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Hyena vs Pitbull – Who Will Win? #1 Best Facts

Hyena vs Pitbull – Who Will Win? #1 Best Facts

Can we even consider a fight between a domesticated animal – a pitbull and a wild animal – a hyena?

What chance does a domestic animal have if a battle should ensue between both animals? Several issues have to be considered before naming the winner.


Hyena vs. Pitbull – Who Will Win?

A single hyena could win or lose a battle with a pitbull. The hyena’s jaw and bite are powerful. One powerful bite into a vital area of the pitbull’s body could make the hyena the winner, making the pitbull lose its life. The pitbull’s bite is also powerful but is twice weaker than the hyena’s.


Hyena vs Pitbull - Who Will Win

Hyena vs Pitbull – Who Will Win?


Understanding The Facts about The Hyena and The Pitbull

Attempting to decide the winner of a fight between a hyena and a pitbull means you must understand the characteristics of each animal.

Winning or losing a battle between these two animals depends on the status of the animal.

We must consider the weak and strong attributes of each species. Another consideration is the natural behavior of each species.

Many of these issues determine who would win the fight. Winners are determined by which animal has a fighting chance of bringing the other down.

Both are carnivores with the ability to use their powerful and deadly jaws and teeth on the other. Some say that the hyena’s bite is far more deadly than that of the pitbull.

  • The biting force of a pitbull is a bit over 300 PSI. The pitbull’s bite would injure the hyena. It is not likely that this bite will be deadly to the hyena.
  • The biting force of a hyena is a bit over 750 PSI. A pitbull could not survive this tremendous and deadly bite.
  • Many believe that the pitbull is more skilled at fighting. They are born for combat.
  • Other people say that the hyena confronts battle every day.
  • Some pitbull owners deny that their loving and cuddly pitbull would provoke or win any fight with any animal.


Pitbull Biting Force Is A Bit 300 PSI

Pitbull Biting Force Is A Bit 300 PSI

Since the hyena battles other wild animals in addition to each other every day. This gives the hyena more skill and experience.

Some call the hyena the winner because this animal is a tad taller than the pitbull.

While the hyena may be taller, this is not enough to make a difference in a fight. There are many other considerations.

Hyena Biting Force Is A Bit 750 PSI

Hyena Biting Force Is A Bit 750 PSI


Understanding the Wild Hyena

Hemingway has described the hyena as a devourer of the dead according to the University of Michigan.

Certain words come to mind when we hear the word hyena. We may think of the following descriptions of the hyena.

  • Crazed
  • Wild
  • Fierce
  • Dangerous
  • Sharp teeth
  • Vicious predator
Descriptions Of The Hyena

Descriptions Of The Hyena

Many think that this meat-eating hyena is a wild dog. This is a false assumption.

Researchers claim that the hyena is more closely related to a cat. Researchers also say that the hyena is neither a feline nor a canine.


The Hyena species include four types:

Each type varies in appearance and possesses fascinating qualities. Each type eats a different diet that can affect the ability of the hyena in a fight.

1. Aardwolves

Aardwolves (Proteles cristata)

Aardwolves (Proteles cristata)


2. Spotted hyenas

Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta)

Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta)


3. Brown hyenas

Brown Hyena (Hyaena brunnea)

Brown Hyena (Hyaena brunnea)


4. Striped hyenas

Striped Hyena (Hyaena hyaena)

Striped Hyena (Hyaena hyaena)

All hyena types share similarities. Most hyenas have short tan or brown fur. Some carry dark spots or stripes.

We have heard about the laughing hyena. Hyenas do not laugh per se. Their high voice pitch is a form of communication between the species.

They communicate through grunts – growls – whoops – and what would sound like a laugh. All types are led by females who oust males when they reach sexual maturity.

One female who is the biggest and strongest is the leader or matriarch of the pack. Males must fight a good fight to be accepted into another pack after being ousted by their pack.

Males are low on the totem pole of importance. Hyenas are vicious fighters and can tear a male apart.

The following describes the makeup of a hyena that leads to the possibility of having what it takes to win a fight against a pit bull.

  • Highly intelligent than the chimpanzee
  • Able to problem solve
  • Can communicate non-verbally
  • Packs are led by females (larger-more muscular-more aggressive-have more testosterone than the males)
  • Rarely attack humans
  • Timid animals
  • Grossly misunderstood
  • Cannot be domesticated (mainly illegal to own)
  • Deadly predators and dangerous
  • Social
  • Complex social rituals
  • Female children remain with the pack
  • Male children leave the pack at three years
  • Vicious fighters
  • Strong bites
  • Long sharp teeth


Understanding the Domesticated Pitbull

  • Pitbulls are a mix of bulldog and terrier.
  • There are 13 pitbull breeds.
  • Each breed has its inborn characteristics.

It would be assumed that it makes a big difference which breed of pitbull fights a hyena. Pitbulls are ordinarily loving and cuddly dogs.

Pet owners who insist on training pit bulls to fight and be aggressive put a bad name on this dog breed.

Pitbulls have gained a bad reputation due to how people raise and train these dogs.

Pitbulls were first bred to fight by irresponsible breeders. This breed was frequently abused by trainers to increase aggression.

Some animal welfare facilities may have a policy to euthanize any Pitbulls that come to their facility. This dog is deemed inappropriate for adoption in many facilities.

Pitbulls are known for some pretty impressive attributes. Most of the following are found in all 13 pit bull breeds.

  • Natural hunters
  • Loyal family members
  • Dedicated to its owners and family
  • Some say more muscular than a hyena
  • Some say more brute power and strength than a hyena

Those dog owners who embrace pit bull breeds say that pit bulls must be trained to be aggressive towards other animals. They must be prepared to fight.

They claim that pit bulls are too loving and cuddly to fight and would not hurt a human or another animal. It is said that their pitbull would be no match for a hyena.

Devoted pitbull parents deny that Pitbulls are not born to fight. The dog must learn this characteristic. Other people believe that pit bulls are bred to fight.

Pitbull (Canis lupus familiaris)



Frequently Asked Questions About Pit Bulls vs. A Hyena


Is a hyena stronger than a pit bull?

This is up for debate. It all depends on the dog. Some say each is stronger than the other.


What tactic do hyenas use to win a fight?

The hyena has a powerful and vicious jaw and a bite. One bite to the pit bull in the right place could severely injure or kill the pit bull and make the hyena a winner.


In Conclusion For Who Wins -Pitbull vs. Hyena

There is a definite split about who would be the winner. It is doubtful that a domesticated pit bull that is not trained to fight or be aggressive would come out the winner.

A pit bull trained in fierce fighting could be the winner.

*The above information states facts on the characteristics of two animals. The information does not support animal abuse or the illegal training or scheduled fighting of domesticated pit bulls.