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How To Get An Aggressive Cat Into The Carrier — With Ease!

How To Get An Aggressive Cat Into The Carrier — With Ease!

Sometimes cats are very frustrating to be with, especially when they refuse to do something that you want them to. Whenever you need them to behave, they just do otherwise. 

And, this feisty personality of theirs can sometimes appear whenever you need to put them inside the carrier.

There can be a lot of reasons behind this behavior of theirs. But, if you want to take the guesswork out, better continue reading below to find out all about it.


How to get an aggressive cat into the carrier?

The most effective way of getting an aggressive cat into the carrier is to train them to go inside it. To achieve this feat, you can lure the cat using delectable treats and cat toys. You can also use a laser pointer to guide the cat towards the carrier. If the first three methods don’t work, you can squirt pheromone spray or catnip inside the carrier. If this method still doesn’t work, you might as well mimic the feeling of staying inside an enclosed space by wrapping your feline pal inside a cozy blanket.


Lure your cat using treats

If a cat could talk, it would tell you that the sweetest thing you could give him is a treat. This is one of the most effective ways to lure your cat into the carrier. 

A word of caution, though. Don’t just place the treat in the carrier to make this technique work. 

The best way to do this is by personally hand-feeding the treats to the cat while guiding him to the carrier. As soon as the cat goes for the treat, shut the carrier’s door behind the cat. 


Present cat toys to the feline

Another way you can lure your kitty pal to the carrier is by presenting him with his favorite cat toys. 

But, you wouldn’t be able to successfully lure your cat if you throw a toy that isn’t to his liking. 

To make this strategy work,  place a toy you observed your cat is attached to into the carrier. 

You will know if the bait’s working if your cat races into the carrier to get the toy. And, once he does,  shut the door behind the cat. 


Use a laser pointer

Cats have a special affinity for laser pointers.  And, since they love the light that emanates from it, you can use a laser pointer to guide them towards the carrier. 

Most of the time, cats will try to chase the laser light wherever it goes. Thus, once you’ve successfully attracted the cat’s attention, lure him towards the carrier.

Once your kitty pal’s in, close the door of the carrier before he tries to scurry his way out. 


Use a pheromone spray or catnip inside the carrier

A pheromone spray oftentimes has a calming and relaxing effect on your cat. 

As pheromones have the capability of changing your feline’s behavior, you can slowly ease an aggressive or nervous cat into a calm state with this spray.  

If a pheromone spray isn’t available in your locality, catnip is another effective alternative for improving the mood of the cat.

This method usually works if your cat just doesn’t find the carrier a conducive place to stay. 


Place the feline inside a blanket before putting him inside the carrier

This is also known as the burrito method. Using this method’s pretty simple.

Start by wrapping your cat with a towel or blanket to make it feel safe. While the cat is enjoying the solace of the blanket, you place it gently in the carrier.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you go about with this step:

  • Position your carrier inside your bathroom or any small room, making sure to leave the door open.
  • Carry the cat to the room and close the door behind you. 
  • Now, wrap your cat inside the towel or blanket. Once done, place your cat inside the carrier in a tail-end first fashion so the cat won’t feel scared.
  • Once inside, slowly close the carrier door and allow the cat to unwrap itself from the towel.


Why a cat doesn’t like staying in a carrier

This is the catch. Sometimes, your cat feels nervous about being in the carrier. It probably correlates a negative or painful experience with the carrier.

Perhaps, it acquired such feeling during its visit with the veterinary doctor. 

Thus, it’s important to make the carrier a safe haven for your kitty pal.

Most of the tips mentioned above use positive reinforcement to make the cat go inside the carrier without any qualms. 

Thus, it’s best that fur parents clean up the carrier regularly and make it conducive so the cat is relaxed whenever they are inside it. 

Also, don’t let them get in the carrier only when it’s time to see the doctor. Try to provide other pleasant experiences whenever you place them inside the carrier.

One way you can do this is by taking them for a quick stroll while the cat’s inside it. Or, you can visit a friend’s house for some playdate with another kitty pal as well.

These experiences can sound trivial, but once the feline associates the good experience with the carrier, you’ll have your problem solved in no time.


Frequently asked questions about placing cats inside a carrier


How can I make my cat used to a carrier?

Make it a routine to put treats or blankets in the carrier to make it a more relaxing place to stay in. Also, placing the carrier in a spot where the cat likes to relax. Sometimes, if the issue the built of your carrier, you can try different types of carriers to find one that makes your cat the most relaxed while inside it.


Should I use the pillowcase method for my cat refusing to go inside the carrier?

Use the pillowcase method as your last resort when the other tips mentioned above don’t seem to do the trick. But, most of the time, the other tricks work their magic on your feline pal, so you won’t need to use this tactic.



Now that you have these tips it shouldn’t be a hard feat to get your aggressive cat into the carrier.

Nevertheless, always remember that getting your cat used to the carrier is always the best way to go about things.