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When and How Often Do Huskies Go Into Heat — The Answer!

When and How Often Do Huskies Go Into Heat — The Answer!

Siberian huskies do not have a different heat cycle than other medium to large dog breeds.

But, if you’re not sure when this whole heat cycle happens, better stay tuned and read on.


When And How Often Do Huskies Go Into Heat?

A female Siberian husky goes into heat about twice a year. Female huskies first go into heat from six to twelve months old. It’s important to know your husky’s normal heat cycle to plan matings since she is most fertile on the ninth day of the second phase. Spay the Husky before her first heat if you don’t want to breed her.


Your Husky’s Heat Cycle

According to the Siberian Husky Club of Victoria, a female Siberian husky’s heat also called being in season, lasts anywhere from 14 to 28 days.

There are three stages to a female dog’s heat cycle:


The first stage or “coming in heat”

Your husky will start a bloody discharge from her vagina. Her vulva will also start to swell.

She will be very interested in male dogs and may even escape the house to go see them, but will not accept to be bred. She will start to smell odd.

This lasts about 9 days.


The second stage of “being in heat”

This is when the husky will allow males to breed her and, if all goes well, will get pregnant. She will be most fertile about day 9 of this phase.

Her vaginal discharge will change to a pale yellow or straw color. This lasts from six to twelve days.

She will put off a strong odor during this stage.


The third stage or “going out of heat”

Your husky will stop being interested in males. Her discharge will stop and her vulva will return to normal size.

The unpleasant odor fades away. This phase lasts from seven to nine days.


When It’s Best to Mate Your Siberian Husky

Your female husky is most fertile on the ninth day of the second or “being-in-heat” stage. This is the most opportune time to schedule a mating with the male dog of your choice.

You do have to pay attention to when your dog first comes into heat in order to schedule the breeding date.

It’s also best to wait until your female husky is at least two years old before breeding her.

This way, you are not only familiar with how she normally behaves during her heat cycle, but that she is both physically and mentally mature enough to handle the tremendous stress of having puppies.

If a six-month-old Siberian husky gets pregnant, her pelvic canal might not be large enough to give birth naturally. She may need a caesarian.

Female Siberian huskies under a year old are also not sure what to do with the puppies.

She could abandon them, and then they would have to be hand-raised.


Tips for Taking Care of a Husky in Heat

There are many challenges to living with a Siberian husky in heat. She will act differently and, then, there’s the mess.

She also needs to be separated from any entire or unneutered male dog.

Here are some care tips for living with a husky in season:

  • Put a few spoonfuls of cold chamomile tea in her water to help reduce vulva swelling if you are not planning to breed her this heat cycle.
  • Keep her well-exercised to burn off her excess energy. Her body will be screaming at her to go run about and find a male. You need to make her tired enough to not be prone to wander.
  • Keep her away from dog parks, as the chances of an unscheduled romantic rendezvous are much higher than if you walk her where there are hardly any dogs.
  • Cover her sleeping areas with old towels or blankets that you do not mind getting stained. Change these daily or more frequently if needed.
  • Give her interactive toys to keep her occupied when you cannot be home with her.
  • She may become clingier and more affectionate during her heat cycle. It’ll be the best time to bathe or groom her since she wants attention. Bathing will help with the smell.
  • Do not let her go outside on her own, even if you have a fence. Male huskies have been known to climb railings to get to female dogs in heat. Siberian huskies are incredible jumpers. Now is not the time to find out that your female Siberian husky could try out for the high jump Olympic team. Always keep her on a leash when she has to go outside.
  • Do not go on vacation or take a long trip when you know she is going into heat. Most kennels will not allow a female dog in heat on their property.

Then get ready to do all of this again in six months or until you spay her.


Getting Your Husky Spayed Before Her First Heat

There are many advantages to getting your Siberian husky spayed, or having her uterus and ovaries removed.

You will not have to shepherd her about and deal with the smell, mess, and hyperactivity every six months.

You also will not have to reschedule your vacation around your Siberian husky’s heat cycle.

Siberian husky females, as well as female dogs in general, are prone to potentially deadly uterine infections called pyometra.

When a dog goes into heat, the cervix relaxes to allow sperm to come in. Unfortunately, it can also allow dangerous bacteria to come in and set up shop.

Removing the uterus eliminates this health risk.

In a 2015 study done on many breeds of dogs spayed before or after their first heats, they found that spaying after the first heat gave the dog eight to 26 percent chance of developing mammary tumors.

However, if the dog was spayed before her first heat, the chance of developing mammary tumors plummeted to 0.05 percent.


Frequently Asked Questions About When and How Often Do Huskies Go Into Heat


How Many Times a Year Does a Siberian Husky Go Into Heat?

She goes into heat about every six months, or twice a year. If a husky has been going into heat regularly for a couple of years and does not go into season, she could be sick and should be seen by a vet.


When is a Female Siberian Husky Most Fertile?

She is most fertile on the ninth day of the second stage of her heat cycle. This is the best time a husky has to get pregnant.


How Long Will My Siberian Husky Stay in Heat?

Each dog is different, so you need to know what is normal for your dog in order to breed her or as a warning that she may be sick. On average, Siberian husky heat cycles last from 14 to 28 days.


The Least You Need to Know

Siberian huskies go into their first heat when they are six to twelve months old. Their heat cycle lasts from 14 to 28 days.

They go into heat twice a year. Living with a Siberian husky in heat is a challenge.

Consider spaying your husky to prevent many health conditions like breast tumors or pyometra.

She also will be less likely to roam or escape the home to find a mate.

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