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How to Teach a Budgie to Talk? Ooh, Exciting!

Budgies are beautiful and brilliant little birds that make excellent pets and companions.

With lots of love and attention, they have the potential to become wholly tame and can be taught to mimic human speech.

While teaching budgies to talk may seem like a daunting task, it’s actually quite simple and just requires a bit of dedication and patience.


How to teach a budgie to talk?

Budgies need to be receptive to learning and therefore must feel safe and bonded to their owner. Once a bond is in place, an owner can start by enthusiastically saying single words whenever spending time with the budgie. From single words, an owner can move on to teaching short phrases. Budgies should be praised and responded to whenever they attempt to speak.


When to Start Teaching my Budgie to Talk

A budgie should be at least three months old before one starts the talk training process. By this age, they are mature enough to be receptive to learning.

While younger birds learn more easily than older ones, of greater importance than age is ensuring that a bird feels safe and comfortable in its space.

If an owner has not formed a bond with their bird, or if the animal is apprehensive and unhappy in its space, it will be far less willing to learn anything.

The easiest way to befriend a budgie is to spend time with it (at least an hour per day) and to keep its cage in a space where there is human noise and activity that it can get used to.

Hand-tamed budgies are the most inclined to learn human words and phrases.


How to Start the Talk Teaching Process

Once a budgie is comfortable spending time with its owner, the owner can start incorporating single words, with plenty of repetition, into all interactions.

Greeting a budgie by name and with “hello” and “goodbye” is a good point of departure. When spending time with a budgie, naming objects in the room, other pets, and everyday words is an excellent way to pique and maintain their interest.

Together with repetition and consistency, the tone with which one speaks to a budgie is as vital as the words being said.

Budgies respond best when spoken to with positivity and enthusiasm, as they pick up on this energy and will be more be motivated in return.

In terms of body language, owners should try to keep their faces close to their birds when teaching them words.

These clever creatures are known to focus on the human mouth when it is forming words and seem to enter concentration mode. This is a sign they are learning.


When to Start Teaching my Budgie Short Phrases

There are no rules about this, and although single words may be easier for a budgie to learn initially, short phrases are also beneficial for teaching budgies association.

Using phrases associated with specific actions makes it easier for budgies to learn to mimic speech. For example, one may try saying, “would you like a treat?” when giving a bird some snacks.

The same goes for feed changes and playtime. Not only will this teach them that certain words are tied to specific actions, but it may also show them over time how to communicate their own needs.


How to Respond When my Budgie Tries to Speak

When budgies are first learning to speak, their words will probably be quite muddled and garbled.

That’s okay, and owners should respond to them with praise anyway and repeat the words back to them to keep them motivated.

Furthermore, if budgies use human mimicry to ask for something or tell their owner something, they should also be responded to both verbally and by meeting their needs.

An owner’s response will show a budgie that it’s talking is rewarded, and it will be encouraged to learn and utilize language more and more often.


When and How Often Should I Speak to my Budgie

The more time one spends with a budgie, the more likely it is to respond to taming and training. Talk training is effective in fifteen-minute sessions throughout the day.

That being said, budgies are their most vocal in the mornings and evenings, so fit as many sessions as possible into these time frames.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Teach a Budgie to Talk


Can all budgies talk?

Although all budgies are capable of talking, some may just prefer not to. Similarly, some may take much longer to feel confident and comfortable mimicking human speech than others. All budgies are different, and so is their behavior.


Is it true that only male budgies talk?

This is not true, as both male and female budgies can be taught to speak. However, it may be argued that male budgies are simply more inclined to talk as they would need to be vocal in the wild to attract female mates.


Apart from spending time with my budgie, how else can I encourage it to talk?

When you are not actively spending time with your budgie, consider leaving a radio or tv on for it to listen to. Keeping its cage where there is lots of human activity and chatter will also aid in building its vocabulary.



There is a reason why budgies are such popular pets, and much of it has to do with their sunny natures and immense intelligence.

They are wonderful companions and will work hard to return affection if it is meted out on them.

Let’s face it, talking budgies are about as adorable as it gets.

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