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About Us

Hey there readers!

This is French, the researcher and author behind the animal diet articles you have stumbled upon. Writing about critters of various sizes and shapes has been a wonderful experience.

You see, I have always loved animals. So much so in fact, that I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Wildlife Management and Conservation. Sharing a taste of what I’ve earned over the years is a thrill for me.

I grew up just like any other animal-obsessed child. I had parakeets, fish, lizards and a dog, all of which I cherished greatly.

As I grew older, I combined my passion for critters with a desire to teach at a local science museum. There I would talk about the adaptations of a mammal while presenting a chinchilla.

I truly hope that these articles answer any questions that you may have about animals and the things that they eat. Feel free to shoot me a message if you want to recommend the next star of the show.