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Maine Coon Mix Characteristics – These Are the Differences!

Maine Coons are great as pets because they’re cuddly, big, affectionate, and adaptable. But how can you be sure that your cat is a purebred or a mixed Maine Coon?

We’ve come up with a list of characteristics to know if your Maine Coon is purebred or not. Read below to find out more.


What Are the Characteristics of a Mixed Maine Coon?

You will be able to tell if your cat is a mixed Maine Coon if it doesn’t fit into the traits that a purebred Maine Coon must have. Purebred Maine Coons are consistent in their physical traits and personalities; therefore, you should check these qualities in your cat. You may also use genetic testing to know if your cat is a mixed Maine Coon.


Identify their Physical Traits


Check Your Cat’s Size

Maine Coons are one of the largest cat breeds around the world. They are visibly larger as compared to average cats and some small dogs.

The typical height of a male Main Coon is 10-16 inches, while female Main Coons are 8-14 inches in height. Meanwhile, regular cats are only 9-10 inches in height.

Male Main Coons are 15-25 pounds in weight, while female Main Coons are 8-12 pounds. Meanwhile, regular cats are only 7.9-9.9 pounds in weight.

Male and female Main Coons may grow up to 40 inches in length, while regular cats may only grow up to 18 inches in length.

Check whether your cat fits into the purebred size or if its size leans more to the regular cat.


Follow its Tail

The tail is an important trait to determine if your cat is a mixed Maine Coon.

Their tail was said to evolve due to their need to survive the winter climate of Maine in the US. When their tail is wrapped around their body, it provides the warmth that they need.

Purebred Maine Coons are well-known for their bushy tails that are large at the base and narrow down as the tip is reached.

Mixed Maine Coons’ tails are not as bushy and as fluffy as compared with Purebred’s tails. The mixed cat’s tail might even have short hairs.


Notice Your Cat’s Body Frame

Purebred Maine Coons have a long torso, broad chest, and large muscular frames. Their body shape is considered rectangular.

Meanwhile, a mixed Main Coon has a shorter torso and smaller body frame.


Observe its Head and Ears

Purebred Maine Coons have unpointed but large ears, and the tips and insides have very long tufts of hair that give warmth for them.

Purebreds also have longer heads and a straighter nose, as compared with mixed Maine Coons that have flat nose lines.


Look into their Eyes

Purebred Maine Coons have wide and large eyes that are slightly oblique in shape.

All Maine Coons are born with blue-colored eyes, but the color changes as they age. According to experts, the most desirable eye colors are gold and green.


Distinguish Your Cat’s Coat

Maine Coons have long, soft, and silky hair. Their coat is uneven and has 2 layers.

The first layer is the silky and self-maintaining undercoat, and the second layer is the longer guard hairs.

The hair on their head and shoulders is shorter as compared to those in the other parts of their body. Meanwhile, the hairs on their flank and stomach are the longest in their body.

Maine Coons also have fur around their neck which is similar to a lion’s mane, and their fur has great variety in purebred and mixed Maine Coons.

Purebred Maine Coons have full and fluffy fur while mixed Maine Coons have thinned out or wispy fur around their neck.


Measure Their Growth Rate

Maine Coons grow slowly and they only reach their full size between 3-5 years. Meanwhile, normal cats reach their full size at about 2 years of age.

By checking their growth rate, you will have an idea of whether your cat is mixed or not.


Put Your Paw on It

The paws of Maine Coons are larger as compared to normal cats.

This is because their paws helped them survive during harsh winter climates, but other breeds couldn’t. The Maine Coon’s paws allowed them to walk above the snow.

Check your cat’s paws to see if there are many tufts of hair in it. These tufts provide warmth to your cat during cold weather.


Take Note of Your Cat’s Personality


Maine Coons Love Water

Unlike other normal cats who hate to take a bath, Maine Coons adore it.

It was believed that this was due to the ancestors of Main Coons that served as ship cats. They were said to decrease the mouse population on Viking ships.


Loving and Affectionate

Cats are known to be moody and very independent but Maine Coons are an exception. They are friendly, loyal, affectionate, and loving to their owners.

Maine Coons love to spend time with their family and put a lot of effort into their different relationships.


Frequently Asked Questions about Maine Coon Mix Characteristics


What are Other Distinct Characteristics of a Maine Coon cat?

Maine Coons follow their owner wherever they may go. They also use chirps and trills rather than the traditional meow.

They also have dog-like traits such as being sociable and trainable, a good follower, and they can also be taken for a walk.


What is the Guaranteed Way to Know if my Cat is a Mixed Breed?

The most accurate but costly method is by using genetic testing. Through this method, you will gain an idea about the breed of your cat, as well as possible diseases, habits, and traits.



In summary, you will be able to identify if your cat is a mixed Maine Coon by comparing its physical characteristics and other traits with those of a purebred Maine Coon.

If physical comparison seems to be not enough, you may also use genetic testing.

However, no matter what breed your cat is, you should still give it the love and affection that it deserves.

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