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What do Horses Do for Fun? Let’s see!

Horses are great companion animals because they provide you with exercise, adventure, and resilience.

However, even though owning horses is fun, you should also allow your horse to have a great time once in a while.

To help you with that, here are some things that horses may do for fun.


What Do Horses Do for Fun?

Just like humans, horses have different personalities and prefer different things. Some horses enjoy hanging out with other horses, while some prefer to be with their human companions. Some horses prefer to work, while some horses enjoy total freedom. Whatever your horse’s personality, it is important to determine its likes and dislikes in order to form a greater bond with it.


Determine the Horse’s Mood

Before doing an activity with your horse, it will be helpful if you will first try to understand its emotions. Through its body language, you will know if your horse is happy or not.

The signs that a horse is happy are:

  • Its head is lowered
  • Slow blinking with a soft gaze
  • Relaxed, floppy and its ears are sideways
  • Drooping and relaxed lips
  • Licking and chewing
  • Rhythmically swinging its tail
  • The back foot and its hip are cocked
  • Standing squarely on all its feet


Discontented Horse

Meanwhile, you may determine if the horse is having a bad day if it exhibits the following:

  • Its head and back foot are raised
  • Tight skin is found around darting eyes
  • The whites of its eyes are showing
  • Quivering or flared nostrils
  • Pinched lips and muzzle
  • Quickly swiveling or pinned back ears
  • Legs spread apart with its weight located in the rear
  • Stomping and pawing feet
  • Swishing or its tail clamped down


Grooming Session

Your horse will enjoy it if you will have a grooming session with it. It is necessary to wash its mane, followed by brushing and braiding it.

Through this activity, your horse’s trust in you will solidify, and it will make your horse feel peaceful.


Stroll Around

Horses like to explore so it would be nice if you will allow them to walk around and explore other places. Allow your horse to roam and sniff around.

Prepare the proper gear when riding your horse.


Teach Basic Tricks

It is vital to stimulate your horse’s mind. Teach it simple tricks such as bow, kiss, fetch, and dance.

This will entertain your horse and will make it open-minded, as well as improve circulation.

Later on, you will be able to teach your horse more complicated tricks.


Chill and Hang-Out

Sit around and relax while you allow your horse to explore the pasture.

This will improve your relationship with it, and it will prove to your horse that you bring no threat to it.

Free time in the open will allow your horse to stop feeling cooped up and will provide it with exercise.


Splash Around

During hot weather, animals become drawn to freshwater. Bring your horse to a pond or river and allow it to splash around.

It will have fun, have some exercise, and cool your horse off a bit.


Walk and Graze

While on gentle walks with your horse, let it graze and sniff around.

However, be careful of slippery ground. Avoid dangerous conditions that may cause injury.


Have an Obstacle Course

Training your horse in an obstacle course will be beneficial for it. This will provide mental stimulation and will feed their natural curiosity.

It will also help your horse to get used to uncommon objects, thus reducing your horse’s fear of the unknown.


Allow Your Horse to be Creative

To try out something new, you may provide your horse with a paintbrush and canvas.

You’ll have a unique remembrance from your horse and will be given a break from strenuous activities.


Provide Edible Toys

New toys will help your horse to avoid boredom. A great idea is a toy that gives snacks to it.

Since some horses are really food motivated, it will also be a good idea to reward your horse’s positive behaviors with its favorite food.


Hula Hoop Practice

Place a hula hoop on the floor and practice teaching your horse to lead its back or front feet into it.

This will improve your ability to guide your horse precisely.


Join a Costume Party

You can create a matching costume for you and your horse and join a costume party or a Halloween-themed show.

It will help you unleash your creative and artistic side, and have a special day with your horse.


Bonding with Other Horses

If your horse is friendly with other horses, it would be a great idea to ride with a buddy.

You may also allow your horse to lounge in the pasture with another horse or two.


Understand the Circumstances

When your horse is unhappy about a certain activity, try to understand where these negative feelings are coming from.

Analyze when you first started noticing the behavior and what other activities does it act the same way.

Through figuring out the problem, you will be able to help your horse have a greater time with the activities that you had in mind.


Frequently Asked Questions About What Horses Do for Fun


Do Horses Enjoy Being Ridden?

According to some studies made by Scientists, some horses like being ridden, while a majority of them don’t. However, riding horses can be beneficial for them mentally and physically. It will also be nice to make riding easier for them by riding with someone else or by providing them with food.


What Else Can I Do to Ensure That My Horse is Having a Good Time?

You should check if your horse is comfortable and free from pain. Choose the appropriate tack when you are planning to go horse riding. Regularly bring your horse to the vet to check if it suffers from any illnesses.


Horses may differ in their choice of activities, so it is vital to analyze what your horse prefers.

You may try a few or all of the sample activities mentioned, or you may come up with something new.

No matter what activity you may want to try, make sure that your horse is always comfortable and is having a good time.

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