — Top Tips

How to Train a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy — Top Tips

Training a puppy is not for the faint of heart. It takes time, patience, and just the right amount of skill to train any puppy, but owners may find a few tips and tricks helpful regarding training specific breeds.

When it comes to how to train a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, the typical training rules apply. However, you might discover that a bit of breed research and advice from fellow Bernese owners will assist you in training your new pup even faster!


How to Train a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

Placing stress on early training is crucial when discussing how to train a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. Socialization and fundamental training will make sure your puppy grows into a well-rounded adult. For best results, stick to short training intervals of 3 to 5 times each day.


Training Methods for a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

Bernese puppy owners need to keep in mind that while your new friend is small now, it won’t take long for him to grow into a substantially larger adult dog.

Depending on the sex, your “Berner” could be as tall as 25 to 28 inches and weigh anywhere from 70 to 120 pounds!

Needless to say, a dog that big needs rules and manners to keep him from jumping on guests, toppling small children, and stealing table scraps.

However, Bernese Mountain Dogs are generally well-behaved and social, so it won’t take you long to show your pup the right way to act.


Training with Patience

Like any puppy, Bernese Mountain Dogs need patience when they first begin their training sessions.

Striking or yelling at your pup will encourage them to lose trust in you, and since training is about building a bond, that’s the last thing you want.

If you find yourself losing patience, end the training session and engage in some play. Punishment has no place in training a dog, so walk away if you’re frustrated!


Rewards and Positive Reinforcement

All puppies and dogs, Berners included, need plenty of rewards for good behavior. Positive reinforcement within training will get you much further at a faster pace than negative.

Knowing how to train a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy means knowing when to reward him for good behavior. As soon as your pup produces the outcome you want (sitting when you ask), hand him a treat right away!

This way, he’ll want to reproduce that behavior in the future.


Keep it Short

Keep your daily training sessions short, and come back to them throughout the day. Training your puppy at long intervals will result in frustration on your end as he is likely to lose interest.

Instead, try training classes that last around 10 minutes, and come back to it 3 to 5 times every day. This way, your pup will get in plenty of engaging training time, and you’ll avoid him becoming bored.

As your Bernese puppy gets older, you can increase training times. He will be more than happy to oblige, as he’ll consider training interactions with you to be just as fun as play.


Begin Training Right Away

Chances are, you’ll bring your puppy home when he is between 10 and 12 weeks old. He will have had some basic manners taught to him by his mother and littermates, but it’s your job to take over from here.

You can begin to teach your puppy basic training commands the second he comes to live with you. Start slowly by showing him the proper way to walk on a leash and short commands like “sit” and “down”.

Graduate to longer, more elaborate commands over time. It won’t be long before your pup can perform fun party tricks like playing dead, opening the refrigerator, and fetching your slippers!


Routine is Important

Keeping a routine is vital to success concerning how to train a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. Therefore, establish your schedule as soon as you bring your puppy home.

Not only will a routine help your pup to potty train quickly, but you can use those outside potty breaks to work on basic commands as well! Try not to miss a bathroom outing, and if you’re caught up in work or household tasks, keep an eye on your pup so he can tell you when he needs to go.


The Successful Training of a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

No matter the commands you want your puppy to learn, whether simple or complicated, stick to it. Always reward your pup for good behavior while gently correcting and redirecting the bad.

Your Bernese puppy will likely learn faster than you ever expected, as they are super bright and intelligent dogs.


Training a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy FAQs

Training any puppy can be an overwhelming task, especially if it’s new to you. So here are some frequently asked questions straight from new puppy owners!


How should I teach my Bernese Mountain Dog puppy basic commands?

There are plenty of books and YouTube videos that offer advice on how to teach your puppy basic commands. Always use positive reinforcement, and invest some money in training treats and a training clicker! Spend some time exploring reputable sources, and you’ll find a suitable method for you and your pup.


How can I teach my Bernese puppy not to jump?

It’s no secret that Bernese Mountain Dog puppies grow into massive adult dogs. Therefore, jumping is not a desirable trait for a dog of that size or any dog for that matter. To keep your pup from jumping up on you, turn your back on him every time he tries. It won’t take long for him to get the message!


How long does it take to train a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy?

There is no set time for how long it will take your Berner pup to train. Both basic commands and potty training take time, so stay patient. Keep practicing in short sessions every single day, and you’ll see significant progress quickly.